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So it’s time to plan a birthday party in Leeds, but you don’t know where to start? Whether you’re organising a sweet sixteen party or searching for a venue for a 40th birthday party you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the best birthday party venues in the greater Leeds area, including event spaces ideal for kids’ parties, and adult-only parties. Check them out with our smart filter to narrow down your choice today!

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Birthday Party Venues Hire Guide

Leeds is a unique city in Northern England that houses a bountiful selection of venues for all kinds of birthday parties. The City Centre is a bustling area that has dozens of escape rooms, restaurants and activity-based venues that make excellent places for private parties. Across the river, the old factory district area near Call Lane has been repurposed as a hip and lively area filled with bars and halls under antique converted railway arches – this area is often filled with live music and performances for passers-by and patrons to enjoy.

Fun Bonus Tip

Try thinking outside of the box when it comes to the birthday cake that you bring to the birthday party you are planning – cakes can have all sorts of themes and flavours; try making the cake’s taste/look match the party’s decor, it will add a lot to the festive feel and it can be a nice conversation piece.

Birthday Party Venues in Leeds FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a venue for a birthday party in Leeds?

Per-person pricing is often used by private birthday party venues that supply catering and sometimes even activities. The per-person almost always includes food ( sometimes even an open bar or dessert) and entertainment. The per-person price range for birthday party venues in Leeds is £35-£90 per person. One more price option that you may run into is the hire fee, pricing model. The hire fee option is the amount that you pay for using the space. The price often varies depending on how long you need the venue for. The hire fee price for a birthday party venue in Leeds ranges from £10 to £100 per hour. (All data from

How much will it cost to hire a minimum spend venue for a birthday party in Leeds?

The minimum spend rate is a common pricing structure with restaurant birthday parties. Minimum spend is an excellent way to pay since you don't have to pay for the venue itself, you just commit to buying a certain cost of food and drinks as a group. The average minimum spend price in Leeds ranges from £250-£1000 depending on the size of the space you are renting. (All data from

What are some great themes for a birthday party in Leeds?

Birthday party themes are the best way to get everyone excited about your party! Themed parties are not only a great way to make your guests feel like they're in on something special, but they also give you a chance to plan the whole event around one thing. If you're looking for some themes that will work well at your party, check out these ideas:

-Movie or TV show theme: If there's a movie or show that all of your friends are obsessed with, this can be a great choice. You can go all out with decorations or pick just one thing from the movie/show and focus on it as an aspect of your birthday party. If you're planning an Avengers-themed party, make sure to include some fun activities related to superheroes, like making superhero masks or playing a superhero version of charades.

-Sporting event theme: Sporting events often have very specific mascots and logos that people love—so if you love sports and want something fun for your birthday party, try inviting people over for an NBA watch party or baseball game! This Leeds venue would be perfect for such an event!
-Pop culture theme: Popular culture is always changing—but there's always something new happening that can be celebrated at your birthday party. Try throwing an '80s themed extravaganza or a 2000’s ball. Find some great inspiration from old magazines or tv shows!

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