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Planning functions and events can be exciting and fun, but one thing that is a must do before you can plan anything for your event is picking a venue! Finding the right venue is often tricky, but don’t worry, here at Tagvenue we’ve made it our job to help you find the best event space for your event needs. We’ve compiled a thorough list of the best spaces for hire in Greenwich, so you don’t have to strain to find the right places to choose from. Greenwich is known for its upper-end yacht clubs and party houses as well as its fun and flashy modern restaurants! Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, a leaving do or anything else for that matter, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Below we have listed the best event venues in the area.

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Greenwich Venues Hire Guide

Greenwich is a beautiful London Borough that rests firmly on the bank of the River Thames. It is a unique area that has plenty to offer all who desire to host an event within its limits, or merely visit for a day. The district has many attractions and points of interest to locate your event near, such as the tranquil Greenwich Park or the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. The tunnel is particularly fascinating as it passes below the River Thames from Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs. All in all, you won’t have to look too far to find a great venue in Greenwich. Click on any venue listed on this page, and you will be presented with loads of helpful information.

From the Greenwich peninsula all the way to Deptford, the area is full of opportunities. Some of its most popular locations for event venue hire include:

  • Olympian Way – It’s a roadway that nearly follows the River Thames around Greenwich. There are several event venues of varying kinds placed along Olympian. This is a great address to consider if you are looking to host an event near the University of Greenwich/Cutty Sark area.
  • The O2 – A hub for all kinds of events and adventure. It is located on the Greenwich Peninsula in North Greenwich and houses several event venues as well as a shopping centre and arena. The O2 complex is a terrific place to find trendy restaurants and fun interactive venues.

So how much does it cost to hire an event venue in Greenwich? Keep reading below to see the average prices for venues in Greenwich London:

  • Hire fee – Ranging from £300-£3,200, this pricing model is mostly found in venues that have a versatile use of their space, such as photo studios or halls of all kinds. This means you pay for a limited time of venue hire and can use the space for whichever type of event you wish.
  • Minimum spend – In Greenwich, the rates range between £250-£3,000. In this case, the venue essentially comes for free but you commit to spending a set amount of money on food and drinks. This pricing type is typically found in restaurants and bars.
  • Per person – This pricing model usually falls between £30-£115 per guest and is mostly found in venues that provide in-house catering specific to your event. You pay according to the number of your guests, which can be perfect for smaller events.