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Discover the best venues with Tagvenue. If you've been looking for some of the best small private dining rooms in Sydney, then you're in for a treat. Sydney offers a wide selection of small private dining rooms that are perfect for dining out or hosting an event in privacy, comfort and style. From high-end trendy restaurants to classic pubs, Sydney has everything you need to make your night amazing. At Tagvenue, we understand that it can be confusing when looking at a wide range of options, especially if this is your first time hiring an event space. But that's where we come in - so keep scrolling for some recommendations and private dining rental advice!

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Small Private Dining Rooms in Sydney FAQ

What’s the price range for small private dining rooms in Sydney?

Small private dining rooms in Sydney come at a range of prices, which average at about $30 to $90 per person. If you want to make the space a little more affordable, you can try for a discount or a BYOB option if you do not care for handcrafted drinks. Bringing your own alcohol is a fab way of making the venue rental more budget-friendly! (All data from

What are some recommendations for small private dining rooms in Sydney?

One of our fave spaces in Sydney is for sure Room 300 at Kingpin North Stathfield. In this cosy space, you can expect an ideal atmosphere for a friendly gathering. The venue offers comfy sofas, spaces for karaoke, arcade games and more! Invite up to 70 people (standing) in this fab event space! On that note, another favourite of ours is surely the Alkira at The Grace Hotel. With city views, cocktails and stylish decorations, it truly is a space perfect for intimate parties with an original feel.

Are there any unique small private dining rooms in Sydney?

Word has it that even celebrities come to the Lounge Function Space at Flamingo Lounge, with VIP booths and a private bar, you’re bound to love this intimate space. But what else makes this place so special? Well, for sure the palm trees inside and the leopard print on walls, the fantastic cuisine and delicious drinks. Make sure not to miss it! And if you want a beautiful, private venue, and don’t mind bringing external catering, then you can take a look at the Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio. This creative space is big enough for 30 guests, and it’s perfect for artsy get-togethers, or drinks. The venue offers plenty of natural light, and it really makes the atmosphere perfect for laid back gatherings.

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