Festival Venues for Hire in Melbourne

Festival Venues for Hire in Melbourne

Discover fun festival locations in the city.

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Top Festival Venues in Melbourne

Explore festival venues in Melbourne, a city full of marvellous cultural activities and beautiful outdoor spaces. Are you planning an arts festival, a food and wine celebration, or a music extravaganza? Melbourne's event spaces offer diverse options for hire, from lush parklands in the Royal Botanic Gardens to the industrial vibe of converted warehouses in Docklands. Each venue provides a one-of-a-kind setting that can be tailored to your event needs! Explore our listings to find your favourite one and book it today!

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FAQs about Festival Venues in Melbourne

What kinds of festivals can I organise in Melbourne venues?

  • Music Festivals: From indie to electronica, jazz to classical, you can hire live music venues ready to accommodate all types of concerts. You can explore dazzling indoor settings for acoustic performances or sprawling outdoor areas for large-scale rock concerts. 
  • Food and Wine Festivals: Melbourne is renowned for its culinary scene, making it ideal for food and wine festivals. Are you looking to hire open spaces like gardens or waterfront areas for stalls and food trucks? 
  • Art and Film Festivals: Melbourne's artistic vibe is perfect for hosting art exhibitions and film festivals. You can choose from cinemas, theatres, or unique spaces like converted warehouses to showcase local and international artworks or screen films.
  • Cultural Festivals: Community halls or open plazas are the perfect spots to celebrate Melbourne’s many cultures with festivals that highlight traditions, music, dance, and food from around the world. 
  • Literary Festivals: Libraries, auditoriums, and lecture halls are a great choice for organising readings, workshops, and panel discussions with authors.
  • Comedy Festivals: Are you ready to explore the city’s comedy clubs, pubs, and theatres? These venues are an excellent choice for festivals that feature stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy from local and international comedians.
  • Fashion Festivals: Host fashion shows that display the latest in haute couture and street fashion. Why not check out our listings of Melbourne’s most elegant ballrooms or trendy nightclubs to find the perfect spot?.

Where in Melbourne should I hire a festival venue?

  • Federation Square: Located in Melbourne’s CBD, Federation Square is a very busy cultural precinct. It’s a prime spot for high-visibility festivals, especially those related to art, culture, and community celebrations. You can find both indoor and outdoor spaces here, including the main plaza, atrium, and adjacent riverside areas. It is great for attracting large crowds due to its central location. 
  • St Kilda: St Kilda is known for its lively beachfront vibe, making it perfect for outdoor festivals, especially during the summer. The area combines ample dining and entertainment options that will enhance the overall festival experience for attendees.
  • Carlton Gardens: Are you hoping to explore expansive green spaces that are excellent for large-scale outdoor events? The natural beauty of the gardens is ideal for family-friendly festivals and community gatherings.

What are some affordable festival venues in Melbourne?

  • Gallery Pizza Bar & Shisha Lounge - This venue in South Yarra is  perfect for smaller festivals. This venue offers a full bar, delicious food, and shisha options, along with an optional  dance floor. You can even personalise the space with decorations, plug in your own playlist or use the DJ setup to elevate your event into a memorable celebration.
  • Welcome to Brunswick - If you are seeking a venue for a large festival, Welcome to Brunswick Brewery should be at the top of your list. Are you ready for your festival guests to enjoy the charm of the on-site brewery? Invite your guests to explore the  expansive beer garden, and enjoy the catering provided by a variety of rotating food trucks.
  • The Purple Room at The MBassy Dance - The Mbassy Dance at 440 Docklands Drive is a premier dance studio offering a refined space for festive gatherings and artistic expressions. With its beautiful floorboard dance floor, state-of-the-art sound system, and high ceilings, this studio is perfect for a dance-related event. If you are planning a larger event, you can hire the full venue and take advantage of the full space, which has plenty of room for vendors or performers.

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