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Top Workshop Spaces in Melbourne

With more and more freelancers, young professionals and skilled tradesmen entering the workforce, the demand for collective, creative spaces in Melbourne is on the rise! Many people are searching for venues to host classes, workshops and weekend retreats – so we’ve gone ahead and listed all the best workshop venues in Melbourne below!

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Workshop Spaces Hire Guide

Whether you’re looking for a team building venue, a training room, seminar rooms, or studio spaces in Melbourne, you will find them all here on this page! Click on each venue listing for further details, pictures, prices, and more. Not sure what to focus on? We’re happy to help:

  • Does it have exactly what you need? – A lot of creative workshop spaces are pretty unique and specific, so make sure that you know that the venue you choose is suitable for what you hope to accomplish. Having the right space will help greatly with productivity and will help keep stress levels low.
  • Where is it located – You might be looking to rent out your workshop space for more than a day, so location is important. Is it close to everyone who has to commute there frequently? Is it near nice places to get lunch? Is it in a decent area where people are comfortable meeting you? These are all good questions to ask before renting out a workshop space.
  • How many people will realistically attend your workshop? – It’s easy to get so excited about what you will be teaching that you overestimate the number of people that will attend your workshop. Having too big of a room will cost you more than necessary and will make it feel empty during the event. Try to come up with a realistic number of attendees that the workshop will bring in and rent an appropriately sized space.

How about the money part? We’ve had a closer look at the prices and listed the estimates below:

  • The minimum spend pricing structure is a popular way to charge for spaces that provide food for a weekend retreat workshop. Minimum spend means that as long as you pay a minimum price for food and drinks, you won’t have to pay for the venue. The minimum spend for workshop spaces in Melbourne ranges from $400-$2000.
  • Another pricing model that is used for workshop spaces in Melbourne is the hire fee charge. This price model will get you a space for your event, and will sometimes come with tables and chairs. The cost of a workshop space in Melbourne ranges from $300-$4,500.
  • Some workshop spaces and seminar rooms will charge a per person price – this cost almost always includes food, beverages, and serving staff. The price for a per person conference room in Melbourne ranges from $35-$85 per person.

Some of our top locations for workshops in Melbourne include:

  • Queen Street – A main roadway that runs through the Melbourne CBD, Queen Street is primarily a financial and commercial street, making it a great place to go for workshops, retreats and classes.
  • Russel Street – Another busy city roadway that runs through the heart of Melbourne's CBD. Russel Street has several corporate function venues that are available to rent for workshops, as well as a couple of large hotels with function rooms available.
  • Boroondara – One of Melbournes closest suburbs; you won't have to travel far from the CBD to get there. There are a number of smaller function rooms in Boroondara to choose from.

We’re also happy to answer a couple of the most frequently asked questions about organising workshops in Melbourne:

Will most venues provide the tables and chairs that we need?
Depending on the size of your workshop and how many tables you need – most venues are able to provide at least some tables and chairs.

Will we need to supply our own audiovisual equipment?
Many of the venues on our list are able to supply you with basic audiovisual equipment for your presentation that is usually included in the space rental. However, to be safe, you should always check with the venue before assuming that they will provide anything.