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Are you ready to dance? Dance studios may come in all shapes and sizes, but the fact of the matter is they are all prepared for some high energy activity. Melbourne loves to dance both as a great exercise, and a creative outlet. Hop on Tagvenue and start your search for a beautiful location that will inspire your creativity and please your wallet. We can show you all the best spaces lovely Melbourne has to offer - you just need to browse and book!

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Dance Studios Hire Guide

Searching for a dance studio hire? Melbourne has a range of dance studio options from small blank canvas spaces to fully fledged dance studios fit for large crews. This city is well known for its modern dance community - it’s the home of the Melbourne shuffle, after all. Take your search to the city and find a fantastic space in the bustling downtown or look for affordable dance studios in the suburbs. If you have difficulty with finding the type of studio you need, you are in the right place! We’re going to help you compare all the different options and find the best dance studio deals in the area.

Are you a dance instructor looking to start a dance school in Melbourne? Maybe you’re a couple of professional dancers looking for a space to practise? Or maybe you’re after a studio that will help you with your wedding dance? Either way, we’re going to help you search for the best dance studios in the city so that you can get started with your choreography in no time. We made you a list of the most important elements to consider before hiring a Melbourne dance studio:

  • Location - If you want to get a lot of students flocking to your dance classes, you need a hot location that’s easy to reach. First, check out the potential options in the city centre. Most people will be able to find a direct connection to the downtown, making it the best option if you want to host a big class. However, if individual lessons are what you’re after, feel free to search for studios locally - either in your area, or close to your students. Take advantage of many of Melbourne’s public transport options, and try to find a dance studio that is easy to commute to.
  • Space - The optimal amount of space for your perfect dance studio depends mostly on the amount of people willing to attend your classes. The more students you have, the more room your venue needs to have. If you’re hosting an exercise class you can get away with having just enough space for people to stand and spin around comfortably. But if you want to train dance styles that need a lot more space such as tango or jazz, you’re usually going to need way more room per couple or person. When in doubt, use the search filters function on Tagvenue to set a minimum room space for your dance studio.
  • Hire cost - Before you sign a contract with your studio, you have to make sure that the hire fees fit  your budget. If you don’t have a specific budget yet, you will have to figure out a couple of things. How many people will attend your classes? How much do you want to charge for your services?
  • Flooring - Good flooring is essential to have a good experience as a dancer. You should look either for an even, wooden floor, or a set of professional sprung flooring. It will help you move around more easily and safely. With proper footwear, you should be able to slide on it effortlessly, but also be able to maintain your footing well.
  • Sound system - Obviously, you’re going to need music to dance or exercise efficiently. Depending on the size of the studio, there are many ways to set up the speakers. For smaller spaces, one studio monitor with a shock-proof stand will be just enough. However, larger studios will have a stereo system with multiple speakers to ensure that clean sound all around the room.
  • Mirrors - While not essential, it’s very nice to have a set of mirrors so that you can see and correct your own mistakes in a way you couldn’t otherwise. Most dance studios will have at least one large mirror, but some will offer an entire mirror wall so that all your students will be able to use it comfortably at the same time.
  • Additional equipment - There are many different things which can be found in dance studios that are not essential, but they’re very nice to have. For example, ballet dancers get lots of use from a barre, as they are a great help with maintaining balance while practising difficult positions. They can also be used for many forms of exercise training. Air conditioning can help cool the studio down and make it a more comfortable dancing space, especially in hot Australian weather. Also, be on the lookout for studios that offer access to separate changing rooms and in-studio bathrooms.

After you settle on your ultimate Melbourne dance studio, the process of hiring your venue will be a breeze. Just contact the Venue Manager of your studio and they will provide you with all the necessary info, and schedule a meeting so that you can take a look at the studio and sign the hire agreement.

FAQs about Dance Studios in Melbourne

How much does it cost to hire a dance studio in Melbourne?

Most studios will offer hire rates on an hourly basis. For Melbourne, expect to pay between $40 to $80 per hour. Full-day hire can cost from $150 to $350 for 8 hours. Costs will vary depending on the studio size and the time and day of the week, but prices will rise on the weekend.(All data from Tagvenue.)

Which Melbourne districts have the best dance studios?

Start your hunt for a dance studio in Melbourne's beautiful downtown. You will find numerous fantastic options around the University of Melbourne. The streets of this picturesque neighbourhood are easily reached from the M2. They could be great options for anyone coming from out of town. While South Melbourne offers several studios for hire, this area may be more challenging to reach for anyone coming farther away, so you may want to consider this before hiring. You can find other studios to hire further south along the coast past Brighton in Moorabbin. The studios in this beautiful Melbourne suburb could be an excellent option for anyone trying to avoid city traffic

What should I expect to be included in my dance studio hire?

When choosing a dance studio, make sure the space has a proper slip-resistant sprung floor. This is necessary for an adequate dance surface and to avoid injury. The studio should also include a sound system, or at the very least speakers. Full-sized mirrors are also a standard feature, as is a ballet barre. Some studios will come with a piano or may have one available for hire.

What are some of the best affordable dance studios in Melbourne?

Whole Venue at Love to Dance Studios - a stunning dance studio located in Altona, featuring two separate spaces for all sorts of dance and exercise classes.

Green Room at The MBassy Dance - a small but high-quality space with tall ceilings and a great sound system. You can find it on Collins Street, in the Docklands area.

Studio Two at Rain & Luck - this unique dance studio has comfortable space for different types of activities, with plenty of natural daylight and large mirrors. It's based in the Fairfield district, close to the Darebin Parklands.

Guests Reviews of Dance Studios on Tagvenue

Nyssa Z.
Booked Warm-Up Studio at Love to Dance Studios
Great studio space for dance practice, an unusual location but the hire price is good compared to other studios. Nicely furnished professional space with an accessible bathroom (which i don’t personally need, but definitely appreciate).
Lili L.
Booked Main Studio at Love to Dance Studios
Loved the space, it was the perfect size for our group to rehearse! Had everything we sound, good lighting & sound etc. Will definitely be booking here on a regular basis.
Booked Studio 3 at Rain & Lucky Academy of Dance (Preston)
Beautiful space in the city’s north with great communication from venue operators - will book again any time I need a studio close to my workplace
Kez G.
Booked Warm-Up Studio at Love to Dance Studios
The venue was easy to access, easy to use. Instructions from the staff were clear and they are also friendly. They answer emails quickly, and are quick to help.
Jayne N.
Booked Warm-Up Studio at Love to Dance Studios
Great facilities to practice dance in. It was clean and well maintained, we found everything easily.
Michael G.
Booked Studio One at Rain & Lucky (Fairfield)
Best venue and rain is always just a delight to deal with . Beyond grateful to use this amazing space
Booked Studio 1 at Rain & Lucky Academy of Dance (Preston)
The staff were so kind and helpful, really excellent! The studios were beautiful, exactly what I needed!
Maeve S.
Booked Studio Two at Rain & Lucky (Fairfield)
Rain was amazingly accommodating and the space was even better than we could have asked for . 10/10 experience . Clean and exactly as described

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