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Are you planning a party in Melbourne? Why not host your party at one of Melbourne’s spectacular outdoor venues! Outside gatherings in a professional venue can provide a laid-back atmosphere for relaxed events or can be dressed up for more formal celebrations like a wedding or engagement party. Why not explore your options in the city’s fantastic outdoor venues? Whether you are on a rooftop with a view of the cityscape or savouring nature at ground level these venues offer stunning views that will make your outdoor event something to remember! If you're looking to hire a fancy terrace, a rooftop overlooking the whole city, or even a stunning garden, check out all of the wonderful outdoor venues in Melbourne listed below!

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Outdoor Venues Hire Guide

Melbourne, the seaside capital of Victoria, is a modern travel destination with amazing outdoor activities that are suitable for any preference and lifestyle. The bustling city offers a great range of outdoor venues. Melbourne is filled with stunning landscapes, idyllic beaches, and exquisite gardens. If you're organising an outdoor event in Melbourne, you have a wide range of alternatives to choose from, including beer gardens, venues along the Yarra River, docks, decks, patios, and terraces, as well as entire stadiums. But what factors should you consider when picking an outdoor venue in Melbourne? And how do you decide which one is best for your event? Don't worry! Tagvenue is ready to help with your expert advice and our ultimate party planning guide.

When planning an event at one of Melbourne's outdoor venues always keep the following in mind:

  • Check the weather forecast– We know that Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable at times so always ask the venue management about your options if rain or bad weather wreck your outdoor party plans.  Many bars and rooftop areas feature inside spaces or covered areas that you can use in case of inclement weather. When planning your event it is best to remember that Melbourne’s weather is best between March and May or between September and November.  If possible, you might want to think about holding your event then. The coldest months are June and July, and the wettest month is October. We recommend considering alternative indoor party venues if your chosen date falls during one of those. Booking an event space with both an indoor and an outdoor area is, in essence, the safest approach to guarantee the success of your outdoor party.
  • Make sure you have the paperwork you need- It's important to find out about curfews and permits when choosing an outdoor venue. You might have to end the event before the event ends if you don't have the necessary paperwork, or you may not be able to host the event at all. Also, if you are planning an event on a beach or other public area, always check with the local government office to make sure that you have the proper permits for your event. All of this is very important and figuring out all the permissions should actually be your first step when organising an outside event.
  • Ensure the area is accessible and welcoming for your visitors- The last thing you want on your special day is for you or one of your guests to be dissatisfied. Always confirm that there are restrooms and parking spaces available before making a reservation for an outdoor venue. Many of these types of locations in Melbourne are connected to an inside bar or restaurant. A first aid kit should always be nearby, and wheelchair availability should be checked. To ensure that your guests aren't directly exposed to the heat on a hot day, offer water and food, and have sitting or lounge areas available.
  • Always keep the view in mind - Outdoor locations are unique and in high demand. Their attractiveness is provided by the spectacular surroundings and aesthetics, which may include open water space, gardens, or terraces. Choose a location with an amazing view that will impress your guests. The occasion, the party theme, and the number of attendees may all have an impact on your choice. 

Now that you are aware of the fundamentals when it comes to outdoor venues for hire, we'd like to provide you with a list of some of our top choices in Melbourne:

  • Garden outdoor venues- Garden venues might be where you should shift your attention if you want your location to appear as though it were taken straight out of a lovely postcard. These breathtaking places offer a sense of intimacy and closeness to nature, and they could add a little serenity to your significant occasion. There are fantastic outdoor wedding venues in the Yarra Valley, as well as completely open-space garden rooms that are ideal for a variety of events like group training and workshops. Our favourites are the Secret Garden Bar and the Garden Room/Area at York On Lilydale. Or maybe you'd want to host your event among breathtaking vineyards? The Residence at Scotchmans Hill is a wonderful venue, which borders Port Phillip Bay's coastline, and has the option of inside dining. 
  • Boat venues- How appealing does an adventure in Melbourne's waters sound? When it comes to renting out boat venues in Melbourne, there are many options.  Small boat venues are ideal for intimate parties. Our suggestion would be to take a cruise with Melbourne Fishing Boat. However, large boat venues that can accommodate around 100 people or more are perfect for weddings, birthday celebrations, and even business gatherings. The Yarra Empress is a wonderful boat for such occasions. Even though hosting a party on a boat might sound like a plot from a television program, it is perfectly achievable and can be just as extravagant and spectacular in reality.
  • Unique outdoor venues- Maybe you will be interested in booking one of Melbourne’s trendiest rooftop bars for your next party. These settings strike the ideal balance between opulent and private. The elaborate decorations and champagne showers will be the ideal final touch to the already breathtaking open-space setting. One of our favourites is the rooftop venue at Two Hands Rooftop Bar in Richmond. An outdoor deck can easily serve both standing and seated events such as cocktail parties or birthdays and we recommend The Deck at Three Blue Ducks, which has an enticing lagoon view. When it comes to relatively carefree festivities, beer gardens are the ideal venue. Both adults and children can gather there and party the night away in the company of yummy foods and drinks.
  • Larger outdoor venues- There are numerous outdoor venues that are ideal for holding a large event with thousands of attendees, such as a concert or sporting event. How about hosting your next much-anticipated game at a stadium? The Lakeside Stadium overlooks the magnificent Albert Park Lake. If you choose this spectacular venue, up to 12000 standing guests will be able to attend your event. If you're seeking a location to hold your next lecture or concert, an arena might be your perfect choice for a venue. The Margaret Court Arena at Melbourne & Olympic Parks can accommodate up to 8500 sitting guests. This particular venue has a retractable roof, which might be a great backup option for your event if the weather surprises you.

Outdoor Venues in Melbourne FAQ

How much does it cost to rent an outdoor venue in Melbourne?

Many outdoor venues charge a per-person fee. This is very common at beer gardens and beach bars, and usually includes drinks and everything else that you need for your party. Expect the per-person fee for outdoor venues in Melbourne to range from $30 to $80. When looking for an outside location in Melbourne, you can also encounter the minimum spend pricing structure. Prices may range from $400 to $2,000.  If you simply want to pay for the venue use and arrange the rest yourself then book a venue with a hire fee. This rate usually covers the space and food and drinks are not included in the price. You can find venues offering this option starting at $350 but the cost may rise as high as $4,000 or higher. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Where can I find the best outdoor venues in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs – Just a short drive north of the city you will find Kinglake National Park, where you’ll find beauty and adventure around every corner! There are a multitude of lovely outdoor venues between the park and the city.

The Docklands – The Docklands are home to a couple of popular outdoor event venues that overlook the Yarra River and provide a gorgeous location to host wedding receptions, business dinners, and birthday parties.

Brighton Foreshore Reserve – There are a number of high-end function venues on the bayside area that are perfect for various types of events. Bear in mind that this is a rather pricey area for outdoor venues. However, the views are unforgettable, and most of the locations in this region are incredibly sought after.

How far in advance should I book an outdoor venue in Melbourne?

You might need an event permit if you're planning a public or private event in one of the City of Melbourne's public areas. According to our data, applying for permission should be done at least  6 and 12 months before the event.  Also, you can never go wrong by starting your planning early as you will have more outdoor venues to pick from. Because Melbourne's weather can be unpredictable, remember to constantly check the forecast and always have a backup plan.

What type of activities can I plan for my outdoor venue event in Melbourne?

The benefit of holding an event outside is the freedom it offers. If you're organising a fun kids' birthday party, consider incorporating games that your energetic youngsters can play outside. You can organise ice-breaker activities that take advantage of the environment if the event is a corporate gathering or team-building exercise. If you want a relaxed, carefree celebration, you can play some relaxing music and allow the scenery around you to work its magic as your guests mingle. For those who appreciate art and music, you may even plan dancing or painting lessons, outdoor movie screenings, poetry readings, and workshops. When it comes to outdoor venues in Melbourne, the sky is literally the limit.

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