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Throwing an outdoor party, or event of any kind can be a difficult task. You want your function to be enjoyable and exciting while remaining relatively easy to plan. One way that party planners are making their events exciting is by hosting parties at spectacular outdoor venues throughout Melbourne! Outdoor functions have a relaxed feel while still offering the opportunity for formal events. A big part of outdoor events is having a fantastic view of the scenery around you! The options for these venue spaces seem to be endless; whether you want to find a terrace or rooftop venue, or even a garden venue to hire in Melbourne, we have them all listed below!

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Outdoor Venues Hire Guide

Melbourne is a lively city with countless things to do within its limits. The surrounding areas of Melbourne are flooding with gorgeous scenery, beaches and gardens. If you’re planning an outdoor event in Melbourne, then you have a lot of options at your disposal – try one of the great beach venues, garden party sites or other open spaces listed on this page for your function. There’s also a couple of things that are worth keeping in mind:

  • The weather – Melbourne weather can be unpredictable at times, so always check with the venue's management about what your options will be if rain or inclement weather ruin your outdoor party plans. Many bars and rooftop spaces have a backup room indoors.
  • How close are the toilets? – Many outdoor party venues in Melbourne are connected to an indoor bar or restaurant, but it is a good idea to always look into the toilet and facility situation before assuming that you won’t have to use a portable outhouse.
  • The view – If you’re looking for a venue for hire with an outdoor area, you should consider the view that each venue has – part of the lure of outdoor venues is the beautiful scenery and aesthetic they can provide. Choose a location that will dazzle your guests with a breathtaking view.

How about the costs? Here are the price estimates for outdoor venues in Melbourne:

  • Many outdoor venues charge a per person fee for events at their facility. This fee is very common at beer gardens and beach bars, and usually includes drinks and everything else that you need for your party. The per person fee for outdoor venues in Melbourne ranges from $30-$80.
  • The minimum spend pricing structure is another common fee that you might see when searching for an outdoor function venue in Melbourne. The minimum spend rate is a satisfying way to pay since you don't actually pay for the venue itself; you simply commit to buying a certain minimum cost of food and drinks as a group. The minimum spend fee in Melbourne ranges from $400-$2,500.
  • A price structure that is often used for unique outdoor venues is the hire fee option. This rate usually only covers a facility for your event and sometimes tables and chairs. The hire fee rate for outdoor venues in Melbourne ranges from $350-$4,000.

Last but not least, here’s where you can find Melbourne’s best outdoor venues for hire:

  • Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs – Just a short drive north of the city lies Kinglake National Park, where you’ll find beauty and adventure around every corner! There is a multitude of lovely outdoor venues between the park and the city.
  • The Docklands – The Docklands is home to a couple of popular outdoor event venues that rest right on the Yarra River and provide a gorgeous and tranquil location to host wedding receptions, business dinners, and birthday parties alike.
  • Brighton Foreshore Reserve – There are a number of high-end function venues on the bayside right near this beautiful park. This is a rather pricey area for outdoor venues. However, the views are unforgettable, and most of the venues in this area are incredibly professional and well managed.

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