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Top Affordable Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Searching for affordable wedding venues in Melbourne? Well look no further because we’ve got you covered. Venue hire costs are usually take up the lion’s share of the wedding budget, but with Tagvenue organising a beautiful and memorable wedding reception in Melbourne doesn’t have to break the bank. Our collection features reasonably priced wedding venues in all shapes and sizes. Many of them allow you to organise a stunning wedding for under $100 per person! Regardless of your budget or what kind of reception you’re planning, we’re stoked to help you organise the wedding of your dreams for less. So, why not check out what we have in store?

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Affordable Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Apart from simply listing budget-friendly wedding venues in Melbourne all in one place, we’re also happy to share our tips and tricks with you. Have a look and get inspired:

  • Check for hidden costs – Sometimes a wedding venue may seem quite affordable, but be sure to read the fine print! Some costs, such as corkage or the cake cutting fee, may not be stated openly. It’s also good to make sure if the service charge is included in the price. Last but not least, check what’s not included in the price of the venue and estimate how much it would cost to provide all the features you’re going to need on your big day.
  • Get married in the morning – Wedding breakfasts and brunch receptions are a hot new trend in Melbourne right now! If you consider yourselves as early birds, this is a really cool way to add a personal touch to your big day. Venue hire prices tend to go up when the sun goes down, so if you’d like to have your celebration organised a bit earlier, you’re very likely to save a pretty penny.
  • Consider a winter wedding – With the average winter temperatures ranging around 10 degrees, Melbourne doesn’t get freezing cold – and you’re sure to escape the heatwave! The best part about getting married between June and August is that venue hire prices are significantly lower at that time. If there’s a spot you really like but can’t afford otherwise, this is the solution to consider.
  • Cut down the costs of decoration – Decorating a blank space can be both time consuming and costly. You can get all the pretty things included in the price if you choose one of our already stunning wedding venues instead! Simply add a bunch of flowers, a few personal touches and you’re ready to go with a bundle of bills still left!

So, how much exactly is a cheap wedding in Melbourne? There’s no single answer to this big question, but don’t worry – we’re here to clue you in! Here’s your handy guide wedding venue prices in Melbourne:

  • When it comes to hire fees for wedding venues in Melbourne, the price range is really diverse and depends on many factors. In the case of small venues, a hire fee between $500 and $1500 is usually considered a good deal. If you’re looking for a larger space suitable for more than 200 guests, the prices normally start at around $1500.
  • Many venues in Melbourne are priced with a minimum spend option on food and drinks. The rates start at $2000, which is really cheap, and can go up to ten times as much. The key is to divide the minimum spend by the number of guests and see if the price per person meets your expectations.
  • All-inclusive wedding packages are one of the most affordable and hassle-free options Melbourne has to offer. These normally include food and drink menus, all the costs of venue hire and sometimes additional wedding services as well. The prices start at as low $40 per head for basic options, while less than $100 per person is considered affordable, and less than $75 – a truly great deal!

Searching for a cheap wedding venue in Melbourne, but not sure where to look? Have a look at this list of our favourite locations:

  • Melbourne CBD – Think that finding an inexpensive wedding venue in the heart of Melbourne is impossible? Well, we know where to look! We’re happy to show you affordable wedding venue gems hidden in the beautiful little alleyways of the Central Business District and beyond.
  • South-East Melbourne – From relaxed coastal suburbs full of affordable beachside venues (St. Kilda, Elwood) to Prahran and Windsor, hip suburbs packed with restaurants and bars available for a private hire – the choice in South-East Melbourne is truly impressive.
  • West Melbourne – The most popular highlight of the area is Port Melbourne, formerly an industrial district, now a popular beachside destination. If you’re looking for an affordable wedding venue just a stone’s throw from the city centre, West Melbourne is the place to go!

Anything else on your mind? We’re happy to answer your questions. Here’s a couple of the most frequently asked ones:

Where do I find a cheap rustic venue for my wedding in Melbourne?
Focus on wedding venues near the Yarra River. Many of them have waterfront views and easy access to green areas, which makes a perfect backdrop for a rustic wedding reception. We know how to spot the really affordable ones, too!

Any recommendations for where to organise a cheap cocktail wedding in Melbourne?
Many Melbourne bars are more than happy to host laid-back wedding receptions, and their rates are quite inexpensive, too! Our favourite locations include Fitzroy (we love its rooftop bars!).

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