Small Wedding Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

Small Wedding Venues for Rent in New York City, NY

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Top Small Wedding Venues in New York City, NY

Can you imagine yourself planning an intimate NYC wedding without the hassle of a lavish ceremony? Well, we certainly can! And if that’s something you’d be interested in, you’ve come to the right place! At Tagvenue, we have venues of all shapes and sizes, and with our help, you’ll find your dream wedding venue within minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning your own celebration or helping a loved one put together their special day, we’ll make sure it is filled with love, positive energy, and is held in the perfect spot. So don’t wait any longer - scroll through our selection of small wedding venues in New York and book your exquisite venue!

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Small Wedding Venues Rental Guide

It comes as no surprise that small weddings ooze intimacy and unique ambiance. They’re also better for your wallet’s sake! But that’s not all! There are many more advantages to hosting a small wedding! An intimate wedding is a great opportunity to be surrounded by the people you love and truly care about, and what’s even better, you won’t have to worry about throwing a party just for the sake of showing off. From the venue to the atmosphere in the room, you can customize everything so that the whole event screams “YOU”. But what else could make the wedding a truly unforgettable experience? Have a look at our guide where we’ve listed a few things that’ll help you create the reception of your dreams!

Guide to low key weddings:

  • Budget. With a smaller wedding usually comes a small budget. But it actually means that you’ll have more flexibility with how you spend it. Once you know how much money you have for the whole endeavor, everything becomes clear and you can start the planning. Don’t go over the top - simply choose the things that you’ve always wanted. Book the band or DJ you love but who was out of financial reach when your guest count was three times bigger. If you’re both fans of wines, why not organize a wine tasting for your guests? Simply plan an unforgettable day by making your dreams come true.
  • Guest list. Deciding who will be present on your special day isn’t about hitting the number - it’s all about surrounding yourself with people who have been important in your past and will remain important in the future. When you sit down to put together a guest list, ask yourself this question: With whom do I share major life moments immediately? The people that you wish to celebrate those times with are the ones that cannot be missed on your list. You might want to add someone else to your list, but remember: quality over quantity. Make sure that you spend an amazing time with your nearest and dearest, as you celebrate the most special day in your life.
  • Date. Have you already thought about when you’d like to get married? Are you opting for a reception on a hot summer day or you’re more into a winter wedding? If you don’t have a concrete plan yet, you should hurry and pick the date ASAP! The most popular time for weddings is between May and October (due to great weather, of course!), but you can choose any time of the year you like. Just keep in mind that the earlier you have the set date, the better as you’ll have enough time to find venues that are exactly your style and pick the one that has the best offer.
  • Location. It doesn’t really matter whether you’d like to host your wedding across the city or pick a place five steps from your front door. However, make sure to check the venue’s parking options, as well as access to public transportation. It might come as news to you but the venue’s location can greatly influence your guests’ attendance. So make sure to mark the address on the invitation for everyone to be aware of the location and to be able to plan out their transportation.
  • Decorations. Never underestimate the power of decorations! Many people find them unnecessary or even tacky, but let’s be honest: they elevate the mood of every party! The first things that catch your guests’ eyes are decorations, so we suggest you don’t take the easy way out! Balloons, streamers, signs, fairy lights, flower arrangements… They all make a difference and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Feel free to browse the internet for inspiration or go to the nearest store and pick up the decorations that match your theme! We assure you, they’ll put you (and your guests when they arrive) in a party mood within seconds!
  • Menu. Food is an incredibly important part of each wedding celebration. Depending on your vision, as well as the type of venue where your party will be taking place, you can have either finger foods or a 4-course dinner. Everything is up to you but remember about your guests’ dietary restrictions and food allergies. We also suggest you order the right amount of food and drinks, preferably slightly more than the anticipated number of people to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the day. When it comes to beverages, if the venue doesn’t have an in-house bartender, you can hire a mixologist who will be ready to prepare fantastic drinks for you and your guests. Some places offer special cocktail packages at affordable prices, so when making a booking, ask the venue manager whether they have such offers as well.

FAQs about Small Wedding Venues in New York City, NY

What is a good number of guests for a small wedding?

There is no golden rule when it comes to a wedding guest list since different amounts of attendees will feel right to different people. However, if you’ve decided to host a small wedding, we suggest you invite less than 75 guests. This way you’ll have the most important people by your side on such an important day, but at the same time, it won’t feel too overwhelming.

What kinds of small wedding venues can I find in NYC?

If you’re thinking of hosting your reception indoors, you can choose from different kinds of restaurants, bars, and pubs. Or why not take advantage of New York’s rooftops and host a summery celebration under the stars? You can also rent a backyard, or patio for an unforgettable city wedding - it’s all up to you!

How much does it cost to rent a small wedding venue in NYC?

It all depends on the place and location you choose. You can opt for a place charging hourly fees with rates ranging from $160 to $350 per hour. Many wedding venues around NYC work on a minimum spend basis - prices vary from $650 and can get up to $7500 minimum spend. It is also possible to find places that offer special per-person packages. Prices of these packages start at $45+ per person. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in NYC can I find the most unique venues for a small wedding?

Search near Penn Station in Manhattan, as well as Soho, Garment District, and Theater District where you will find many great spots along the main streets, as well as hidden gems. You should also try your luck in Brooklyn, especially around Williamsburg which is full of quirky and hipster restaurants boasting not too much space. In Queens, check out small venues in Astoria, where any wedding will be unforgettable and exquisite.

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