Special Occasion Restaurants for Rent in Miami, FL

Special Occasion Restaurants for Rent in Miami, FL

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Top Special Occasion Restaurants in Miami, FL

It’s time to celebrate! Searching the web for some fancy foodie spots to host a fun event in? Make sure to scroll through our finest selection of special occasion restaurants in Miami - you’re totally in for a treat! From clubs and pubs to terraces and patios, this city has locations exactly how you’ve been dreaming them up - quirky, unique and colorful! You’re bound not to be disappointed. Miami’s nightlife, cuisine and alcohol selection leaves everyone wanting more. Hope we got you convinced, because it’s time to check out Miami’s beautiful special occasion restaurants below!

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Special Occasion Restaurants Rental Guide

Are you in the mood for a fancy get together in The Magic City? In between the glorious sunsets, and gorgeous beaches, you are sure to find beautiful venues to match the vibe of this quirky metropolis. Isn’t Miami just the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion? With skyline views, and palm trees at every corner, it’s sometimes hard to believe this place is real. So start preparing to find the perfect spot for your magical night asap! With so many options and so little time, you might like a little rental guide to get you going as well. Want to know what you need to keep in mind when booking special occasion restaurants in Miami? Read on…

Restaurant rental tips and tricks

With venue renting you can expect some responsibilities. If you happen to be the person who’s planning to bring the whole party together, you might want to start with figuring out how much money you’re willing to spend on the whole evening. You’re going to want to add up the venue rental fee, transportation, decoration costs, invitations, etc. Keep a list nearby when choosing beautiful locations because you won’t want to go over the spending limit! Remember that there are always a few options to make the process slightly less expensive (like having a BYOB option for your party or doing some homemade decor).

What’s on the menu for this special night? What type of cuisine will be perfect to celebrate with? You might opt for some Italian pastas, Spanish tapas or French delicacies. Check out the food before booking the place, or at least have a chat with the chef about which dishes they specialize in. Make sure your guests are not allergic to anything, and definitely ask them about their dietary preferences. Is anyone vegan, vegetarian, or needs their food gluten-free? These days you can never be too sure. The most common allergens are nut and garlic, and unfortunately those are also the most frequently used ingredients. So don’t neglect to inform yourself about any dietary requirements!

How many guests are you inviting? And the question is also, who? The restaurant for your special occasion could be chosen to match with your guests. If you decide on a fancy bar, it might be a great place if you’re inviting friends, but perhaps your family might not find this type of venue very appealing. And if you’re planning to have a fun night out with mates, then getting a very fancy dining room might not be exactly up their street. Also make sure the venue offers enough space for everyone (check the capacity, the average is around 50 people, but of course there are venues which offer larger or smaller event spaces). 

Thinking of getting some quirky decorations inside? Maybe you want to have a fun theme for the table, and want your decor to look awesome - perhaps even have your guests dressed up? When it comes to decorating the place, a lot will depend on the locale's privacy. If it’s a private event space then the venue host should have no trouble with you bringing some fun things to hang up around the place. Stay clear of anything messy though. Having a theme for a wedding, engagement or bridal party is a great way to spice up your evening, and put your imagination to the test. With so many options to choose from, it would be a shame not to use this opportunity. Go with some crazy colors, or out of the ordinary aesthetics. Pick costumes to match your favorite movie characters, or check the web for other fun themes. Think how great the photos will look!

And last but not least - what part of town will you be celebrating in? Miami is quite a big city, with many lovely districts brimming with venues open during the day, as well as the night. What time will you be renting the venue? Are you going for a fun and light brunch, a dinner which will go into the evening, or a party which will last until morning? Is a beach something you might like to be next to the venue, or perhaps you’d prefer to be near accessible transport to get home safely after your evening? If you’re having a smaller celebration, then ask your guests if they’d prefer to stay closer to certain parts of the city. No need to drag yourself and them halfway across town!

And on that note… Have you seen the interiors of some of these event spaces? They’re an architectural dream just waiting to be discovered. Missing out on these gems would really be a shame, because surely you’re not going to find ones like these anywhere else! Now go get booking before someone else does!

FAQs about Special Occasion Restaurants in Miami, FL

What’s the average price of special occasion restaurants in Miami?

Actually, the prices in Miami are not so bad. With venues ranging at about $40 per person you won’t have to break the bank any time soon. You can of course find options for as low as $20 and as high as $80 (or more). Go as crazy as you wish, or as low-key as you need to. No matter the price though, you’re really not going to be disappointed! (All data from Tagvenue.com)

Can I book a unique restaurant for my special occasion in Miami?

In all honesty, all of these venues look spectacular to us, just go through the list and see for yourself. But if you truly want something one-in-a-million, especially for the gorgeous photos to take later during the night, then we recommend checking out Zen Room at Mandrake. Have you seen the Chinese decor of the venue? It’s surely not something you’d see in any regular event space!

Can I book a venue with a view of the Miami skyline?

Stay in Miami Beach to book an event space with a view like no other. If you’re up for celebrating while looking out over the city, then check out Serena South Beach. This gorgeous venue overlooks the city, and with its fine selection of food and alcohol, it’s bound to make you feel like an A-list celebrity! You should also consider The Deck Restaurant at Island Gardens for breathtaking views of the Miami waterfront.

What types of special occasions can I celebrate in a restaurant in Miami?

Miami is a city where you can make a special occasion out of anything. But of course all the traditional - so all birthdays, engagements, wedding parties, etc. Whatever it is, you’re bound to find a venue perfect to pop a champagne and cheer your way right into the night.

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