Special Occasion Restaurants for Rent in Boston, MA

Special Occasion Restaurants for Rent in Boston, MA

Explore these beautiful venues and book one for your important event

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Top Special Occasion Restaurants in Boston, MA

Would you like to treat yourself or your loved ones to a chic and sophisticated experience? Are you looking to celebrate a special occasion right here in the heart of Boston? Then search no further than our list of restaurants with beautiful views, yummy food and wonderful handcrafted cocktails. Whether you want a romantic rooftop setting overlooking the city lights or a garden terrace with gorgeous plants and flowers all around you, we've got locations just for you! Ready to grab that special occasion restaurant of your dreams? Keep scrolling to check out our list of Boston's best special occasion restaurants.

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Special Occasion Restaurants Rental Guide

Grab a restaurant for your special occasion, and enjoy being the center of attention for the day. No matter what you’re planning to celebrate, we’ve searched far and wide for beautiful locations so that you can have the dining experience of a lifetime. Explore our cool restaurants with gorgeous views, and locations so unique that you won’t find anywhere else! Are you planning to go on a special date? A birthday dinner? Perhaps an engagement party? Well, whatever it is, you won’t be disappointed with Boston’s nicest event spaces. We hope we won’t have to persuade you too much, because these locations really speak for themselves. 

Special occasion restaurants rental guide

Before you sign on the dotted line, there are some things you need to consider. Here's a checklist of things to think about before renting a special occasion restaurant in Boston:

- What special occasion are you planning to celebrate? It is likely  that the type of event you’ll be enjoying is also going to largely impact the place that you’ll want to rent. Kids parties, engagement parties, corporate events will probably need to be hosted in a different type of location. When you look through our list of venues, always keep this in mind. Just in case you have the fabulous idea of renting a bar for someone’s christening, you may want to rethink this. 

- What are their prices? What offer are you presented with during peak and off season? Is there any way to make the most of the situation and rent the space during a cheaper time, such as on a weekday, if the occasion allows it? Perhaps there’s some way to negotiate a discount or to rent a venue where you can bring external catering if that’s your wish. If you want to further reduce the costs, you can try to opt for a BYOB option, as long as you mind the corkage fee. This option is not available in every restaurant, however, so make sure to have a chat with the host before you rent the venue.

- Check out the menu and beverage options, see what suits your event or guests’ liking. What type of cuisine do you fancy having on the day of your event? There are many yummy options available in Boston’s restaurants such as Mediterranean, Chinese or Turkish cuisine. What is your favorite, and what do you expect to be served? If drinks are also a big part of the evening, then make sure to check if the venue offers handcrafted cocktails, draft beers and any other beverages you might enjoy.

- Does the space meet your needs? Check out how many people can fit comfortably inside the restaurant. Is there any outdoor space if the weather’s good? In the summer, our favorite spaces are definitely ones which offer room indoors and out. This way you can shield yourself from both the hot weather and the rain while still enjoying yourself if the temperature is just perfect for staying outdoors. Also, if you’re planning to invite parents with children, it’s a good idea to check with the restaurant if you have to pay the full price for a kid’s meal, or if they have reductions, or even don’t charge you for the little ones at all (this type of deal works well with kids under the age of 2). 

- What is the restaurant’s cancellation policy? You don't want to get stuck paying for an empty restaurant if something comes up and all your guests suddenly cancel at the last minute. Make sure you understand how much notice time the venue requires before canceling or rescheduling your event so that this doesn't happen. 

- It's also good to check if the venue has any restrictions on decorations or other items. Some venues only allow certain types of decorating materials, while others don't allow any at all. If this is the case with your chosen venue, then you may need to provide everything yourself or just forget about decorations in general. However, most venues should allow things like balloons and flower arrangements, as well as any table decor which you might like to bring. 

- Which neighborhood is going to be the one that you choose for your special occasion dinner? There are many popular parts of the city including Downtown, South Boston and North End. Are you narrowing down your choices in a part of the city that’s easily accessible? Or, since commutes in Boston are actually not so bad, maybe the neighborhood you choose won’t make too much of a difference? Keep in mind that if your guests come by car, it would be good to have some parking spaces or parking lots in the area.

FAQs about Special Occasion Restaurants in Boston, MA

How much does it cost to rent a restaurant for my special occasion in Boston?

Expect average prices of $50 per person to $70 per person. If you want to stay in the lower price range then check out one of the many affordable locations such as the Entire Venue at Vintage Lounge Boston for only $38 per person. Keep in mind that the prices will range depending on the restaurant’s capacity, the time of the year and its location. (All data from Tagvenue.com)

Where in Boston can I find the best restaurants for special occasions?

You can find some of the best restaurants in town located in the Downtown. Check out places like the Entire Venue at Crudo, which as the name suggests is a restaurant that serves delicious Japanese sushi. Dine in this modern 2-floors space, elegantly decorated yet informal and perfect for a social gatherings.

How far in advance should I book a restaurant for my special occasion?

You should aim to book a restaurant for your special occasion at least 2 months in advance. The earlier you decide to rent a space, the better offers you will find. We recommend not waiting for too long since these spaces get booked out fairly quickly!

Can I rent an outdoor space for my special occasion in Boston?

Of course! There are many cool spots in the center of the city, where you can just chill out in the sun and enjoy your meal, drinks and desserts. Don’t miss out on locations such as the Patio at Alma Cantina and the Outside Area at Donut Villa Diner - Cambridge. These venues are perfect for a warm summer evening!

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