10 Funny Christmas Party Themes for a Laid-Back Celebration

12 mins read
10 Funny Christmas Party Themes for a Laid-Back Celebration
Written by: Sara Mezyk
November 20, 2023
12 mins read

Let’s face it, a Christmas party is one of the most fun events of the year, whether you’re celebrating at work or with your friends. It’s a time to let your hair down, have a few drinks, and have some fun with your colleagues and friends. That said, organizing a great Christmas party isn’t easy. So if you’re looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate this winter, look no further than our list of funny Christmas party themes that are perfect for your next holiday bash.

From the Grinch to 12 Days of Christmas, we’ve got plenty of wacky options here to keep your guests entertained all night long. So, don’t wait any longer. Check out our list, plan your event, and then get ready to have a great time at your next Christmas party!

🎅 Funny Christmas Party Themes

So, what will your next party look like?

1. Get Grinched

We’re starting with a classic one. The Grinch is a very popular Christmas movie character, and he makes for an awesome theme. A Grinch Christmas party can be fun for everyone, especially if you ask the guests to dress up like the character!

For a fun activity for a Grinch-themed party, you can organize an office game to find… the stolen Christmas! Hide a gift somewhere in the office or the event space, leave plenty of clues and have fun watching everyone search for it. The first one to find the stolen gift gets to keep it, so make sure it’s a prize worth fighting for!

🎉 Who will love it: The Grinch is a well-known holiday character, so everyone should enjoy the theme. But, of course, that one person in the office who says they hate Christmas might be especially excited.

The Grinch is a well-known Christmas character, so why not use it as a theme for your party this year?

❄️ As the season of joy approaches, ensure your celebration starts on the right note.

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2. Christmas Carol-oke

If you are looking for a fun office party idea this holiday season, look no further than a Christmas Carol-oke! A Christmas karaoke party is the perfect way to get your colleagues or friends together and have fun at the same time. Everyone can sing along with their favorite Christmas songs and enjoy the season together. Ask everyone to come dressed up as their favorite musician or their favorite holiday song to make the party even more fun.

The Christmas karaoke party is not only a good way to keep your group together. It offers an opportunity to celebrate the end of the year as well. All you need to do is find a venue that has karaoke equipment available for hire.

🎉 Who will love it: karaoke is great for getting people out of their comfort zones, so this party will be a hit for anybody who’s looking to let loose.

3. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Putting on a funny ugly Christmas sweater is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. The best ones are over-the-top and feature loud designs, crazy colors, and ridiculous sayings. If your sweater isn’t noticeable from across the room, then it wasn’t worth buying in the first place (and, yes, we mean that literally). Imagine what a full office of such sweaters will look like, especially if you see your coworkers in button-downs and ties.

You can organize a sweater decorating contest to make the theme even funnier. Everyone just has to bring a plain sweater and decorate it in the office. Now, that will bring some laughs for sure!

🎉 Who will love it: honestly, who wouldn’t love it? But if you’re organizing an office party, it will be especially amusing for places which usually have a dress code. Changing out of the usual suit and tie will be a nice way to celebrate the Christmas season.

Christmas Sweaters
A Christmas sweater party will bring out the holiday cheer in everyone!

4. The 12 Days of Christmas

This classic Christmas carol is sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit with its lighthearted tone and fun lyrics. This theme works well with any number of activities, from icebreaker games where everyone has to give their best rendition of “five golden rings” or “six geese a-laying” to gift exchanges where you have to give gifts that match each day’s song lyric (e.g., on the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…).

For a fun twist to the theme, you can ask participants to dress up in costumes inspired by the lyrics of the carol. And why not organize a contest where you guess each other’s costumes! 

🎉 Who will love it: everyone who loves tradition but enjoys a twist. Since it’s something everyone is familiar with, it will be easy to get into the spirit of the theme without much preparation.

5. Merry Pet-mas!

Work and everyday life can be stressful, with deadlines approaching and calendar notifications going off every minute. So to relax and have fun for this year’s Christmas celebration, why not organize a very merry pet-mas party? Ask employees to bring their pets to the Christmas party this year for some cheer time. If you’re celebrating with your friends, it’s a great occasion to organize a holiday play date for your furry babies.

For even more fun, make sure everyone’s furry friends are wearing Christmas costumes. The cute-o-metre is about to explode, so be ready for that!

🎉 Who will love it: everybody, and studies confirm that.

christmas pets
Our Tag pups, Benio and Kluska, will definitely make it to Santa’s nice list this year.

6. The Elephant In The Room

The White Elephant gift exchange is one of the most popular Christmas party themes around. The premise is simple: everyone brings an inexpensive gift (remember to set a budget!) and places it in a pile in the middle of the room. Then the game begins! There are many rules to playing White Elephant, so make sure you explain them ahead of time. This list of White Elephant rules may come in handy here.

For a fun twist, you can not only set up a budget but also a theme for the gifts. A gift your boss wouldn’t want to see on your desk? Something your weird neighbor would give you? The weirder the theme, the more fun you will have at the party!

🎉 Who will love it: everyone who loves a little competition and isn’t afraid to put yet another weird ornament on their shelf. Since you never know what you will come back with, it’s a theme for everyone who likes a good surprise.

7. The Great Christmas Bake Off

Well, maybe baking cookies might be too much for a casual get-together, but decorating them sounds more like a party plan. The idea behind this kind of celebration is simple and fun. All you need is delicious cookies, some icing and sprinkles. Then everyone tries to make the most amazing design they can think of.

Cookie decorating is something that everyone can participate in, and it’s a nice way to spend time with other people. Later, you can share the cookies with your coworkers, friends, or family.

🎉 Who will love it: all the foodies for sure! But we’re sure this fun theme can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds!

Christmas Cookie Decorating Party
After you’ve decorated the cookies, you can organize a cookie swap between your friends or coworkers!

8. Holiday Spirits

Now, this one sounds like a plan for a laid-back celebration: a cocktail-making class. The idea is simple: pick your favorite bar or restaurant and book a private lesson. Then choose your favorite drinks or perhaps a few Christmassy ones and learn how to make them.

A cocktail mixing class is a great way to unwind after work, have fun, and get creative with your colleagues. You can even bring some snacks to share if you want! However, don’t forget to offer non-alcoholic drinks as well.

🎉 Who will love it: groups where you don’t know each other too well. Doing something together will give everyone a neutral common ground that can easily serve as a conversation starter.

Christmas Drinks
A cocktail-making class will definitely make for a fun Christmas party.

9. Christmas Show Off

Are you tired of another Ugly Christmas Sweater Party? Do you want a theme that involves something more than just dressing up this year? Well, we have an idea for you! A Christmas talent show could really bring a sense of cheer to this year’s party and result in some really funny memories.

To make the occasion more holiday-themed, set a requirement that each performance is themed around Christmas. You can also ask everyone to dress up in a Christmas costume.

🎉 Who will love it: all the extroverts, that’s for sure! But a Christmas talent show is an excellent occasion to show your hidden passions and hobbies. Who knows, maybe you will have a full band to perform next year!

10. Virtual Christmas Cheers

There are many ways to celebrate Christmas with your friends or in the office, even if you can do it only remotely. You can turn your desks into Santa’s Workshop, where everyone does the same DIY Christmas project, like making a Christmas wreath or gift wrapping. You can also organize a virtual movie marathon, where you watch beloved Christmas movies at the same time, although not in the same space.

Christmas Gift Wrapping
Many Christmas activities can be enjoyed together even if we do them remotely.

🎉 Who will love it: remote and hybrid offices, but also friends and family who can’t meet up in person for this year’s celebrations.

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🎄 Funny Christmas Party Checklist

Christmas parties are a great way to get your friends or colleagues together and celebrate the festive season. However, organizing a Christmas party can be stressful and time-consuming, so it’s always worth planning ahead. Here are some tips on how to successfully organize a Christmas party:

➡️ Set a Budget

It’s important to set the budget first so you can set realistic expectations for your event. This will help you find the right venue and choose the best food and decorations for your event.

➡️ Plan the Guests

As soon as you can, start making a guest list and give them enough time to RSVP. Knowing how many people will show up to your party early enough will help you figure out what kind of venue to book, how much food and drink to buy, and other details.

Favorite Christmas
Invite party guests in advance so that they can set the date in their calendars.

➡️ Choose the Venue

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times in the event venue industry. To make sure you’ll be able to secure your booking, start your venue hunt in July, August or, at the latest, September.

➡️ Decide on the Theme

Choosing a theme for your party can be a lot of fun for the guests. It can also help you with the preparations, as you simply need to follow the chosen theme when preparing decorations and snacks for your party. Use the list above to pick the perfect theme for your event.

➡️ Plan Games

Even if you’re a close-knit group of friends or colleagues, games will liven up the party, so make sure you have a few prepared. If you’re out of ideas, this list of Christmas games may come in handy.

🎁 Key Takeaways

The Christmas season is a great time to let your hair down, relax and enjoy a laid-back celebration. Whether you’re meeting up with friends and family or organizing a holiday bash for your company, we hope that our list of hilarious Christmas party themes will make your party extra fun this year. So, don’t wait any longer. Choose your theme and start your festive planning today!

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What are some good Christmas party themes?

There are many Christmas party themes to choose from for your holiday celebration this year. The most popular ones include The Grinch, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Christmas Around the World, and a Christmas Movie Marathon. But you can also organize some non-traditional ones like a Wild West Christmas Party, a Pet-mas Party or a Mad Hatter one. The most important thing when choosing a theme for a party is that it should match the vibe of those who will be attending.

How can I make my Christmas party more fun?

You can do several things to make your Christmas party more fun this year. Start by choosing a theme for your celebration. From Grinch to Santa’s workshop, there are a lot of fun options to choose from. Second, prepare activities that will engage your guests, such as a gift exchange or a group gingerbread house build. Next, provide good snacks and decorate your house or the venue with a Christmas tree and ornaments to match the holiday theme. But most importantly, don’t stress too much: if you have fun, your guests will certainly share your joy with you.

How early should I start planning a Christmas party?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but once September rolls around, your Christmas party planning should definitely already be underway. It’s also time to look for a venue and book it. As Christmas is one of the busiest times for event venues, popular places will be booked quite quickly. If you delay too long, you may find yourself overspending on a venue or not being able to find a suitable place. Make sure to also book any entertainment for the party by September at the latest. Once you have these two items locked down, you can start inviting your guests and planning the games and the menu.

What are some funny Christmas party themes for adults?

Some amusing Christmas party themes for adults include an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, a Grinchmas party, or 12 Days of Christmas inspired gift exchange. You’re guaranteed to share some laughs with a Christmas cookie bake off or a Christmas talent show. Pet-mas party is both cute and funny, and a Christmas karol-oke will surely bring out some hidden rock stars in your group.

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