12 Cool Winter-Themed Party Ideas You Should Try in 2024

11 mins read
12 Cool Winter-Themed Party Ideas You Should Try in 2024
Written by: Kate Makulec
January 9, 2024
11 mins read

The year is slowly coming to a close, and the time for holiday parties is rapidly approaching. Are you planning a work party for the end of the year or a friendly gathering for your closest friends? Then check out our 12 cool winter-themed party ideas! If you’re feeling stuck for suggestions, don’t worry, we’re here to shed some light on choosing this year’s best winter party theme.

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Santa Party

Santa Winter Themed Party 1
Searching for an awesome Santa party theme?

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Xmas has got to be Santa Claus. It’s the only time of the year when he really gets his time to shine. But what can you do with a Santa theme? Well, there are quite a few things, actually:

  • Does a Secret Santa theme rock your boat? If you like receiving and giving presents, then you’re going to love a game of Secret Santa with the rest of the party guests. Set an upper limit on the price, and draw names from a hat or from a random generator that will help you choose who you will buy a present for this year. To make the game easier, have everyone list some items they’re interested in getting – either on a Facebook group or a different shared space online. This way, everyone will be sure to get something they want. No more Christmas present faux pas guaranteed!
  • How does dressing up as Santa sound to you? Either get around to the local costume store or let everyone’s imagination run wild and dress up as different versions of Kris Kringle. Hilarious photos are bound to be a great outcome. You could even take it a step further and plan an outdoor escapade in costumes if you’re brave enough!

And if Santa isn’t necessarily your ideal dress-up theme for a winter party, then you can always check out some great Christmas party dress-up themes.

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Cooking Party

Chefs Suite Kitchen 1 1
The way to someone’s heart is through the stomach! Check out Tagvenue’s rentable kitchens.

A cooking party is what it’s all about. Socialising and bonding over food is a fantastic way to get to know each other better. There are so many delicious dishes to choose from you won’t know what to get your hands into.

  • How about making a traditional Christmas dinner? Allocate the preparation of a dish to every person, and get ready to bake the turkey, mash the potatoes, and prepare a pumpkin pie. Decorate the space, prepare bits and bobs for traditional Xmas games (Pictionary anyone?) and make sure All I Want for Christmas Is You is playing in the background. 
  • Want a more unique spin? Pick a theme for this year’s celebrations. If you’re having an international party, then why not get everyone to bring a dish that’s traditional for their culture? Or just pick one type of cuisine you’re after this year and create a Mexican, Indian, or Thai cooking night? Even if it’s your first time cooking something new, it will be a great adventure!

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Winter Drinking Bash

Lockes Bar
Grab a winter-themed drink with your friends! Check out The Downstairs Cocktail Bar!

It’s not that we’re encouraging you to drink at this time of year, but who doesn’t love some good beer and handcrafted cocktails? Since we’re all off work and able to sleep in the next day, let’s make it a fun night to remember.

  • Are you a fan of ice-cold beer? Would you like to try more variants than we can count? Here at Tagvenue, we offer a huge selection of venues where you can find exceptionally good beer. Stout, IPA, APA, lager, wheat beer and dark beer, you name it. You can even find some hidden gems if you look hard enough! Plus, at this time of year you’ll be bound to find some flavoured beer which will certainly put a unique spin on things. Watch out for Gingerbread Spiced Ale and Christmas Beer Sangria!
  • Are handcrafted cocktails more your thing? Thankfully at Tagvenue, we have them too. Tequila Sunrise, Sex on the Beach, Dirty Martinis and Moscow Mules – they’re all ready to go and the bartenders are highly qualified – they’ll even throw in some good personalized options. If you want more winter-themed cocktails then look out for hot buttered rum, Christmas punch and other options.
  • Last but not least, where are our wine tasters at? Check out locales with fine wine, and check their wine-tasting options. If you’d like some inspiration for choosing your own types of wine, then make sure to check out this guide. It will give you all the information about perfect wine choices. Mulled wine is forever our favourite – make sure to get it with cloves, oranges and raspberry syrup. 

Winter Wonderland Party

Can’t go wrong with a winter wonderland themed party. Get out the decorations, put up the Christmas tree, make paper cut-outs and put on some Christmas music. After you’re done with that, go ahead and hang up the lights and watch them twinkle. How does fake snow sound to you? If you live in a place that doesn’t have snow, the fake option is not too bad. Create snowflake patterns on the windows, or simply put the fake snow on the window sill and pretend you’re far away in a cold land with real snow.

With this theme, you can either try to decorate the space with silver, white and blue decorations or go towards the greens and reds. And if you want to go real extra this year, you can order ice sculptures and prepare for sleigh rides. The sky’s the limit!

Dreaming of transforming these winter-themed party ideas into reality?

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Fancy Dress 

New Years Eve Party 1
It’s time to spice it up!

You and your guests are bound to have a whale of a time – it’s time to come up with some party themes and make it a night to remember! Dress up, take pictures and prepare to have loads of fun.

Masquerade Ball

Fancy masks, glam dresses and suits, champagne? Pull out your best garments and shine bright like a diamond during this year’s ball. Winter is a great time to put on a mask and a fancy robe. Bonus point – prepare a costume contest to spice things up a bit.

Hollywood Red Carpet

Want to dress in some fancy clothes, but not necessarily in costumes? A Hollywood red carpet party is the one for the books. Put on your most expensive dress, strut down a catwalk (let’s rent a venue that will make it work!) and get ready to dance the night away. For this night, you’ll be the most important celebrity!

80’s Disco

It’s time to get that time machine and teleport back to the 80’s. Imagine for this one day that you could go to any disco party of your choice. Where would you end up? One thing that’s certain is that you’d be surrounded by neons, fun clothes and party decorations out of this world. Get that ABBA playlist going, and let’s party!

Pyjama Party

Not in the mood for doing something crazy? No worries. Who said we have to go anywhere fancy this year? If you feel like staying in your pyjamas, there is always the option to throw an awesome pyjama party, get snacks, drink hot chocolate and watch a good film. At Tagvenue, you can rent venues which will not frown upon your arrival in pyjamas but either prepare food and drinks for you or allow ordering external catering!

Black and White

The most classic theme and the most underrated one. Picture black and white garments, decorations, photos – all very classy and sophisticated. And most of all – you can count on the fact that most guests will already have this type of attire. 

Indoor Beach Party

Let’s defy all odds and throw an awesome indoor beach extravaganza! Who said winter had to be cold and sad? For one night, let’s pretend that the weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and it’s absolutely not weird at all that people are wearing swimsuits in the middle of winter.
If you’re a party decorations enthusiast, then you will love decorating the space with summer props, blowing up beach balls and DIY’ing summer drinks. Grab your camera for this party – it’s going to be a wild one!

Winter Adventure

Ski Lodge
It’s time for a winter adventure! Check out the Ski Lodge at The Bierkeller Manchester

Hey, there is another approach you can take to this year’s winter-themed party, and that is to have an awesome winter adventure! What does that mean? Well, that’s totally up to you. Take a trip, take up some winter sports with your friends, have a sleigh ride if you have the option or go ice skating and maybe even have a party in an ice rink if that floats your boat.
Afterwards, check out Tagvenue’s venues and grab a bite to eat while drinking some hot chocolate in one of the fab locations!

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To Sum Up

Now that you have some cool and quirky winter party themes, are you ready to take over and prepare the best end-of-year extravaganza? Whether it’s going to be a cool winter wonderland party, a memorable drinking bash or a laid-back pyjama party, we’re certain you’re going to have the best time ever.

And do you know where this amazing time can take place? Why, in one of the fine venues on Tagvenue, of course!

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What are some good Christmas party themes?

Are you still hungry for some awesome Christmas themes? We have a few more ideas in store for you:

Christmas in Hawaii. Who said it had to be cold for Xmas? Enjoy your evening in Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts. Decorate the place and prepare an atmosphere that people aren’t expecting!
Gingerbread madness. Nothing says Christmas more than cookies, gingerbread and milk. For this theme to be successful, invest in various gingerbread items, decorate the cookies, prepare a gingerbread treats scavenger hunt, and after you’ve eaten half your body weight, sit down and watch a good old Shrek movie, which definitely involves a cute gingerbread man as well!

What food should be served at a winter themed party?

Traditional Christmas food – you know you’ll love it. Turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, veggies and pumpkin pie. Perfect for big and small parties, great to cook by yourself or get a good cook to do the work for you whilst you enjoy the party.
Light snacks – perfect for late-night events. Your guests will probably already have had dinner, and you don’t need to serve huge meals. A couple of light snacks such as crisps, popcorn and some finger food will do just fine.
Desserts – Christmas cookies, gingerbread, hot chocolate and other sweet Xmas desserts are a sure winner!

What theme is popular for Christmas 2024?

For this year’s Christmas party, you can be sure to stay on top with themes that involve any popular movies or TV shows, anything classy with pastel colours and monochrome tones, as well as traditional red and green, and gold and silver. You can never go wrong with tradition but look around for inspiration to make this year’s party unique.

How to throw a good winter-themed party for your company?

Make your next winter-themed corporate party successful with the following tips:

Pick a venue.
Set a budget.
Prepare the guest list.
Set a theme.
Choose the food and beverages.
Choose the music.
Prepare the decorations.
Go and enjoy your party!

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