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Top Christmas Restaurants in Boston

Wondering how you can elevate your Christmas celebrations this year? Here’s our idea: take your loved ones to one of the best Christmas restaurants in Boston! Forget about all the preparations and clean-up – let the professionals take care of you and your guests at this most wonderful time of the year! At Tagvenue, you’ll find the perfect spot that matches your needs and budget within minutes, so why not give yourself a present and start scrolling our curated list now? You will be spoiled with options!

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Christmas Restaurants Rental Guide

The holiday season is in full swing and you’re shivering at the thought of hosting Christmas dinner at home? We get it! Although organizing Christmas at home has its perks, all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and plenty of other responsibilities can take its toll and leave you exhausted pretty quickly.  So how about getting rid of all the stress that comes with preparing Christmas on your own and taking your celebrations to one of Boston’s fantastic restaurants? You will still experience the energy and festiveness of a great feast but without having the weight of cooking and clean-up on your shoulders! Everything will be taken care of by the venue while you enjoy your quality time and make memories with the ones you care about the most. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, nothing’s stopping you from making all of it happen. Here on Tagvenue, we’ve got a curated list of Christmas restaurants in Boston that can take your celebrations to a whole new level. Browse our selection and plan the best Christmas dinner ever now!

How to organize a Christmas dinner at a restaurant in Boston?

So you’ve decided to take your holiday celebrations to one of Boston’s restaurants, but don’t know where to start? Luckily you’ve got us – Tagvenue, and we’ll be more than overjoyed to give you a hand! Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to pull off a sweeping Christmas dinner that is nothing but successful and memorable. Trust us, once you skim our tips through, you’ll be more than ready to jump right into the festive planning!

Set a budget - The first step involves getting an idea on how much you can pay for everything. Your calculations should include such things as the venue rental, food and beverage options, decorations, invitations, etc. Take some time and write everything down on a sheet of paper. If you’re an Excel master, you can use it to your advantage and keep everything there. Once you nail down the numbers, you will be able to pick the best options that fit your budget and avoid overspending.

Make a guest list - No matter if it’s a big feast that you’re planning, or an intimate dinner, figuring out ahead of time how many you are going to invite will help you pick the best restaurant and the most comfortable surroundings. Having enough space is important to get everyone in the right mood (bumping elbows while eating will not help to achieve that!), so while deciding if the restaurant will fit your guest list, also check if the table layout matches your expectations. Some restaurants will be able to change it upon request, so if you like the restaurant but you’re not fond of the setting, ask the venue manager if there’s a possibility to change the tables around.

Pick the ideal location - Boston has fantastic eateries all over, and that’s a fact! You can use this opportunity to take your guests for a trip across the city and celebrate a Christmas with  Waterfront views or have a feast in the lovely North End or picturesque Beacon Hill. However, everyone knows that traffic in Boston can be pretty horrid, so make sure to give your guests enough time to reach the desired location, and also make sure the venue is easily reachable via the MBTA.

Decide on the event type - An upscale dinner at one of the most elegant restaurants in town? Or something more laid-back and casual? Boston’s dining scene is really diverse and during the holidays, each one of them turns into a magical setting that will lift your spirits, you only need to know what you want from the experience. Determining the style of your dinner will help you save time during your venue-hunt as you will know what type of restaurant to look for!

Pick a mouth-watering menu - Fresh spins on Italian classics, seafood, or Christmas comfort food? Eateries in Boston offer a wide range of both specials and a la carte treats during this most truly joyful season, so you definitely have plenty of options to choose from! Perhaps it’d be a great idea to ask your guests what they’d like to eat the most and try to build your menu around that? That way, you could make the dining experience even more delightful and exciting!

See? The whole process of organizing a Christmas dinner in a restaurant is not complicated! Just remember to start off by establishing your budget, drawing up a guest list, and picking the ideal location and you’ll be halfway to organizing a joyous get-together that will hit all of the right notes! 

Christmas Restaurants in Boston FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a Christmas restaurant in Boston?

Renting a restaurant on Christmas will vary depending on the venue, but expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $110 per person. The price usually includes food and beverages, but it may not cover gratuity fees. We always recommend asking the venue manager directly, as they will prepare for you an individual offer matched to your guest number and other needs you may have. 

Where can I find great Christmas restaurants in Boston?

The North End, the Back Bay, and Beacon Hill are the three most popular areas where you can find the best Christmas restaurants in Boston. The North End is known for its Italian restaurants, and the atmosphere is truly festive while the food is to die for. The Back Bay area is proud of places that specialize in seafood dishes and festive drinks, so renting a space there is a great option if you want to add some unexpected twists to your Christmas dinner. Beacon Hill is another great spot if you consider going for drinks after a truly festive feast.

How early should I book a Christmas restaurant?

We always recommend booking your venue as soon as possible, especially when the event takes place during the peak season. During the holiday season, restaurants are really in high demand, so it’s best to book a venue at least a month or two in advance to enjoy a vast list of options you could choose from.

Do some Boston restaurants offer Christmas packages on Christmas?

Yes! During the holidays, many restaurants prepare special Christmas packages which include all the traditional treats, as well as some less-obvious ones. So when you book a restaurant to host a Christmas dinner, you can expect only the best food that will get everyone in the holiday spirit.

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