Wedding Venues for Rent in Houston, TX

Wedding Venues for Rent in Houston, TX

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Top Wedding Venues in Houston, TX

Have you been searching for wedding venues in Houston? Well, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS, and secondly, welcome to the right place for amazing venues! We’re ready and set to help you organize the celebration of the year! In Houston, you’re going to find amazing venues suitable for any style or occasion, so prepare yourself for the sound of bottles clinking, music playing, and the buzz of people chattering around you. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? And do you know what else is exciting? Tagvenue’s selection of wedding venues! Are you ready to be lost in the plethora of venues? Don’t waste any more time and start browsing now!

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Wedding Venues Rental Guide

Are you getting married? That’s fantastic! We’re certain that your wedding will be one of a kind! And even better, Houston is ready to please every taste with its wedding venue selection! We’ve searched high and low to put together an impressive selection of the city’s top wedding venues. And we have to be honest with you: our collection has places of all shapes and sizes,  picking just one location is going to be a feat. But that’s not all! With Tagvenue’s help, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of gorgeous locations, from cozy and laid-back to classic and traditional. In short, we have a venue for any size wedding and any taste: from unique gardens, terraces, and patios to industrial spaces, fancy dining rooms, and classic bars. You will find just what you need here. But in case you’re unsure of where to start your search, we have jotted down a short guide featuring a few factors that you should start with. So give it a read and get ready to book! Trust us, the perfect venue is only a few clicks away!

How to find the ideal wedding venue in Houston?

Feeling a bit lost on how to find and pick the ideal wedding space? Worry less! Here are some of our tips and tricks for finding the ideal wedding venue! 

  • Consider your budget -  It's so easy to get excited about planning a wedding that you and your partner might forget the most important thing: making sure you can afford it. If you don't set a budget beforehand, there's no way you’ll be up to date with all of your expenses, which means there is a possibility you’ll end up spending more than what was originally budgeted for. And we’re certain you want to avoid that! The best way to make sure you won’t overspend is by creating a realistic budget based on the types of services and products available within your price range. With this list, you’ll be able to keep things on track. Have we managed to convince you? Then make sure you get this done before sorting out anything else!  
  • Put together a guest list - Nope, you can’t figure it out later in the process! Before you make any arrangements, you should actually know how many people will be attending your wedding. For example, let’s focus on the venue. It'll help narrow down your search to only those places with a capacity that fits the number of your guests. That way, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises on the actual day, such as whether your venue is too small or too big! If you’ve already received information from some of your friends and you have some kind of an idea of who will be attending your Big Day, then you can start thinking about the type of atmosphere you want your wedding to have. Will there be a lot of kids running around? If the answer is positive, consider a venue with lots of open space so that they can play freely. Will a significant part of the guests be in their 70s and 80s? While they may love the dance floor, they will also likely enjoy taking a break occasionally, so a traditional banquet hall might work best. 
  • Pick a convenient location - We totally understand that you might want to pick a location that is close to your home, but let’s not forget that there will be other people attending the party as well. For starters, consider where your guests will be coming from and determine how far they are willing to travel before making a decision on the location. We’re certain you’ll want your guests to find the venue easily and be able to get back home safely after the festivities are over. So if possible, book a venue close enough for them all to reach by car or via public transportation. If you’ve really fallen in love with a venue that is slightly distant, you’ll have to sort out transport for your guests as well and make sure there are transit options available at all times during the event.
  • Your wedding style - Think about what kind of wedding you want to have. Do you want something traditional and elegant? Or maybe you’d love to go for something quirky and modern? And what about the theme? Do you have one in mind? What about your decorations? Do they need to match your dream venue? Once you've figured out your wedding styles and what kind of venue you want, it'll be easy to find a place that fits the bill. 
  • Be flexible when it comes to wedding dates - Having a few wedding dates not only will give you options - it can actually save your Big Day. Just think about it: if you’re set on a specific day and the venue you’re interested in is already unavailable but you could rent it two weeks later - will you walk away from such an opportunity and choose a different place for your special occasion? That’s why we suggest you have two or three potential dates to choose from. If one of them doesn't work out, you will still have the other two to choose from. A perfect plan, isn’t it?

FAQs about Wedding Venues in Houston, TX

How far ahead should I rent a wedding venue in Houston?

We suggest you book your wedding venue at least a year in advance. Why? Booking as early as possible increases your chances of securing the venue you desire. What’s more, once you have the venue locked down, you will have plenty of time to get all the wedding details sorted out!

What is the average cost of a wedding venue in Houston?

The rental fees mainly depend on the standard and location of your chosen venue. Some places in Houston charge rental fees that start around $400 and get to $4800 per session. Other venues work on a minimum spend basis and require from $1000 up to $21000. It is also possible to get special packages with prices ranging from $15 to $105 per person, or hourly fees that vary from $100 to $300 per hour. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Which neighborhoods in Houston are the most popular for renting party venues?

When looking for an amazing venue, we recommend starting your search on Houston’s west side. Check out Uptown Houston, Midtown, and Greater Heights for some excellent venues. There are also many great opportunities in Downtown and Fourth Ward if you fancy a good location and a fabulous space ideal for a memorable event.

Can you recommend any wedding venues in Houston?

Yes, we can! Have a look at some of our favorites and book the one that matches your style and vision best!

  • Bisong Art Gallery - Celebrate in style in Downtown Houston! If you’re looking for a unique, gorgeous space that will be ideal for an intimate event, you can’t miss out on Bisong Art Gallery!
  • Martinez Eventos - Party in the open air at Martinex Eventos! This fabulous outdoor venue will ensure you and your guests will have an amazing time - all thanks to the decor, ambiance, and delicious on-site food! 
  • Oak Tree Manor - Charming Oak Tree Manor will be the perfect spot for your Big Day - especially if you’re thinking of a laid-back yet stylish celebration. It will be a great fit for an intimate affair with up to 200 guests.

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