Beer Gardens for Rent in Seattle, WA

Beer Gardens for Rent in Seattle, WA

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Top Beer Gardens in Seattle, WA

What better way to celebrate the warm, sunny days if not in one of Seattle’s fantastic beer gardens? In the city surrounded by forests, water and mountains, you’ll find yourself feeling at peace while sipping on some ale or lager out in the fresh air. Host any event, from weddings, birthdays, and celebratory drinks, to after-work company events. Beer gardens in Seattle offer a place for all beer lovers, and if you’re lucky you’ll find some locations that offer additional fun activities. Have we got you interested? Keep scrolling to find out more.

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Beer Gardens Rental Guide

Have you wished to rent a space ideal for kicking back, relaxing and enjoying a pint of liquid gold? We won’t lie to you - you’re in the perfect place! When you rent a beer garden in Seattle, you are destined to have great fun with friends, chill out and enjoy amazing beverages and snacks. We know just how important it is to wind down after a long week (or weeks) of work sometimes. And it doesn’t come as a surprise that, along with chilling out, some good beer would be perfect to top off the day. Here in Seattle, you can book different types of outdoor spaces which offer craft beers of every kind. Enjoy a pale ale, stout beer, or a good old pint of lager, and don’t miss out on the specials from each location you plan to visit. You’d be surprised at what you can find in the Tagvenue selection!

Seattle Beer Gardens Rental Checklist

So you’ve decided to rent a beer garden in Seattle. Fantastic! Since you’re already here, we hope to give you a fab checklist for the rental process. Since you’re probably booking the space for some cool event, it’s better that you have everything in check for the day. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details!

  • Budget. You may have heard that beer garden parties are cheap and easy to throw together—but that's not always the case. You'll want to make sure you have enough money to rent a big enough event space. If you want to rent the space more affordably, don't go overboard with decorations or food—get creative! You can always try to do some DIY or provide some homemade catering if you need snacks to go along with your beverages (that is, if the venue allows it). Try to negotiate as much as possible and see where it gets you. 
  • Type of event. Consider the type of event you're planning before deciding on your guest list. Are you hosting an intimate gathering or throwing an extravagant cocktail party? Either way, having fewer people will keep costs down. And if it’s just a friendly gathering, why not try to split the cost among you and your friends? 
  • Location. The location of your beer garden matters as much as anything else. Consider how much space is available and what kind of atmosphere will be created by the potential space you’d like to book. It’s also good to consider if there are parking spaces nearby and if the venue is easy to get to by public transport. Also, if you’re planning to make some noise, ensure the space is suitable for such shenanigans. 
  • Guest List. A smaller guest list will keep costs down. On another note, if you're hosting a large gathering that doesn't already have a built-in crowd of guests, it can be helpful to have someone (or multiple people) who can help spread the word about your event. They could invite people they know who might enjoy coming out for good conversation and a few drinks. This goes for any product launches or promotional events. Just make sure you know roughly how many people are coming since the capacity of the venues varies. On average, you can expect to have enough space for roughly 80 to 100 people max. 
  • Menu. If you're serving food, make sure your menu has enough variety and is accessible for all types of dietary restrictions and preferences. Don't neglect vegetarian options, as well as vegan, and gluten and dairy free. Make sure to include snacks that people can eat while drinking beer. Some good options are chips, pretzels, and popcorn. Think about what foods might go well together, like pickles and hot dogs!
  • Beverages. Apart from beers, you might also want to have some soft drinks available so guests who don’t drink beer have something else. And in that case, it could be good to try a BYOB option. As for beer drinkers? Make sure staples are included in the venue’s offer! Stout beer, pale ale, lager, kriek, pilsner, witbier - all the good stuff! Check out with the host what they have to offer. If you know that grand beer lovers are coming to your event, it might be worth renting a location that provides a lot of different variants!
  • Decor. Last but not least, don’t forget about the decorations. Of course, if the gathering is simple, there is no need to decorate the space, but if you’re getting ready for an event, it could be good to get something that looks presentable. Perhaps some balloons and decor on the tables? Take your pick!

FAQs about Beer Gardens in Seattle, WA

What are some of the best beer gardens in Seattle?

During the warmer months, you'll love the fantastic venues in Adams neighborhood. You have to check out the Beer Garden at Bickersons Brewhouse Seattle. This fabulous space is just perfect for birthday parties and more. It offers a great price of $1500 per hour, and fits up to 300 people. If that's not quite your vibe, then why not look at Outdoor Area at Lombardi's Mill Creek in Kennard Corner? It offers a wide range of beer and cocktails, for only $60 per person!

How much do beer gardens in Seattle cost?

The price range starts at $40 per person. It’s a great offer if you want to stay on the budget-friendly side. However, if that still seems like much, we can recommend you to try and negotiate the price with the host of the venue, or figure out if there are any ways to reduce the costs. As for the other side of the price spectrum, you can find locations that cost as much as $480 per event. Check your budget and get the best offer!

What types of beer can I find in Seattle’s beer gardens?

Going to a beer garden where craft beer is your go-to choice is the best. Expect to find typical beer lovers’ staples such as stout beer, IPA, APA, pilsner, pale ale, and many others. Some locations will offer you many different types of flavors, and you’ll be surprised to find beers tasting of blueberry, and chocolate, and if you’re a fan of sweet beer, you’re bound to love the kriek.

Can I ask the venue manager to provide tents for my event in Seattle?

It would probably come with an additional cost, but yes, you can ask the venue manager to get some tents up for your event. Some venues will have tents already up, so check out those locations if you are 100% sure you want them up anyway. And as for places which are not sheltered - contact the host and check what they can offer you. For example, some beer gardens will offer an indoor and an outdoor space, so maybe you’d like that just as much as you’d like the tents?

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