Outdoor Venues for Rent in Seattle, WA

Outdoor Venues for Rent in Seattle, WA

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Top Outdoor Venues in Seattle, WA

Are you looking for a space to party under the open sky? Perhaps you’ve got a milestone to celebrate, such as a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or wedding? Well, here’s the good news: Seattle will spoil you for choice! And your search ends here. We’ve compiled a list of top outdoor venues you can browse in just a few clicks. Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic lunch on a glamorous patio with fancy wine, or an upscale party on a rooftop, we guarantee that you will find an ideal open-air space that matches your needs and budget. So are you in? Then take our smart engines for a spin and book your favorite space today.

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Outdoor Venues Rental Guide

It's finally summer in Seattle! The sun is out, the air is warm, and people are taking advantage of the glorious weather by hosting outdoor events. So you can, too! Perhaps you’ve got an upcoming special occasion such as a birthday, engagement party, or corporate event? Maybe you need some time to kick back and relax with your friends? Whatever the case, make use of that short period when the weather is lovely and host a fantastic outdoor party everyone won’t soon forget. You don’t know any great outdoor venues? Well, don’t fret. Seattle has no shortage of great outdoor spaces. The trick is to know where to find them. Luckily, you no longer have to look on your own because you’ve got us, Tagvenue. We’ve searched the city to select the top outdoor spots and put them on one list. Rooftop venues, party boats, luscious gardens, hip patios, vibrant terraces, and chill beer gardens, you can easily choose your favorite and book it in just a few clicks! Sounds great, doesn’t it? So start planning your outdoor event now. We guarantee you’ll be more than delighted that you took the plunge. 

And in case you’ve never hosted an outdoor event before, take a look at our short guide. It covers all the essential elements you need to consider to plan your outdoor event from scratch. Read it, and in a few minutes, you’ll feel like a pro event planner!

6 tips on how to host a great outdoor event in Seattle 

Hosting a great outdoor party is easier than you might think! It only takes a little planning, and a pinch of effort to guarantee everyone has a good time. And we’re here to prove that with this quick guide that includes all the tips and tricks that are easy to follow. Of course, we assume that you’re more than ready to know that secret knowledge, so start reading now!

  1. Set a budgetIt may sound obvious, but knowing how much you can spend on food, drinks, and entertainment is important.  That way, you will know what type of event you can host, and how many guests to invite. It will also help you easily rule out venues that don’t match your price range, hence you’ll lower your chances of overspending. 
  2. Make a guest list. You want to ensure that you have enough space for everyone, and drawing up a guest list will help you to determine that. Even an estimated number of people you’re planning to invite will guide you in choosing a venue with a suitable capacity. So make sure you do it before you kick off the venue-hunt process. 
  3. Decide on a party styleWould you prefer to gather everyone by the tables for a sit-down dinner/lunch? Or you’d like people mingling with a drink in hand? Establishing what party style you’d like is crucial to finding an ideal venue with the right setting and ambiance. For example, you can go with a rooftop venue or a garden for a classic cocktail party. They have enough space to socialize and eat appetizers comfortably without bumping into tables, chairs, and other attendees. On the other hand, if you’re leaning towards spoiling your guests with delicious food, a restaurant patio or terrace with tables will do its job better.
  4. Pick a great location. Would you like everyone to attend your party? If the answer is positive, then you need to pick a venue with a great location that will serve its purpose of hyping up your guests for a party. Each area of Seattle offers something exciting — Downtown is the central core of vibrant life that will get into the party mood of even the grumpiest person. Quirky Georgetown is packed with historic buildings converted into pubs and restaurants that will add plenty of character to any event you’ve got in mind. There’s also Fremont, Capitol Hill, and Belltown that have anything from live music venues to charming patios and outdoor pubs where you can taste gin from all over the world. See? A plethora of fantastic locations! Make sure that whatever location wins your heart has decent transport links and parking lots nearby. 
  5. Choose catering options. A buffet, a full-course dinner, or finger foods? Pick an option that will match the party’s style. If you know that your guests like to broaden their culinary horizons, you can play around with the menu and serve something less obvious that will leave everyone in awe. Want to keep it simple? No problem! Just make sure the food is of the highest quality and delicious.
  6. Have a plan B. It would be best to prepare a backup plan in case things go south with the weather. We suggest picking the venue that offers the possibility of moving the party inside in case of unexpected rain or temperature drop. That way, you’ll get extra peace of mind when it turns out that the weather on your party day isn’t as good as it’s supposed to be. 

FAQs about Outdoor Venues in Seattle, WA

How much does it cost to rent an outdoor space in Seattle?

The final rental price can vary based on the day and time of your event and the size of your guest list. But generally, you should expect an average price of $65 per hour. In some venues that offer catering options, such as bars, pubs, restaurants, and coffee shops, great and affordable packages range between $35 to $100 per person.

Where can I find great outdoor venues in Seattle?

The most popular venues for outdoor events in Seattle are located in Downtown City Center and South Lake Union. You can expect to find plenty of options for all different sizes and types of events, including wedding venues, coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and rooftop venues.

How far in advance should I book an outdoor venue?

You should book a venue at least two months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to browse the offers, compare them and pick the one that covers all your needs. Also, you’ll have to nail down all the important details, such as catering options, theme, decorations, etc., and make sure everything goes without a hitch.

When’s the best time for an outdoor event in Seattle?

The best time for an outdoor event in Seattle would be during summertime (June-August). This is when the sun shines brightly, and there are fewer chances for rain. In addition, it's also easier for people to plan their schedules since most people take summer vacations during this period which you can use to your advantage and host a party in the middle of the week.

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