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Top Private Bars in San Francisco

Why look forward to just one happy hour every Friday when you can book a bar and have fun all night? From top-shelf cocktails to classic brews, San Francisco boasts a variety of private bars that are here to concoct all the drinks that you can think of. Need a suggestion for where to plan your next event? Worry not! We’ve come up with a few tips and tricks for you to finally give your home bar a break and clink glasses with your crew! 

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Private Bars Rental Guide

What types of bars can I rent in SF?

Residents of San Francisco surely know how to enjoy a drink or two, so finding a watering hole might seem like an easy task. However, deciding which bar is the right one for your upcoming event might be a daunting piece of work. Fortunately, Tagvenue’s got your back with its guide to the bars around the city. 

Wine bars

A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away! Wine bars are great spaces for not only fine dining but also any other memorable occasion. These bars commonly serve food that best accompanies the wine of your choice. Hayes Valley offers a variety of wine bars that are not only comfortable but also on the more affordable side. If you are looking for an upscale setting for your event, wine bars are an ideal place to host tastings, product launches, and team-building events. Wine bars in Napa Valley, Dogpatch, and anywhere else in the city can certainly cater to all your vino needs. 

Pub quiz bars

Looking for an ice-breaker at your new workplace? Try bars and pubs that offer quizzes or trivia nights. These events cover a range of topics and are popular for team-building events or get-to-know-you parties. Originally from Britain and Ireland, pub quizzes thrive in The Golden City.

These venues are also fun options for end-of-year events. A major advantage of such venues is that your guests can have fun by either participating in the quizzes or simply enjoying the spirits at the bar. Full of lighthearted banter and friendly rivalry, pub quizzes are a game changer! 

Historical bars

You can’t call yourself a San Franciscan if you haven’t been to a bar with a bit of history, can you? For instance, the Billiard Room at The Blue Light is now an institution after 20 years of activity. It is considered Union Square's gathering point—perfect for a chill night. Another one to add to your list is the Verdi Club. Its origins can be traced back to the early 20th century when it started as an Italian American social club. Many of these historical bars have maintained their distinctive vibe throughout the years and offer plenty in terms of atmosphere.

Tiki bars 

You can find Tiki bars almost everywhere in the Bay Area. Tiki bars are known for their elaborate drinks, particularly rum-based cocktails such as the Beachcomber or Painkiller. They are aesthetically pleasing spaces based on a loose conception of Polynesian culture, which makes them great spaces for themed-based parties. With their eclectic decor and hip atmosphere, these bars can be booked for any happy hour gathering with friends, colleagues, and family. 

Dance bars 

We get it. One minute you’re sipping on that pina colada, the next thing you know, they’re playing your favorite song and you want to shake a leg!

Luckily for you, many pubs and bars in the city are equipped with spacious dance floors, which means you can use such a venue instead of renting out two separate spots for drinking and dancing. Think of renting the venue inclusive of the happy hour so that you can save some bucks! Whether you’re a breakdancer or have some old-school moves, you can find all that you need in San Fran.

Pet-friendly bars

Spending the day or night out with your chums is worth it, but think about Luna, your furry friend who thought she would be invited. Wouldn’t she be devastated to find out that she couldn’t party with the crew? Picking a venue where your best friend is allowed can be quite challenging. However, this might not be a major concern in The City that Knows How. Whether you’re in Dogpatch or Lower Nob Hill, you can effortlessly host a pet-friendly event. On top of that, a few bars even offer special menus for your furry friends.

Outdoor bars 

Outdoor drinking spots can be found all over San Francisco. Whether you fancy sipping some beer in the famous Biergarten or some coconut daiquiri while enjoying a breathtaking view of the city, you can find all sorts of outdoor bars all over San Francisco. Even the simplest event can be an instant success on any rooftop bar with a birdseye view of the city. You may opt for any stylish outdoor bar depending on your budget and event needs. Remember to check the weather forecast and indoor options before booking to avoid any mishaps!

Can I negotiate the rental price for a venue?

Most rental prices are clearly published on the venue’s page along with the minimum spend requirements and additional costs. However, you can contact the venue manager to see if you can negotiate any promotional prices or the addition of any extra services. In many cases, the venue manager will be willing to help you with the setup, staffing, and other issues.

Private Bars in San Francisco FAQ

What does 'minimum spend' mean?

Bars in San Francisco typically require an agreement between you and the venue entailing that your guests will spend a particular amount of money on drinks and food during the night. In the event of a shortfall, you will need to pay the difference.

What are some great areas of San Francisco for a bar rental?

If you’re a serious cocktail drinker, Hayes Valley and The Mission have tons of amazing bar options with high-quality drinks. Other places, such as Dogpatch and Soma, have a cozier and laid-back ambiance, while The Bay offers a mix of both elegant and relaxed bars.

Where can I find the best bars in SF?

We’ve come up with a few recommendations. However, we do suggest that you browse through Tagvenue’s listings to find your perfect venue. 

Novela features a beautiful setting with black and white accents. This bar provides in-house catering and fantastic hand-crafted cocktails.

The Verdi Club is an old-fashioned, elegant bar with a classic vintage atmosphere. With its high ceilings and sparkling chandeliers, this location exudes 1930’s charm.

Riggers Loft is located near the bay and offers a selection of exquisite wines for any occasion in a rustic setting.  

How much does it cost to hire a bar for a private party?

If you are planning to rent a bar for a private party, expect your minimum spend options to range from $100 to $4,600 or more. Other options include renting out the whole venue, which costs anywhere from $100 to around $26,000 for five to six hours. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Can I provide my own alcohol at an event in a private bar?

Yes, you may. While some private bars require you to purchase in-house drinks, others may let you bring your food and beverages. However, if a minimum spend fee is required, you will still have to spend a certain amount of money at the bar! So, it’s always best to contact the venue manager and discuss your options.

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