Affordable Wedding Venues for Rent in Washington, DC

Don't miss out on these fab budget-friendly locations for your big celebration!

Top Affordable Wedding Venues in Washington, DC

It’s time to do some wedding venue scouting! Have you been on the lookout for affordable wedding venues in Washington, D.C.? Have we guessed right that you’ve been spoiled for choice, and don’t even know where to begin? Well, in this city you’re bound to find many locations, but here at Tagvenue we pride ourselves with giving you only the best offers out there. Whether you’ve been searching for indoor or outdoor event spaces, or looking for one-in-a-million locations, we have options you won’t be able to refuse. Check out D.C.’s affordable wedding venues below!

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Affordable Wedding Venues Rental Guide

The Big Question has been popped, and now it’s time to sort out all the nuances of the wedding down to the last detail. You have to choose who makes the cut on the guest list, pick out a wedding theme, decide on the cuisine… and that’s just the start! What about the venues? Well, that’s exactly what we specialize in, so you won’t have to feel so overwhelmed about picking your wedding reception location. Washington, D.C. offers many beautiful event spaces, and quite a lot of them are on the budget-friendly side as well. So kick back and relax, while we take you through some tips and tricks of affordable venue rental, and throw in a couple of suggestions of our own. Let’s get exploring!

Affordable wedding venue rental tips

Have you checked out Tagvenue’s search engine yet? It’s so easy to use, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Once you type in a key phrase, like “Wedding” or “Wedding Reception”, and choose Washington, D.C. as the city you want to rent a venue from, a list of locations will pop up. Next you can choose the amount of guests you’re going to want at your wedding, the date, the price, and additionally you can filter out the event spaces by things like “Wedding license”, etc. This makes the whole process a lot easier than just searching for random wedding venues in the city, as you might fall in love with the photos, only to find out that a key factor from your rental necessities list is missing. Alright, so we know how to search for the perfect venue, but do we know what we’re actually looking for?

To decide on your key factors, you must first figure out the:

  • Budget. The affordability is going to depend on how much you’re really willing to spend, and what part of the wedding you’re willing to cut back on. What we mean is that the venue price can very well depend on the number of people you’re planning on inviting, the type of cuisine you’re willing to have, or simply if you’re planning to add extra decorations to the venue itself (or not). Plan out what money goes where, and decide on the rest from there.
  • Guest List. The amount of people you’re planning to invite will have a definite impact on the cost of the wedding. Every extra seat is on average an additional $50 minimum. Having an intimate wedding is the way to go if you want to reduce the cost, so keep that in mind when sending out the invitations. But of course, it’s not always so easy to reduce the number of guests. What else can you do to make the rental more affordable?
  • DIY. Have you thought about doing some DIY decorations, cake or flower arrangements? On your special day, you’re bound to want to have some lovely decor which is going to spark a smile on everyone’s faces. A wedding to remember is surely one where the decorations are unique and homemade. You could have some personalized cards, cups or gifts for guests. Put up some balloons, attach flowers…the options are endless! Just remember not to bring anything which will cause too much of a mess, venues are not really keen on that type of decor!

Affordable wedding venue recommendations

We’ve looked through our fine list of wedding locations, and found a couple of venues which you are sure to get some inspiration from (or even book straight away!). If you’re looking to have a wedding with a lovely Spanish theme, and some delicious cuisine (who doesn’t love tapas and Sangria?), then you’re sure to love La Granja at Taberna Del Alabardero. The private room puts you in a beautiful setting with a view of the wine cellar, Spanish tile mural, and the chance to also see the chefs hard at work as they prepare your meals. The space offers either a table for 25 guests, or multiple tables for 45, and, if needed, then there’s enough space for 60 people standing overall. Check this place out, right next to Farragut West Metro Station. An ideal location if you and your guests are planning to head there by public transportation. And the price? Rental fee per session starts at only $2000!

We’re going to keep you wanting more with another stylish restaurant. If you want to wow your guests with your international venue taste, then take a look at the Entire Venue at Moi Moi. With The Gambia roots of not only the decor, but the chef as well, prepare for short ribs and mouth-watering appetizers, as well as other delicious delicacies, such as mac and cheese, as this restaurant has southern american accents. If it sounds like a place to celebrate your Big Day in, make sure to head to Downtown and check out this affordable wedding venue. With a rental starting price of only $65 per person, you’re sure not to overspend. Just keep in mind that the maximum number of guests is 200 for a cocktail style reception.

FAQs about Affordable Wedding Venues in Washington, DC

What’s the cheapest way I can rent a wedding venue in Washington, D.C.?

The cheapest wedding venue that you will find at this moment is the Olde City Garden, which starts with a rental fee of only $50 per hour. The location is outdoor, featuring plenty of plants that bring a botanical feel! It’s suitable for up to 145 people, and allows you to pick your preferred external caterer. It's a colorful space with an urban feel, perfect to make your wedding stand out. Make sure to check it out if it sounds like something you’d enjoy!

Can I bring my own catering to a wedding venue in D.C.?

In many venues you’re allowed to have a BYOB option, whether that's alcohol or food. While it is an inexpensive option, beware of the corkage and cleaning fees which venues require if you decide on renting the location. However, BYOB is a great option if you want to save some money, love home cooked meals and prefer to bring your own alcohol to the party.

When should I book my wedding venue in Washington, D.C.?

You should be looking to book the venue as soon as you make the choice. Venues get booked quickly, so be sure to expect someone else to grab the location if you don’t. When it comes to weddings, the event spaces get booked sometimes one year and sometimes even two in advance. Also, the sooner you rent the location the more likely it is that you could negotiate a good deal instead of paying the full price at once.

What’s the best time of the year to book affordable wedding venues in Washington?

Expect to find cheaper prices if you book venues off season - that is, in the months between October and April. During this colder period, it’s less likely for couples to get married, meaning that everything becomes even up to 50% less expensive. If you play it right, you can also get the photographer cheaper, or even the DJ.

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