Cheap Wedding Venues for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

Cheap Wedding Venues for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

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Top Cheap Wedding Venues in Las Vegas, NV

Have you ever dreamt of getting married in Las Vegas? Sin City is famous for a lot of things, one of them being fantastic weddings. Of course, this includes both spur of the moment ones that are officiated by Elvis and complicated events that are planned out to the smallest detail. Whatever you have in mind, we recommend checking out the budget-friendly wedding locations listed on our platform! From restaurants to banquet rooms, you’re sure to find the thing that your heart desires. With wedding event spaces spread out all over the city, you won’t have to look far for the perfect wedding spot. So get ready to search and book one of our cheap wedding venues in Las Vegas!

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Cheap Wedding Venues Rental Guide


Las Vegas comes with many budget-friendly wedding options to book which will definitely win you over! And inexpensive doesn’t equal low-quality! You’ll be surprised what a little money can get you! So if you were worried about not finding the ideal location for your celebration - worry no more. On Tagvenue, we’ve searched high and low to put together a curated selection of the best spots in town where any wedding will be an unforgettable enterprise.

We’re well aware that venue cost is one of the greatest expenses when planning a wedding, so it’s quite understandable that you are browsing for cheaper options. That’s also why we’ve put together a short guide with some money-saving tips and tricks, so make sure to give it a read and learn a few new ideas for your upcoming event! 

Guide to renting affordable wedding venues

There are many tips and tricks that can help you make sure that you get the best deal for your wedding space. Here are some of the most important things you should consider:

  • Wedding Location - There are many factors that will determine the final cost of your rental and one of them is the venue’s location. On our platform, you’ll be able to find cheap event spaces that are both in the city center, as well as in the suburbs. However, always remember that low prices don’t always equal large capacity. If you’re looking for a place that could accommodate a greater number of guests, it’s very likely you’ll be able to find great value for money if you search slightly further from the city center. Even though the prices might be tempting, be careful when choosing the ideal wedding place. A wedding venue outside of the city may require your guests to travel longer which could pose a problem for some guests.
  • Wedding Food & Alcohol - Would you like to opt for dry hire or you’d rather consider BYOB? The choice is all yours! When it comes to BYOB, you may be able to bring not only your own alcohol but also food. Did you know that this approach can significantly reduce the price of the venue? If you choose a venue that allows external catering, it will give you the option to choose a menu that suits your taste to a ‘T’. But be aware of any extra fees that the manager might ask for with this option, for example, you may be charged a corkage fee for opening bottles. And when it comes to dry hire - who wouldn’t want to decorate the venue as they like it? A blank canvas space could be the perfect option for you - you can make the setting as personal as possible for a reasonable price. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But on the other hand, you can have a look at spaces that might not need a lot of changes in the interior, like restaurants and cafes. If you love the venue exactly as it is, you’ll save not only time but also money on extra decorations. All in all, both options are worth considering if you’re planning a budget-friendly celebration!
  • Wedding Budget - It may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised how important it is to set the budget before starting the planning process. Many couples start making decisions about the wedding without considering first how much they can afford to spend! Trust us: it's important that you sit down with your partner and decide how much money you can realistically spend on your wedding. Consider elements such as venue rental, catering, decorations, vendors, and entertainment, and determine how much you can pay for each of them. This way you’ll have a clear view of what you can afford, how far you can splurge on your big day, and determine the chances that you might exceed your budget.
  • Minimize your wedding guest list - We know that a lavish wedding with over a hundred guests sounds tempting but don’t you think an intimate party might be special and worth considering? After all, the more people you invite, the less time you’ll have to spend with every single one of them. So gather those closest to you and celebrate together! And when hosting a small event, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to get to know your significant other’s family better! We’re seeing only perks with this option, what about you?
  • Set the time - If you’re thinking about minimizing your wedding expenses, we suggest you host your wedding during off-peak times. After all, the most in-demand days are also the most expensive ones. However, throwing a wedding during the week comes with a few additional things that need to be sorted out well in advance. The most important one: let your guests know about the wedding date months before so that they can take a day off from work. Also, this will give those traveling from afar sufficient time to plan their journeys.

Have you read something that surprised you? Whatever the case, we hope that our tips and tricks will make your wedding venue renting process a little easier. In case you have any more doubts, check out some questions and answers below - and who knows, maybe you’ll find out the answers to whatever is giving you sleepless nights!


FAQs about Cheap Wedding Venues in Las Vegas, NV

How far ahead should I rent a wedding venue in Las Vegas?

You should book your wedding location around a year in advance. It’s best to book as early as possible since this increases your chances of securing the venue you desire, as well as possibly reducing the rental cost. Also, once you have the venue locked down, this will give you plenty of time to get all the wedding details sorted out!

What is the average cost of a wedding in Las Vegas?

The rental fees depend on the standard of your chosen venue. Some places in Las Vegas charge rental fees that average around $1250 per session. It is also possible to get special wedding packages with prices ranging from $13 to $60 per person. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Las Vegas can I find the best cheap wedding venues?

First things first, check out The Strip and Downtown Las Vegas Where you’ll find plenty of great places perfect for budget-friendly celebrations, such as suites and banquet halls in casinos. We highly recommend having a look around Fremont East as well where you can find fantastic independent restaurants with private dining rooms that you can throw your wedding on a budget in. And if you’re looking for an exquisite place to host your special occasion, we suggest you have a look around The Arts District and its collection of art galleries and unique restaurants.

Do cheap wedding venues provide catering?

Most affordable wedding venues in Las Vegas provide in-house catering, but you will have to make sure that food and drinks are included in the rental price. When browsing places for your upcoming celebration, you can easily check the catering option offered by any particular venue: you can find it on the venue’s profile! And in case you’re still unsure about something, feel free to contact the venue manager directly.

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