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Top Affordable Wedding Venues in Chicago, IL

To love, laughter, and happily ever after! Your wedding day is one the most meaningful moments in your life and for sure it should be properly celebrated with the wedding reception you have always dreamed of. So why not start your wedding preparations now and pick the ideal space that can bring your vision to life? Here on Tagvenue, we’ve gathered the best affordable wedding venues in Chicago that you can pick your favorite according to your style and price range. You only need to adjust our smart filters and you will soon find the perfect wedding venue within minutes! So take the plunge and get ready to eat, drink, and be married! 

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Affordable Wedding Venues Rental Guide

The average cost for a wedding in Chicago is around $50000. We know that such a number might seem a bit shocking, but don’t worry! It is definitely possible to organize the wedding of your dreams on a smaller budget. Even in Chicago! You only need to take some time to consider all the important elements, such as venue rental, to pick the best option for your set price range. And Tagvenue has got your back because we’ve gathered the best inexpensive wedding venues in Chicago onto a curated short list. So stop what you’ve been doing and go take a look! Because your dream wedding space is there, waiting to be discovered.    

How to organize a wedding on a budget in Chicago? 

In case you’re looking for ideas to reduce your wedding costs, we’ve set out some recommendations for some effective tricks on how to do so. Interested? So dig in and enjoy your wedding planning! 

1. Wisely plan your budget 

Budget planning is the number one priority on any wedding planning list. Consult with your partner about the ideal sum you’re able to pay for all of your wedding expenses. Be realistic with your calculations and don’t opt for something you’re not able to afford. It’s really easy to go overboard with the decorations, attire, vendors, and venue rental, so to stay within your budget capabilities write every expense down. You’ll get a clear view of how much money you still have left for the left over elements on your list.    

2. Go for a smaller wedding

How about keeping the guest list short? It’s a great way to cut costs, but also to make the event intimate and meaningful. Take all the time you need to think about who must be there to celebrate this special day with you. Then write the names down, and you’ll have your guest list! We know that it’s tempting to invite all the aunts and uncles you haven’t seen in a while, but would it really matter to you if they were there on your big day?  

3. Choose an off-peak wedding date 

The high season for a wedding is from May to October. And that’s when the prices for venue rentals, vendors, decorations, etc., are the highest. So if you’re really keen on keeping the wedding costs lower, why not tie the knot in a less popular month, such as March or April? Or perhaps say “I do” on a weekday? Vendors often slash their rates at off-peak times, and it's a fantastic way to save a significant amount that you can spend on your honeymoon.  

4. Take as much time you need to plan thoroughly 

Don’t rush! Remember that time is your ally, so make all the final decisions that come with wedding organization once you’ve discussed it with your partner. When it comes to renting a wedding venue, start your search for the perfect one at least one year before the wedding. The earlier, the better! Because you will have plenty of time to find spaces that interest you and compare them. During your hunt, always ask venue managers about every charge before signing the contract, to ensure that you are clear on what you will be paying for and to avoid unexpected costs.  

5. Make the wedding menu simple 

Whether you’d like to opt for an outside caterer or use the services of an in-house one, try not to over-deliver on the food at your wedding. Because you’ll have to pay for it even if it goes to waste! So maybe it’s a good idea to serve fewer finger foods and focus on delivering the three-course meal? Keeping the menu simple doesn’t mean you have to serve classic entrees that everyone has eaten a million times. How about taking your guests on a culinary journey and serving not-so-obvious Mediterranean main courses? No one will miss the finger foods once everyone is full and talking about how delicious the meals were! 

6. Serve a signature drink 

Although drink bars are in-demand during weddings, they’re not so cheap and cost quite a few dollars. But here's a great solution to that: spice up the atmosphere and serve a signature drink everyone will associate with you and your wedding day. Maybe the first drink you were sipping on your first date? Or try asking the venue if they can help you craft an original cocktail for such a special occasion. 

7. Hunt for sales 

Wake your inner sales-hunter and try looking for bargains! During the off-wedding season, most wedding stores slash their prices for jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. So it’s a chance to buy just what you need while paying less! To buy a wedding gown or a tuxedo, try attending a sample sale when most boutiques sell sample attire they use in their showroom at a great discount.

FAQs about Affordable Wedding Venues in Chicago, IL

How much does it cost to rent an affordable wedding venue in Chicago?

Venues such as restaurants and bars offer per person packages with prices ranging anywhere between $65 to $75. The price usually includes food and drink options that you can customize. But it is also possible to rent a cheap venue on a minimum spend basis and in Chicago expect the prices to start at $1000. When it comes to venues like lofts, warehouses, galleries, etc., they usually charge per hour and you can rent them for as low as $400. (All data from

What type of affordable venues can I book for my wedding reception?

Honestly, any venue can be transformed into the ideal space of your dreams! The most popular and inexpensive wedding venues are restaurants, bars, warehouses, lofts, and gardens. But don’t stop with those choices because spaces like art galleries, museums, or even zoos have more competitive prices. So they are definitely worth considering!

What’s the best time to secure a wedding venue in Chicago?

Every wedding expert will tell you that the whole venue-hunting process should start as early as possible to give you plenty of time to read through the offers, compare them, reach managers and appoint sightings in the venues that have caught your eye. Usually, the couples secure their dream venue at least one year, or even one and half years earlier.

Can you recommend some affordable wedding venues in Chicago?

Sure thing! Below you can find our favs that are both charming and affordable!

The Study at University of Chicago - A bright and spacious space with an elegant heart is the ideal space for those who want to enjoy an original wedding setting.

Sky Garden at Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown - Dreaming of a unique wedding on a budget? This charming and lush indoor garden will help you achieve that!

Combined Rooms at Alpine Banquets - If you're planning a large but affordable wedding, this venue is a perfect pick.

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