Cheap Banquet Halls for Rent in Washington, DC

Cheap Banquet Halls for Rent in Washington, DC

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Top Cheap Banquet Halls in Washington, DC

Book one of the best cheap banquet halls in Washington, DC, for your next gathering! Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or birthday party, we list plenty of affordable function halls to choose from Forest Hills, on the Waterfront or in the north of the city in areas like Friendship Heights. These banquet halls offer versatile event spaces and excellent amenities at budget-friendly prices, ensuring that your next event is both memorable and cost-effective. From Capitol Hill to Georgetown, explore your options on our platform and find the perfect banquet hall that suits your needs and preferences!

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FAQs about Cheap Banquet Halls in Washington, DC

Do cheap banquet halls in Washington, DC allow external catering?

Not all cheap banquet halls in DC allow external catering, but many do! While some venues have exclusive partnerships with in-house caterers, others offer the flexibility of letting you choose your own. Hiring external vendors can be more cost-effective, especially if you have specific dietary needs or a preferred cuisine! However, be aware that there could be corkage or cake-cutting fees or restrictions on the types of food and beverages that can be brought in. It's always a good idea to discuss these details with the venue management beforehand to ensure a smooth and hassle-free event planning process. 

Are there cheap banquet halls that will fit 100 people in Washington, DC?

Absolutely! Finding banquet halls for 100 guests in D.C. without breaking the bank is definitely possible. Look beyond the traditional hotel ballrooms and explore hidden gems like historic buildings, art galleries, or even converted warehouses. Many smaller venues, such as community centers or local restaurants, offer affordable rental rates for hosting events. For example, Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center in College Park, Maryland, offers a spacious and affordable event hall for $275 per hour. Remember, capacity can vary depending on the layout, so clarify the maximum comfortable capacity with each venue you consider.  

Are there restaurants with banquet rooms in Washington, DC?

  • Station 4: Located near the District Wharf, this restaurant offers affordable event packages starting at $68 per person. It's known for innovative menus featuring a variety of cuisines, promising a one-of-a-kind dining experience for your guests. Additionally, it provides a stylish and modern private event space that can accommodate up to 180 guests comfortably, making it an ideal choice for larger events. 
  • Ambar Clarendon: Situated in Lyon Village, this establishment provides affordable offerings starting at $49 per person. It offers a unique and delectable dining experience for your guests, specializing in Balkan cuisine. With a capacity to accommodate up to 80 guests, it is suitable for medium-sized events. 
  • Buena Vida Gastrolounge: Within a short distance from Clarendon Metro Station, this modern Mexican restaurant features a private dining area for social gatherings. Its budget-friendly package under $40 per person and the capacity to accommodate up to 70 guests make it a fantastic option for smaller to medium-sized events.

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