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Is your Big Day almost here? Then it’s time to secure the venue of your dreams! Lucky for you, on Tagvenue we have no shortage of wedding venues in Singapore that will charm even the pickiest bride and groom. Here you will find anything from stylish to quirky or modern to traditional. You don’t believe us? Well, there’s only one way to find out — by checking out our curated list! Take our smart engines for a spin and we guarantee you will be dazzled by a wide range of fabulous venues in Downtown Core, Orchard Road and so many more exciting locations!

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Wedding Venues Hire Guide

How to plan a wedding in Singapore?

When getting your planning started, consider the type of wedding ceremony and reception that you want. Will a solemniser come to perform the ceremony? This could extend the time of the venue rental if you decide to skip the registry office. Perhaps you are considering a specific type of ceremony? Maybe an Indian, Malay or Andaz traditional wedding? These can be large and sometimes multi-day affairs that require some thorough planning. Whatever the case, ensure that you set up a budget and create an itinerary to make the whole planning process smooth and hassle-free. You will quickly decide the price range for the venue rental, as well as other important wedding elements like catering, decorations, vendors, etc. An itinerary, on the other hand, will help you to successfully manage your time, as well as give your guests a hint on what to expect at the wedding. 

Next, it’s time to start making a guest list so that you can get an idea of what size venue you will need in order to accommodate everyone comfortably. It’s best to do this as soon as possible after you start the planning process.  

After you decide on the size of the venue, think about whether you want some extra room for a dance floor or other entertainment. It’s also good to determine the type of layout you want. Do you want banquet tables or separate tables? Or perhaps you simply want to host a cocktail reception? Finally, you should also decide on the style of your event. This will have a huge impact on the type of venue you will choose.  

Remember, careful planning done well in advance will make the event a success. Apart from giving you a chance to choose an ideal venue, it will spare you a world of worry about your big day. With all of the details sorted ahead of time, you will be able to relax and focus on the most important part - celebrating your wedding with your loved ones. 

A guide to wedding venues in Singapore

Wedding venues in this city come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a more traditional wedding banquet in the Downtown Core or a waterfront ceremony to make the most of the gorgeous views, you will find something in Singapore to suit you. Start your search by determining the size of your wedding - the cost difference between planning a wedding for 20 varies greatly from a wedding for 500! Look at the wedding packages on offer very carefully, always check the price list for details and make sure to ask questions if needed.

Singapore’s smaller venues are low-key affordable options that you will not regret choosing if your budget is tight. You will find a number of function rooms and restaurants available in the Downtown Core and up along towards the Botanical Gardens. And your selection, while small, is not a boring one. Take a look at the Mint Museum of Toys in the Tanjong Pagar district, and some of the other great quirky choices on offer. 

If you are looking for an outdoor venue during Singapore’s best season, generally between February and April, consider one of the city’s many parks. The city’s Botanical Gardens are available for hire, as are places like Hort Park, Talogh Blanak Hill Park, or Fort Canning Park. These venues can sometimes offer less expensive rental fees, letting you splurge on catering or decor. They also often have an indoor area as part of the rental, allowing you to have a ceremony outside, and then enjoy a sit down meal on the inside.

If you are looking at more expensive venues, and the price is not your main concern, Singapore has many banquet halls and luxury venues that can offer an out-of-this-world experience. Hotels are a great option as well - with the added benefit of their wide range of prices and function room sizes. Consider some of the many venues along the Marina for a luxury experience and amazing views. Locations like the Asian Civilisations Museum in the Downtown Core near the waterfront or the 87,000 square feet Wheeler Estate in Seletar offer one-of-a-kind experiences for the right budget.

As you can see, Singapore offers an array of affordable wedding venues in different styles and sizes. And do you know the best part? You can find them all on our list! We’ve selected only the best options, so we’re more than sure that you’ll find your ideal setting in a matter of minutes. Sounds promising? Then what are you waiting for?!  Hop on our platform and start browsing for the dream venue now!

Wedding Venues in Singapore FAQ

What’s the best time to secure a wedding venue in Singapore?

Every wedding planner recommends beginning the whole venue-hunting process as early as possible to give you plenty of time to read through the offers, compare them, reach managers and appoint sightings in the venues that have caught your eye. Usually, couples secure their dream venue at least one year, or even one and half years earlier if the venue is much sought-after.

How much does it cost to rent a wedding venue in Singapore?

Traditional wedding venues offer per-person packages with prices ranging anywhere between $65 to $100+. The price usually includes food and drink options that you can customise. But it is also possible to rent a wedding venue, such as a restaurant, on a minimum spend basis and in Singapore expect the prices to start at $3000. When it comes to venues like lofts, warehouses, galleries, etc., they usually charge per hour and you can rent them for as low as $300 per hour. (All data from

Any tips for a wedding on a budget?

First things first, establish your wedding budget. Talk with your partner and other contributors (if there are some) and decide on the ideal cost of throwing your event.  As the venue tends to be the most expensive part of the wedding budget, once you set your budget you should then know what you can afford to spend on other elements like decorations, wedding attire, entertainment, etc. You may also consider cutting down your guest list, as more guests equals more expenses. Apart from that, try searching for a venue that looks stunning on its own. This will help you save on decorations, as the setting won’t need that many touch-ups to look awesome.

Where should I search for wedding venues in Singapore?

Try your luck in Sentosa Island, it  boasts a range of beautiful, classy wedding venues with stunning views of the water. You should also consider the central areas of Tanjong Pagar. This location, apart from classic wedding venues, offers a long list of bars, restaurants and banquet halls that are great options for those who would like to host less-traditional wedding celebrations.

Guests Reviews of Wedding Venues on Tagvenue

Bea Silvestre
Booked VIP Room at The Secret Patio
Booking this venue was truly one of the best decisions we've made for our wedding. It was simply perfect for a small, intimate wedding. The interior was simple yet sophisticated. Decor was also provided (we chose Dark Fairytale), which allowed us one less this to worry about. The venue also included the use of tables and chairs, a sound system, a television (which we opted not to use), and two microphones. The Secret Patio team were so helpful and present throughout the whole process, and even when we overlooked some details, they didn't hesitate to assist and accommodate us. Overall, we're just happy that we were able to hold our wedding here. If we had to do it all over again, we would still pick this venue. :)
Belle Toh
Booked Indoor Dining Space at Quentin's Bar and Restaurant
Great venue for a wedding! Beautiful restaurant and the staff decorated it perfectly according to my preferences. Food was very good and the wedding cake was delicious. The bar was great at making our wedding cocktails and overall, we had an awesome wedding and everyone had a great time!! Staff were easy to work with and very professional. Price is reasonable for the location and quality of food and drinks. We had a 50 pax wedding and booked the whole restaurant so there was plenty of privacy. The area outside the venue is also very pretty for photo-taking. Highly recommended for a wedding!!
Grace favorito
Booked Entire Hall at Into The Woods
Me and my husband is very grateful when we celebrated our wedding reception at into the woods. I also received a lot of affirmation and good feedback from our family and friends. The place is so beautiful. When we first visited the place, we knew already that this is the place that we really wanted, and that is why we immediately booked the venue. The owners are very nice and accommodating, all our requests were granted, very easy to communicate with them. We really had fun. It is very affordable and worth it considering the style, the design, lightning and all, this place is truly amazing. Thank you very much into the woods, looking forward to more bookings to your venue.
Ana Paula Montano
Booked Rooftop Sky Garden at Grand Park City Hall
Staff are very accommodating especially Glenn and Rico. Our wedding solemnization wouldn't be a successful event without them. Excellent service provided throughout our stay, from the checkin, during our event until checkout. There were minot hiccups but was already taken note by the manager for process improvement. Rates are very competitive. Really value for our money. The all in package was a blessing! Everyone of my guests loved the food and commended the service provided by Rico and staff on the day itself.
Anita Mohd
Booked Entire Hall at Into The Woods
I had an excellent wedding at Into the woods on the 26th Dec. The theme was like an enchanted forest. Such a great venue for a small and intimate wedding. I would definitely recommend my family and friends for any of their future events. The Venue Coordinator, Callie/Calvin are very accommodating. Overall, it was a beautiful experience, worth the $$$, without worrying about the decorations and all. Love it!
Cheng Yong Tham
Booked Luna Cafe at Luna Cafe
We held our wedding solemnisation at Luna Cafe and it was a wonderful experience. We were very happy with the whole planning process and the event itself despite the unstable COVID situation. The ambience of the cafe was cosy and romantic. The staff, Ophelia, was very responsive and helpful. she was very efficient in arranging the logistics (av, seating plan, bento) and decorations. She was also very clear about the regulations, and gave us regular updates and suggestions. We also find the wedding package very good for its value. Overall, we recommend using Luna Cafe as a venue for wedding solemnisations and other small events.

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