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Searching for meeting rooms in Singapore? You’re in the right place. With its great range of classic, unique and modern meeting rooms on offer, Tagvenue is the ideal place to begin discovering the city’s amazing venues. Check our listings for a selection of spaces, and discover a meeting room space that is perfect for you and your team. Want to know more? Compare prices, photos and reviews of all available rooms on our platform and book your favourite one online!

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Meeting Rooms Hire Guide

Singapore serves as a great hub for local and international entrepreneurs alike. Since it’s located right between the biggest and richest countries in Asia, it’s a great place to hold meetings on a local, regional and international scale. And due to its long coastline and tropical climate, it’s full of beautiful views of the Indian Ocean which you and the other attendees can enjoy during your business meeting. Don’t know much about how to hire venues in Singapore but you need a meeting room ASAP? We’ve made a detailed guide on how to look for Singapore meeting rooms and how to make your next meeting, workshop, or team building event a success.

Find the perfect meeting room for you

It used to be pretty difficult to browse and compare different meeting venues. However, thanks to Tagvenue, you have access to a smart search engine with a vast array of local meeting rooms for hire. If you’re not sure what to expect from such a service, or you don’t know what you may need from a meeting room, here’s a list of a few elements worth checking out when searching for a meeting space for your company:

  • Will the space be easy to commute to? Depending on your situation, this can mean different things. For example, if you want to have a conversation with your international partners, it would be preferable to book a meeting room in the eastern parts of the city-state, closer to the Changi Airport. But if every participant is commuting from the same building or area, you should get a meeting room as close to where you are as possible. You shouldn’t forget about accessibility, either. If you know some attendees will arrive by car, it’s nice to get a space with some dedicated parking. You can also check out the building for things like elevators or ramps if you know some of the participants are going to need them.
  • How many seats will you need? It’s always nice to have the right amount of seats. Have you ever seen commercials or movie scenes where every single seat in a board room is taken? This has an interesting purpose in the real world - if you get the size of your meeting space exactly right, everyone will feel more included and invested into the meeting, making it more productive. You can do this by creating a list of participants in advance and make sure you know exactly how many people will attend your meeting before you hire your meeting room.
  • What’s your budget for the meeting? Most of this budget will be taken by the venue hire, so you can either base your overall budget on the general price tag you see for meeting rooms of the size you need, or just filter out all the venues for your specific price range. When it comes to the payment model, most of them follow one of two options. In the former case, they will charge you a specific amount every hour or offer a 4-hour session deal (which will turn out cheaper if you’re planning a longer meeting). Some of the other venues, however, will follow a “per person” model in which you are charged for every attendee, usually with a minimal seat requirement in place.
  • How long will your meeting be? If this is just a short, ordinary meeting, then it shouldn’t be longer than 1 hour, but most of the time you will want to hire a separate meeting room for something like important negotiations or important presentations. Depending on your company’s procedures, these could last for many hours, and you should be preparing accordingly. Most importantly, you should ensure you have time for at least one break in the middle of the meeting, hopefully in a breakout area so that everyone can get some rest. Also, you should make sure you have access to facilities such as bathrooms or air conditioning. 
  • Should you provide food and drinks? No matter the length and size of the meeting, everyone will appreciate it if you provide some water. But if you’re after a longer meeting, you may at the very least consider offering some snacks. If you’re having some important guests or business partners that you want to impress -  a full blown catered meal or buffet line is the option for you. Before you start searching for catering firms, though, ask your venue manager if they provide such a service in-house or if they have a trusted caterer they prefer to use.

Guide for running your first business meeting 

Is this your first time organising a meeting or sales pitch from scratch? It’s alright, Tagvenue is here to help you every step of the way so that your next project can end up a huge success. With a good amount of planning and some of our tips and tricks, you can prepare and carry out this meeting stress-free. In order for you to be sure you'll have everything you need, here's everything you should remember when running a business meeting in Singapore.

When it comes to planning the meeting, first you should be aware of the type of meeting this is supposed to be. A good meeting must always have a specific rationale for why it is a full-blown session rather than a phone call or email. If you’re looking to organise a longer quarterly meeting, this could be a list of goals and objectives to be met. Just make sure to be realistic about how much time different elements could take, as not giving an important issue enough time to be discussed could derail the meeting completely.

Next, you should get a full list of attendees and make sure you know the role of each of them in the meeting. If it’s not necessary for them to attend, simply don’t invite them - it’s better than having someone feel bored or left out because they can’t contribute anything to the meeting. Unless it’s a pitch or presentation meeting, it’s good to keep the headcount relatively small, as people tend to be more productive in smaller groups.

Then it’s time to make an agenda. Everyone who needs to pitch or present something should be aware of when their part is coming up, and how much time they have for it. That way everyone can prepare accordingly, making your meeting that much more smooth and organised. By then you should also know how much time you should dedicate to this meeting - make sure you get just a little excess time - just in case there are lots of questions or something drags on for too long.

After you’ve gathered all the info and planned your meeting, you should start thinking about what type of space you would want for it. Think of everything we mentioned above, and start playing with our smart search engine to see what you can find. If you want to be sure to have a nice experience, you can check out a list of our local Supervenues, which are venues that have very good reviews and high hospitality standards. After you find a few meeting rooms that could potentially work for you, simply just contact the venue manager in order to find out more about the space and potentially meet up to sign the rental agreement.

Another thing you should do is to make sure you have everything set up and ready. Figure out how (and if) you want to do catering or set up some games and activities during the break. Prepare your presentation, if you have one lined up, and make sure everyone else will have everything they need. Remember to ask what can be provided by the venue so that you have a list of expectations ready for the manager. Make a final checklist in order to be sure everything will be ready.

If you’re stressed out about this ordeal, don’t worry - with proper planning you can be sure that your next meeting, presentation or sales pitch will turn out great. Just bring in your best self and make sure everyone is happy from the very beginning. It's also reasonable to enlist help when possible, especially if the meeting is important for your company's interests.

Best areas for meetings in Singapore 

Singapore is a very diverse city state. If you can’t quite figure out which area would be best for your meeting, here are some of the best spots for meeting venues in Singapore so that you can choose the area that will suit you best:

  • Downtown Core & Civic District - Stretching across both sides of the Singapore River, the city’s Downtown Core is a bustling area featuring non-stop activity and business. You can find a great variety of stylish, modern meeting rooms situated next to historic locations in the Civic District, beautiful spaces with picturesque views in the Marina Centre, or bespoke presentation and conference facilities in Bras Basah. This eclectic area appeals to both corporate and startup crowds and is the ideal place to begin your meeting room search. The Downtown Core is certainly an area that welcomes all manner of group-sizes, demographics, and businesses. Connected by main streets such as Esplanade Drive and New Bridge Road, as well as several subway links, it’s also convenient to navigate.
  • Orchard - Slightly outside the Downtown Core, Orchard Road is Singapore’s retail haven and one of its most vibrant streets. Stretching for 2.2km, you’ll find hotels all along the route, with professional meeting spaces, stylish salons, and organised drawing rooms. Suited more towards corporations, or important business meetings, the area nevertheless still caters to all group sizes and is well connected with the rest of the city.
  • Geylang Serai – Located slightly outside the city centre, this is an area of great street food and thriving markets and bazaars. The diverse nature of this area is also presented through its interesting set of meeting rooms and venues. With corporate style places being replaced by cheaper, more laid-back, and funkily decorated spaces. Offering more scope for customisation, and plenty of open space to play with, these venues are great for a variety of different meetings. From product launches, awards ceremonies, presentations or discussions, there’s plenty of options available. Ideally suited to smaller offices, companies and startups, add some flair to your next meeting with a great venue in this lively area.
  • HarbourFront and Sentosa Island - In beautiful waterside and beach locations, there’s a small handful of refined and multi-purpose meeting rooms on offer. Including plush meeting areas in Siloso Beach, that can double up as corporate dinner, presentation and awards ceremony locations. Consider the area’s stylish suites and dining halls for a meeting over dinner, or even discuss business over a round of golf. Over by the HarbourFront, there’s a small amount of contemporary and flexible meeting areas that can suit gatherings of any nature, and any crowd size.

Meeting Rooms in Singapore FAQ

How much does a meeting room in Singapore cost?

Prices for meeting rooms in Singapore usually range between $20 and $150 per hour. If you want to go for a per person package, expect to pay somewhere around $40 to $80. All prices may vary depending on the area, size of the venue, and time of day you need your hire for. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Can I host hybrid meetings in Singapore meeting rooms?

Yes! Many of the venues will specify that they’re ready to host virtual or hybrid meetings, but you can always ask the venue manager if they have the right equipment, such as conference microphones, high speed internet connection and a video screen.

What are the business hours for hiring meeting rooms in Singapore?

Most meeting rooms in Singapore are available sometime between 8:00 and 18:00. However, many of the venues offer evening time frames as well. You can find a meeting room venue for as late as 22:00. Remember that in some cases, prices may vary between different times of the day.

What kind of equipment should I expect in a Singapore meeting room?

The baseline for a meeting room in Singapore is a large table, a set of chairs or seats, and some sort of a projector system. In many cases you can also expect things like AC, some office supplies for note taking, whiteboards, and more. Check out the venue page of your meeting room for more details.

Guests Reviews of Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Evelyn Yeo
Booked Conference Room in Tampines at DANAMIC
I highly recommend! A lot of care was put in to ensure we had a clean and comfortable place to hold our meeting. All the small details made a huge difference and we had a wonderful experience. A smart office with very nice decor; functional, well kept and clean. Danish was very responsive right from the start, answered all our questions, and saw to our every need. Brandon was super nice and friendly, and offered help with our photoshoot. Deeply appreciate. Thanks to Danish and Brandon!
Jansen Paul Wee
Booked Seminar Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
The meeting room was really conducive for our short retreat needs. It had the basics needed, and also provided beverages. Really appreciated the pro-active communication, reaching out to us to check on what was needed for the room, and how we wanted it organised! The location was also a big plus as it was located in the CBD area.
Allan Yeo
Booked Large Meeting Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
I was looking for a venue to conduct a zoom meeting on an urgent basis and enquire using tag venue. I was plesantly surprise that Sarah answer my enquiry though it was late at night.
Cristy Ranada
Booked Sentosa Room at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
We received immediate response from Kong Weng Chow and he helped us secure a meeting room that we needed. The request was logged only about four days before the meeting and we were happy to land a meeting room when most places were full. Justin (banquet manager?) was so helpful and very, very service oriented. Thank you for the support and for taking care of our group while we were at the Holiday Inn Atrium.
Booked Meeting Room at Only U Space
Room was great for a team meeting - private, spacious, modern, with all equipment provided. Location is good too as it's very accessible - in CBD area and 1 min walk from train station. Communications with the team was smooth and very prompt, services was great. Will definitely book again!
Booked Meeting Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
Nice little space for meeting with 2-3 people. Also loved the overall vibe of the office space. Loved that the building in-charge came to drop us to the meeting room.

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