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Are you searching for some meeting rooms in Singapore that won’t break the bank? There are many great options for meeting spaces in the area, but they can get a little pricey. Luckily, Tagvenue is here to help you find affordable meeting rooms that will fulfil all of your and your company’s needs. Interested? Then check out our advanced venue search engine and get in touch with your venue manager today. Handle everything today online, and with no extra fees!

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Affordable Meeting Rooms Rental Guide

Thanks to its great connectivity and well developed business centre, Singapore is one of the best cities in Southeast Asia to do business in. Whether you represent an international company or want to organise an offline meeting with your colleagues, you can do all of that without breaking the bank. Use our smart search engine to find affordable meeting rooms ready for conferences, hybrid meetings, brainstorming, workshops and more.

How to plan a great business meeting on a budget

You don’t need a lot to make your meeting a productive and pleasant experience. With good planning and some smart tricks, you will host a fantastic business meeting at only a fraction of the price. Here is a check list of the most important things to take care of before renting a meeting room:

  • Supplies and equipment - That includes things such as paper, whiteboards, writing utensils, TV or projector, among many others. Some of them you will have to bring yourself, but you can ask your venue manager if they could provide you with a whiteboard and markers for free if you need them. To make sure you have a display for a presentation, you can use our filter function to search only for venues with one included. 
  • Remote meeting - Over the last couple of years many  meeting venues in the city-state have adapted to the need to host hybrid or remote meetings. If you need to accommodate attendees living in different countries, you should make sure the venue has a computer and a conference mic so that you can hold your meeting over Zoom or Google Meet with no issues. Good internet connection would also be quite important here.
  • Breakout space - If your meeting is going to last multiple hours, it’s nice to have a space where everyone can clear their mind for a moment. A common area outside of your workspace when everyone can rest, have a chat, or get water and snacks. If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t particularly need a breakout room - you can organise some activities and refreshments inside your meeting room. If you need some ideas, consider Tagvenue Virtual, our remote team building marketplace.
  • Seating - The closer you get to the actual amount of seats needed for your meeting, the better. You obviously don’t want to cram everyone in a tiny room, but if you opt for too large of a space, the meeting will feel less inclusive, aside from overpaying for your meeting room. This is why it’s crucial for you to create a list of the attendees and make sure you get the final headcount before you sign your rental contract.
  • Food and beverages - Even if the meeting is just an hour long, providing everyone with water is non-negotiable. For longer meetings with one or more breaks, you should prepare some food and snacks. It’s difficult to make the right decisions on an empty stomach. Make sure to consider all your options when it comes to local restaurants, catering and takeout options.

What to consider when organising a budget-friendly meeting in Singapore

First of all, you should think of the transportation options for you and everyone attending. The cheapest options include using public transport or just renting a meeting room close to your original office or house. Try your best to find an area in the city that is easily accessible to everyone attending. Locations close to Singapore’s downtown will probably be your best bet. 

Another element you should look for is if the meeting room is easy to access. If your venue is a part of a large skyscraper, does it have dedicated parking spaces? Can you access it by elevator? Does the building have additional features for people with disabilities such as ramps and Braille signs? 

Ratings are a great way of checking the quality of the service according to the other customers. It also indicates if the venue has good value for the money. When checking out guest reviews you should look for three elements: how many good ratings the venue has, what are the highlights of the meeting room according to the customers, and what are the constructive criticisms they might have.

There are also a couple of additional ways to make your meeting more affordable. For example, you can save some money by choosing the optimal deal for the length of your meeting. Renting space per hour makes the most sense for short meetings that can’t be scheduled one after another. But if your meeting is going to last multiple hours, or you can arrange multiple meetings on a single day, going for a 4-hour or full day package is usually the better deal.

Also, did you know that meeting spaces with a nice view can make the meeting more productive and memorable? Singapore offers dozens of options for affordable spaces with a nice view of the local skyline or the city’s beautiful coast.

Affordable Meeting Rooms in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent an affordable meeting room in Singapore?

Hire fees for affordable meeting rooms in Singapore should range from $8 to $120 per hour. Per person packages can be found for as low as $40 per person, and can range up to $70 per person and beyond. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are the best affordable meeting rooms in Singapore?

The best affordable meeting rooms in Singapore are:

Village Hotel Katong, atmospheric meeting spaces 15 minutes from the city in the Katong district.

The Hive Lavender, meeting spaces in a coworking space atop the Vanguard Campus Building.

Into the Woods, a quirky rustic meeting space in Chinatown.

Which Singapore districts are best for finding an affordable meeting space?

When looking for an affordable meeting space, start your hunt in the Downtown Core and the Civic District. There are many venues on offer in the streets around Anson Road and Hill Street. Make sure to also check your options around Orchard and Kallang districts - Rochor Road is a good point from which to start your search here. Easy access is important when it comes to professional spaces, which is why there are so many clustered around these areas.

How can a venue manager help me with organising my meeting?

Depending on the venue’s guidelines and policies, your venue manager can help you with multiple things. You can ask them to provide any necessary equipment for organising a presentation or an online meeting. Some venues can help you with catering, as they either have contacts with their trusted catering firms or can prepare something on their own. Ask many questions to your venue manager to see what could possibly be arranged.

Guests Reviews of Affordable Meeting Rooms on Tagvenue

Suresh Narayanan
Booked Full apartment for hire at Cosy home for video shoot
The house is a fantastic place to shoot your video. Lots of natural light and the decor is amazing. You don't have to do much to make the place look good. The host Suren was very accommodating and he made sure we had all the space and even the small things like checking if we needed space in the fridge as well, which I really appreciated.
Serena Park
Booked Boardroom at N9 Offices (Tanjong Pagar)
Comfortable place. Helpful staff. Easy to operate the TV and connect it to the laptop. Very clean environment too. Would definitely recommend this place and we have decided to make this our regular go to meeting place :)
Christopher Yit Long Tay
Booked Meeting Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
Room was clean and cool. Can't comment about the white board markers and TV provided as I did not use them. As my usage is on public holiday, the security guard was helping me with my bookings. I am already booking for my subsequent meetings there.
Jia Hui Gng
Booked Play Room (Level 3 loft) at The Common Good (TCG)
We ended up moving down to the Level 1 room instead just because Level 3 felt too crammed for a 10 pax gathering. Stefanie was very quick to respond and allowed us to shift down last minute. Kudos to her! We also ordered takeaway and just brought the food to eat at the space! Level 1 was a nice comfortable space but i can see Level 3 space fitting 5-6 people comfortably to have a chill time and play games together!
Aurora Low
Booked Meeting Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
Easy to find location. I took a weekend booking and it was nice and quiet. Appreciated the available hot water for coffee and tea, and the bottled water in the room. Washrooms nearby are clean too! Chap at the ground floor counter was friendly and helpful, as was the old uncle with a cheerful "Hello!". Room was good enough for what I needed.
Booked Large Meeting Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
1. The room with windows which i rented was clean, pleasant and bright. 2. The marker pens actually can be used (!). In many service providers' meeting rooms, a lot (if not all) the marker pens are always out of ink. 3. The location is convenient and easy to find

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