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Are you looking for a place to train a team? Or maybe a proper venue for a study group? Well, Singapore has a variety of classrooms available for rent that will make your learning a breeze. Whether it’s in Serangoon or Toa Payoh, there are a variety of available rooms with a creative and modular approach that will suit any and all of your educational needs. Whether you are hosting a corporate training for executives, or have a study group trying to cram for an exam, our smart filters will help you find just the right place. Start your search today!

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Classrooms Hire Guide

Singapore is a busy city with a high energy multi-cultural vibe. It is also an international hub for the region and as such is the site of many types of educational initiatives and corporate trainings. The city has a wide variety of venues from computer classrooms to incubators, ready to offer you the right atmosphere - and supplies - for learning.

There are classroom facilities to be found all across the city. While some rooms are offered by corporate businesses, other rooms are offered by schools. Toa Payoh is a residential district in the northern part of central Singapore. Which is why it has several educational chains that offer classroom rental. Moving south, you will encounter Serangoon, another residential district which is rich in both history and training rooms. Bugis is more centrally located, and is a popular district which is easy to reach. All 5 major MRT lines converge on this district and your attendees which be sure to make it on time. Within the Downtown Core area you will find a few classrooms for rent as well, Tagvenue’s Supervenues included. 

Things to consider while choosing a classroom:

What is the size of your group?

When looking into classroom or study room rental, you need to consider the size of the group. Everyone should have enough space for themselves - that goes without saying. Each student should be provided with a seat and a desk if it is necessary for their studies. Enter the number of students in Tagvenue’s smart filters to find the best venue matches.

Which equipment do you need?

Different types of classes need different types of classrooms. If you are planning to hold individual lessons, then a desk, two chairs and a whiteboard should be just enough. However if your plan is to hold corporate trainings, conferences or other lectures, then most likely you will need a projector and sound system. Always ask ahead of time if the venue provides them. Also, don’t forget to consider room arrangement if that is something that you have thoughts on. Remember to check if the venue provides a good quality Wi-Fi connection. Nowadays, the internet is an inseparable part of education. Many valuable teaching materials you can find right there.

Which layout would be best for your students?

There are a few layouts of a classroom. Each of them has a different purpose. Some of them may be better for individual studying, others for group projects. Choose the one that is most suitable for yours and attendees’ requirements:

Theatre, as the name says, the layout of chairs resembles that in the theatre. This type of layout is best for watching videos and presentations. Nevertheless, it is not the best solution for group projects. This type of arrangement can make it difficult for students to gather.

Classroom (Table rows) - is a standard, traditional layout of a study area. Thanks to that every student can see the teacher well and so can the teacher. It gives a teacher control of a class. This type of layout emphasizes individualistic working conditions. It works well for exams and individual work, however, it isn't good for social learning.

Perpendicular runway - is a layout where two rows face each other. It is the best solution for debates. If you are planning to divide your students into groups and encourage them to discuss conclusions they formed while working - this is the layout for you.

Workstations - the best layout for all sorts of group projects and brainstorming. If your plan is to divide the class into groups, this layout will help your students work the most efficiently. It motivates students to make social interactions and to actively participate in a lesson.

U-shaped/Horseshoe Style Seating - is suitable for large group conversations. Having students face each other is an effective way to engage them in a discussion. Additionally, this can be applied when students are asked to complete a task they have never performed before and need to follow the teacher’s instructions. If the teacher stands in the middle, everybody will be able to see him.

Conference - this is a perfect setup for art classes, and all types of classes where you need to exchange resources. One common table makes it easier to pass products from one side to the other. A common table also makes it easier to discuss big picture issues. In this way, students feel like important decision makers.

What is your budget?

Whether it’s a room for a seminar or a discussion, consider the cost. Singapore’s classrooms will suit all budgets but rental fees vary according to the size of the space and the time of day. Fees will increase over the weekend. 

Does it have enough light and air conditioning?

Remember that good lighting and air circulation in a classroom is a deal maker. A comfortable climate makes it much easier to focus and be productive. Renting a classroom with air conditioning and proper lighting is the safest option.

Classrooms in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a classroom in Singapore?

Prices for renting a classroom in Singapore depend on the type and size of the venue and the location as well. The average cost of renting a classroom in Singapore ranges from S$4 to S$535 per hour. Per hour pricing is the most common option, however some classrooms offer per session pricing. In this case, the cost of renting a classroom ranges from S$30 to S$300 (All data from Tagvenue.)

Choose the most convenient pricing for you.

What are the most popular locations for classrooms in Singapore?

Chinatown is a popular location for classrooms. Here you can find different types of classrooms with different types of layouts for different types of classes. Close to the Singapore River, you will find plenty of options of educational facilities to suit your needs as well. Don’t forget to check Downtown Core also to explore some of the best seminar rooms and teaching spaces. 

What hours are classrooms available for rent?

It depends on the venue on a day as well. However the most popular open hours are from about 8:00 to 22:00. You can check availability of particular venues on our platform. To confirm these offers however, we strongly recommend contacting the venue manager for more detailed information.

Are there any classrooms near transportation hubs?

Sure! You can find plenty of well reviewed classrooms right next to Fort Canning MRT Station. If you are looking for something in the north, check out available classrooms near Admiralty MRT StationIn fact, a few of our Supervenues are only a few steps away from Bugis MRT Station. Choose the classroom with the most convenient transport possibilities!

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