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Searching for function rooms in Singapore, but working with a budget? Don’t fret. At Tagvenue, we’ll help you uncover some of the city’s hidden gems to help you get the most value for your money. Whether you’re looking to host a birthday party, a workshop, a meeting, or a presentation, you’ll find a variety of diverse and customisable spaces at fantastic rates. So, what are you waiting for? With our smart venue finder, you can search for and compare all of the affordable function rooms that Singapore has to offer. Take our smart filters for a spin now!

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Affordable Function Rooms Hire Guide

If you’re on the hunt for bargains, we can help you narrow down your choices. Here’s our guide to Singapore’s top areas to sniff out the best deals!

A guide to Singapore’s affordable function rooms

For some of Singapore’s most affordable spaces, the Eastern district is a nice place to start. Between Geylang and the Marine Parade, you can expect to find a cool variety of flexible and multi-purpose venues. Don’t skip the galleries, studios and workshops along Ubi Avenue 1! With a bit of imagination, these can be adapted to all kinds of different events. 

Known for its great street food culture, the district also has a host of great restaurants, bars and chill-out spots in this low-key area. Suitable for both large and small crowds, prices per hour are at a maximum of S$50, and can even go as low as S$20. Elsewhere, some venues also offer straight-up rental fees, starting very cheaply at S$100, and only rising slightly to S$300.

Amongst the skyscrapers, retail stores and prestigious buildings, the City Centre and its surrounding districts should not be discounted either. Affordable deals can be found in a variety of small meeting rooms and cafes or larger suites and diners. Along major streets, such as Orchard Road, River Valley Road, and Hill Street, there are also plenty of metro and bus connections, making it a prime location. Ideal for smaller businesses or corporations on a budget, these great value venues do not stay unbooked for long. They start at around S$35 per hour and eventually rise to S$80 per hour, so be prepared to negotiate and request a range of different quotes to find the best price for you. 

Next to Keppel and the Sentosa Islands, there are yet more interesting and picturesque waterside venues that offer great rates. A more luxurious area of the city boasts boardrooms, large halls, and nicely decorated dining areas along the Harbourfront. While very nicely suited to corporations and businesses on a budget, they’re also nice if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your event. Many of the venues are open to enquiries and will also offer different quotes depending on the type of event you’d like to hold and amount of guests. In general, rental fees will start at around S$600, while per-hour fees can range between S$50 to S$100. (All data from

Now that you know where to look for the best offers, it’s time to learn how to pick the perfect venue for your function! 

Below we’ve listed some key elements you should consider to find a venue that meets your expectations or even exceeds them. 

How to pick the perfect venue for your function in Singapore 

Set a budget - Decide how much you can pay for the venue rental. It will help you narrow down your choices to only those which you can afford. You’ll avoid overspending and pick a space that offers the most at the given price range. 

Make a guest list - An estimated number of guests will help you figure out whether you need a spacious venue or a more intimate backdrop. You’ll know what you need to look for and will set your eyes only on the venues that will fit your crowd!  

Decide on your event style - What type of event you’re planning to host? A workshop, a corporate meeting or a birthday party? Are you planning to serve a sit-down dinner, or finger foods and cocktails? Perhaps a buffet would be ideal? Do you have a particular party theme in mind? When you decide on the event style, you’ll get a clear idea of what type of venues you should look for - restaurants, bars or conference centres, etc. You’ll also decide whether the decor will match your expectations.   

Pick an accessible location - Nobody likes spending too much time commuting. Take it into consideration and pick an accessible location that everyone can reach via public transport or car. Ideally, it should also have parking lots nearby for those who’d like to use a car. Otherwise, you may expect lower attendance and we bet it’s something you’d like to avoid! You can also pick a location based on what type of entertainment options are nearby. For example, if you’re hosting a meeting, you can pick a space near restaurants. That way, you can easily take the attendees for lunch once the meeting’s over. 

Check different dates - If you really want to save some coins, be flexible with the date! Check the hire prices on different dates and pick one that will help you cut costs low. Usually, prices tend to get higher from Friday to Sunday. So to avoid additional fees, consider checking weekday dates. 

Now you know how to pick the perfect and affordable venue! It’s easy, isn’t it?! So how about checking out what venues we have to offer? Hop on our platform and start browsing now.

Affordable Function Rooms in Singapore FAQ

What type of venues would work best for corporate meetings?

For corporate functions, it’s best to choose spaces that will offer you the needed privacy to discuss business matters. Luckily, we’ve got an array of meeting spaces on our platform that will help you pull off a successful meeting. You can also consider private dining rooms where you can host a meeting and eat afterwards.

Can you recommend some affordable function rooms in Singapore?

Of course! Make sure to check out Lower Ground at the Common Ground which offers funky and flexible spaces that you can change into any backdrop to fit your function. Also, be sure to check out The Dining Wall at Central, a perfect meeting point where you can also try delicious food. 

How far in advance should I book a venue for my function?

Based on our data, you should book a venue no later than 2 weeks in advance. However, we recommend browsing for venues much earlier (8 to 6 weeks in advance), as you’ll be able to thoroughly compare the offers and raise your chances of securing a space that’s a steal.

Can I ask the venue manager for a lower fee?

Of course! We always encourage negotiating the offer with the venue manager. It won’t cost you a penny and in return, you can get a lower rental fee, or benefits added to your package.

Guests Reviews of Affordable Function Rooms on Tagvenue

Lynn Zhi
Very spacious area to host an event for families with kids. We hosted an event for 130 pax and everyone loves the venue very much! Thank you!
Afrah Athasha
Booked Entire Hall at Into The Woods
Gorgeous decoration, very fast replies and super friendly staff. Hassle-free setup, done by venue. You can let them know your preference of colours and deco.
Yvonne Lim
Booked Full Office in Tampines at DANAMIC
Venue has alot of creative spaces, it made our filming very easy. Danish was very responsive and nice with all the questions and requests we had pre and during the usage of the venue. Very happy with the booking process and venue.
Shayle Tan
Booked The Haste Studio at Renticulous Studio Rental
We held our solemnization here. I like how the windows allow natural light to shine in. Wilson is very responsive and answers my queries promptly.
Yu Qi Ong
Booked Studio at The Kyt Studio
Cozy venue, spacious, ideal for a shoot. There's also food places at the first floor so it's rather convenient.

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