Therapy Rooms for Rent in Singapore

Therapy Rooms for Rent in Singapore

Elevate your proffesional event in Singapore's top therapy rooms.

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Top Therapy Rooms in Singapore

In Singapore, a sanctuary of wellness and tranquillity awaits you in the myriad of therapy rooms scattered throughout the city. If you've been on the lookout for the perfect therapy rooms here, your search ends at Tagvenue. We understand the importance of finding a serene space that aligns with your therapeutic vision – whether you need a meditative oasis or a contemporary healing suite. With Singapore’s diverse offerings, comparing and choosing becomes a breeze on our platform. Delve into our curated selection of spaces, and let Singapore’s charm lead you to the therapy room that best harmonises with your needs.

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FAQs about Therapy Rooms in Singapore

How big are the average therapy rooms in Singapore?

Therapy rooms in Singapore come in a variety of capacities, tailored to suit diverse needs. For more intimate sessions, where one-on-one or small group interactions are prioritised, rooms like O2Motivate Meeting Room at O2 Work @ Odeon Towers are ideal, accommodating up to 4 individuals. On the other hand, for larger group gatherings, such as seminars or inspiring workshops, venues like Premium Plus at RNN Conference Center Cecil Building stand out, boasting a capacity to seat up to 200 attendees. Whatever your requirement, Singapore offers therapy rooms that can cater to both personal and expansive sessions.

What are the best areas in Singapore for renting a therapy room?

Singapore offers various locales catering to different needs when it comes to therapy room rentals:

  • Orchard Road: Located at the heart of Singapore, Orchard Road is not only a shopping paradise but also hosts a myriad of therapy rooms. Given its central location, it's easily reachable by public transport. Prices here can be on the higher side due to the prime location, but the convenience factor may make it worth the premium.
  • Bugis: This is a cultural and contemporary area, boasting both historical landmarks and modern facilities. Being centrally situated, Bugis has become a favourite for professionals seeking therapy rooms, especially for those wanting modern amenities in a culturally rich setting. The MRT station nearby ensures easy reachability.
  • Raffles Place: Located in the Central Business District (CBD), Raffles Place is ideal for professionals looking for a more corporate setting. Therapy rooms here are often equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, making them suitable for upscale clients or corporate sessions. Prices are competitive, and given its positioning in the CBD, it's highly accessible for professionals working nearby.
  • Tanjong Pagar: This area has seen rapid development in recent years, Tanjong Pagar offers therapy rooms with a modern touch. It's a balanced location in terms of pricing and is particularly favoured by startups and budding professionals. Its connectivity through the MRT makes it a convenient choice.
  • Holland Village: For those looking for a more relaxed vibe, Holland Village is the perfect pick. The therapy rooms here often have a more laid-back and homely feel, making them ideal for less formal sessions. The area is well-connected and offers a range of pricing options to cater to both upscale and budget-friendly needs.

The best area to rent a therapy room in Singapore largely depends on your specific needs, budget, and desired ambiance. Whether you're looking for a corporate setting or a more intimate space, Singapore has a locale that fits the bill.

What are some great therapy rooms in Singapore?

  • Room 1 at Vislas Academy - Located at 1 Marine Parade Central, #03-05, this newly furnished therapy room offers the perfect setting for intimate group sessions or workshops. With a seating capacity ranging from 10 to 14 people, the flexibility of the layout ensures a tailored fit for your requirements. Equipped with a whiteboard, high-speed WiFi, and a portable projector, this venue caters to both therapeutic sessions and corporate gatherings. Moreover, a speaker system and refreshments can be availed upon request, ensuring a comfortable and conducive environment for all attendees.
  • Studio Two at Mindful Space - Situated at 10 Winstedt Road, this versatile therapy room and event space can accommodate up to 20 guests, depending on the seating configuration. This room adapts to your needs, from classroom-style setups to a flexible option with yoga mats. Air-conditioned for your comfort and equipped with a sound diffuser, TV, and a flip chart, this space guarantees a seamless session.
  • Event and Meeting Space at Attic 113 - A versatile space awaits you at 8a Canton Street, 2nd Floor, Singapore. With a seating capacity for up to 21 guests, the room offers a distinctive extendable table, and comfortably seats 12. Ideal for varied therapeutic group meetings, the room also has a range of modern amenities. From a private bathroom and air conditioning to a kitchen equipped with the latest appliances, the venue ensures a pleasant experience. The added touch of a projector, Bluetooth microphone, and an assortment of board games provides an enriching atmosphere for both relaxation and productivity.

Guest Reviews of Therapy Rooms on Tagvenue

Neo C.
Booked Karaoke + Event Room at All In One (BGL)
This is my second time here and I think this is the perfect place for team building. Do check it out!
Esther C.
Booked Full Office in Tampines at DANAMIC
Excellent hospitality, me and my staffs we genuinely touched by how Brandon was super sincere and caring, I would love to recommend DANAMIC office for everyone :)
Christopher T.
Booked Meeting Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
The service support team is active and helpful to ensure that their client is well taken care of. Kuddos to the team at N9 offices. (Nehsons Buildings)
Christopher T.
Booked Meeting Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
It was pleasant to have someone lead me and my client to the room and let us know the restroom and pantry location. Thumbs up. Will booked the place again.
Eileen L.
Booked Marina Bay Meeting Room at Ucommune Singapore Bugis
Chunyan was very helpful in giving directions to the place, answering queries and providing us with markers! Thank you! The office was lovely as well!!
Santosh K.
Booked Cassia at Metropolitan YMCA Singapore
The staff were very accommodating, kind and welcoming :) They were very patient and timely with their response.
Bhavik B.
Booked Boardroom at N9 Offices (Tanjong Pagar)
Great room, very accessible location. The room is bright and tidy. Booking was hassle free. The markers were working. There’s water, hot and cold. Various teas and a Nespresso machine. Bring your own pods :)
Mario F.
Booked Meeting Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
Both receptionists were extremely helpful during the booking process and providing support during our office stay.

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