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Ready to take your photo shoots to the next level? Renting a photo studio can help you elevate your images without the need to purchase a bunch of expensive equipment. Whether you’re just an amateur photographer, or take pictures for a living, you’ll appreciate the high standards of Singapore’s photo studios. Tagvenue will help you compare all the different options available for rent so that you will be able to get into your studio and start snapping photos in no time!

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Photo Studios Rental Guide

Singapore photo studios offer a lot of versatility for beginner and professional photographers alike. You can hunt for spaces dedicated to photography or multi purpose creative studios in many different sizes. Simple spaces for a portrait photography business, and large studios for commercial photography can both be found all over the city-state.

There are many reasons why you might need to rent a photo studio. Maybe you want to try out a new idea that you saw on social media, treat your closest ones to a wholesome photo session or take pictures to introduce a new product to the market. However, at the end of the day, the finding and booking part of any of these events is essentially the same. But if you are only starting with studio photography, renting a venue may feel difficult. Let us guide you through the process of organising a photo shoot from the beginning to the end, and along the way, we’ll share a few of our favourite tips on how to plan a photo session without unnecessary stress.

Tips & tricks on how to plan a photo shoot

If you’re trying to organise a professional photo session in Singapore, the task may seem daunting at first. However, using Tagvenue will make it seem like a breeze! We’ve thought of everything that goes into planning a photo shoot and created a concise list so that you can start working on your project in a flash. Here’s a step by step guide on what you need to do before you get to your studio:

  • Decide on your concept and goal. Every creative endeavour starts with a general idea that will determine the path of the process. A photo shoot without a clear direction is simply a waste of your time and money, so this step is a crucial one. If you are planning an artistic photo shoot, create a colour palette and a mood board to support your concept. Your mood board can include everything from poses and props, to makeup and hairstyles. If other people can get your idea when looking at the board, you’ve done your job right. This extra organisational step will ensure that the session goes smoothly. If you are holding a product or food photo shoot, you might require some special props and backgrounds that will help make the subject stand out. In photo sessions like these, every detail matters, as it communicates to potential customers how they should feel about the product.
  • Pick the perfect photo studio. As you may have noticed, there are many amazing photo studios on the market. However, browsing through a wide selection and trying to pinpoint the one that is perfect for you doesn’t have to feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack! After establishing your concept, you will have a better idea of what your photo studio should have - maybe you are in need of a colourful background, a lot of daylight or some specific props. This will all make it easier to narrow down your search. Choosing the right studio with the right equipment and setting will save you extra work and cost overruns as you won’t need to hire things from elsewhere. If you don’t fancy getting a photographer, you can always check out some self-photo studios instead. Self-photo studios come complete with all the equipment to take amazing photos by yourself. If you feel anxious taking photos in front of people, this could be the perfect solution!
  • Prepare a schedule and session plan. Even if you don’t work with multiple models and crew members, it’s good to write a plan for yourself to make sure you’re on schedule and using your studio time efficiently. Make a list of any small tasks you need to complete before the session starts such as setting up lighting, choosing the right backdrop, and arranging your shot. Think of how much time you need to take one type of photo and try to stay on schedule during the shoot. When arranging the shoot itself, make sure the model’s wait is as short as possible, especially if you have multiple clients lined up. It’s good to give yourself a break in the middle of the session - you will perform way better with a clear mind.
  • Make sure you have the right equipment. Depending on what type of photo shoot you’re planning, you will likely need a specific type of equipment to achieve the look you desire. You can switch between shooting with different lenses and configurations for different effects. Remember to ask your venue managers about possible options for things such as additional backdrops, cameras, lights, tripods, or other studio equipment. There are also many ways to experiment that don’t require expensive gear, but just a few household items and some imagination. It’s important to remember about the little things, too - what if you run out of batteries? Always remember to bring any extras or accessories that you might conceivably need, and if you do run out of something you may check to see if the venue can provide it..
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere. This step is particularly important if you aren’t working with professional models. Regular people are more inclined to feel uncomfortable in front of a camera. However, in both cases, it is a great practice to play some music to set the mood and give your models an opportunity to relax and bring some natural movement into the picture. If the shoot is long, make sure to provide water, snacks and other refreshments to keep everyone fresh and in the mood.
  • Know when to step out of the box. In some cases, it is important to follow strict format parameters, however, you should also be aware of when something is working and when it is not. If your model is stiff and your photos are coming out awkward and unnatural, you can try to help them out by suggesting different poses or movements. If your vision isn’t coming to life exactly as you wanted, don’t be afraid to change up the original concept on the go! Remember that many masterpieces are the result of spontaneity and on the spot innovation.

Things to consider when renting a photo studio in Singapore:

Because Singapore has a variety of professional photo studios to offer, looking for what you need may seem like a chore. If you feel troubled or overwhelmed by the whole process, it won't be that way for long! We’ve made a list of things to remember that will help you compare all the little elements that come together for the perfect photo studio for you:

  • Rental cost. Most photo studios in Singapore charge for rental by the hour. It’s important for you to know both the amount of time you wish to spend in the studio as well as your budget for the whole session. If you plan accordingly, you will quickly get the general idea of how much to spend for the type of studio you need. 
  • Availability. If you check in with the studio and book it early, there’s a much better chance you’ll be able to rent your studio for any time you want. Contact the manager of the venue you’re interested in, schedule a meeting to make sure you’ll have everything you need, and make your  decision as early as possible. If you’re working with multiple people, you should take their schedules into consideration as well - ask them if they can make it to the studio, check their commute in advance, and if you think you should change the rental time to a different one, do it as quickly as possible.
  • Space. There’s a couple of things you should consider before you decide on the perfect amount of studio space you need. First, calculate the amount of people you’re going to work with. Models, crew members and producers all need space to work properly, so for a large scale commercial production, a big blank canvas space or warehouse are your best bet. Also, how much equipment are you going to need? If you have some additional lights, cameras or props to set up in the studio, you should search for an appropriately sized venue.
  • Location. It’s important to check out the location of your studio, especially if you expect a lot of people to commute there from all over the city state. If you want to advertise yourself as a family or portrait photographer, it’s smart to find a studio in a central, well connected location, such as Civic District or Rochor. Also, you should take a look at the map and check out the stores, services, and transport options available nearby. Who knows when you’ll need food catering, additional equipment, or a transport company. 
  • Equipment. What type of gear are you going to need for your shoot? You should think beyond just the camera and lighting. If you’re taking photos of a product, make sure it’s new, clean and unscathed. You should also plan out the shot and buy some props for a nice arrangement. Make sure to buy or rent an appropriate lens for the type of photos you want to take. For example, professionals usually go for macro lenses when shooting products, because it helps to make the product pop on the final photo without distorting its proportions.
  • Additional help. Many local studios offer services of a professional studio photographer either with the rental, or for an extra fee. If you’re a beginner, a perspective of a more experienced photographer could prove very useful to you. Even if you are a professional, exchanging ideas and advice with someone who knows what they’re doing may be just the thing you need when trying to get that perfect shot. Even if you’re just looking for a lighting specialist or crew member, the studio can either help you find one, or just set up the light for you before you get into the studio.

The 5 most popular photo studios in Singapore:

The Kyt Studio is an open-concept studio from the Woodlands with a professional shooting space. It features lots of natural light and a range of lighting and backdrop options for a great price.

Urban Aperture Studio is a production space with one bare and one fully furnished studio. It features a seamless white-out set, a dedicated changing room and tons of open space to accommodate everyone involved. You can find it on Shaw Rd., close to the Tai Seng area.

The Hive Studios is a warehouse space split into three distinct studios, perfect for any kind of photo shoot - from modelling shoots, to family photos. You can find it in Kallang, just a short walk away from Aperia Mall.

The Haste Studio by Renticulous is a unique and creative space with top-notch equipment. If you’re looking for a natural-looking set with lots of versatility, this studio is a great option for you. It’s just a few hundred meters away from Macpherson Station.

Studio Three Sixteen is a Geylang known for its 5-metres tall windows that provide incredible natural light. It features both a furnished set that can be used as a lounge area, and a huge studio backdrop.

Photo Studios in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a photo studio in Singapore?

Each studio offers a different rate depending on the equipment they provide you with, the size of the space, the amount of time you want to rent the studio for and even the day of the week! The price including the essential equipment usually starts at $30 per hour and can go as high as $90 per hour. If you’re going to need any specialised equipment for your shoot, remember to ask your venue manager about additional rental options for camera or studio gear. (All data from

What is the essential equipment a photo studio should have?

A professional studio usually lists all available equipment so that clients are aware of what is included and what they need to bring themselves. There are usually several types of studio lights available, including reflectors, which help you manipulate the warmth of the lighting, and softboxes, which create a light more suitable for portraits. Most studios will offer a standard, white or black background, or even a full set of backdrops in a variety of colours.

In which Singapore districts can I find the best photo studios?

Singapore is home to an abundance of great photo studios, all located throughout the city-state. If convenience and easy accessibility are most important to you, you will find the majority of venues in the Central Region. There are many different studios to discover in this area, starting with those in the Alexandra and River Valley districts, as well as ones along Victoria Street. There are also several professional studio venues in the Rochor and Kallang districts. Continuing east, the Gelang and Kampong Ubi districts are excellent location choices, as they are a hub of creative and photo studios, all in the proximity of the Paya Lebar Road. The Northern Region also offers several cool photography studios you can check out, especially in the Sembawang or the Simpang district.

How do I rent a photo studio in Singapore?

Starting completely from scratch when looking for a venue can seem like an intimidating task, but the good news is - you don’t have to! There are many sites, including Tagvenue, that can do the research for you and simply present you with the end results. You can even filter spaces by price, location and other parameters! After you find the perfect studio for you, all you need to do next is to click the ‘Enquire now’ button and book the space for your photo session fast and easy.

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hannah huang
Booked Our Studio Space (Level 1) at Our Studio Space
Staff was super friendly and helpful. The studio is very nice. Cozy and bright. Loved the natural light there. We didn’t have any professional cameras but we had lots of fun there. the place was very lovely bright , would definitely go back next time! Thanks for all the help.
Booked The Studio at Studio Hanatics
Gary responded fast to my messages, communication was easy. Checking in was a breeze as well. Parking was available at the building, minimal walk from carpark to the studio. Needed the studio for yoga photography, equipment and facilities were well-suited for us. Would book again!
Leon Lim
Booked The Studio at H2 Studio
The studio owner was very friendly and obliging. The place is very clean and well air-conditioned. The set-up was very quick as the studio owner was there to assist with set-up. The lighting provided was more than adequate for a shoot.
Booked The Haste Studio at Renticulous Studio Rental
I did a family portrait session for half day here .friendly staffs ( Mr sam ), the place is perfect beautiful and a lot of props to use .
Booked The Haste Studio at Renticulous Studio Rental
The location was good and the studio had everything we needed. Wilson was responsive to our request and the experience was fuss free.
Tim Denoon
Booked 10m-wide Green Screen Studio at CCube Studio Weave
Excellent facilities Shawn, thank you. Also, really nice friendly people at Studio Weave. A great time.

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