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Considering its growth as a business hub, finding excellent corporate event venues in Edinburgh has never been easier – especially if you have a look at our search options and plug in your preferences. It doesn’t matter if you need to host a year end bash for your employees at Edinburgh Castle, a mixer at the Edinburgh zoo, team building activities at the local improv theatre in New Town, host industry leaders at a fancy hotel in West End, put on a giant show at a convention centre or an event venue even more unusual, we’ve got you covered.

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Corporate Event Venues Hire Guide

What are some good options for corporate event venues in Edinburgh?

Even something as simple as getting outside the business centre at the hotel nearest Edinburgh’s airport will generally get your attendees more excited, but what are some great ideas for hosting corporate events around the city? 

Starting in Edinburgh’s historic Old Town (to either wow your out of town guests or to just add a touch of class to normal proceedings), you’ll have your choice of bars, restaurants, hotels, and studios that are happy to hire out their private event spaces. 

You’ll also find a selection of academic and municipal venues that have well appointed and spacious options, such as the Royal Society of Edinburgh. They will also have a great deal of experience hosting large scale events. 

Theatres and assembly rooms are worth a look, especially if you’re looking to make one thing a central focus at your event (you can’t beat a stage for a panel discussion). Look into museums and art galleries as well, you’ll often find a great deal of choice in size, price and amenities.

Hotels venues offer a good deal of entertainment for your guests for multi-day events (nothing beats holding an event at a hotel with a good spa attached).

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