Christmas Party Restaurants in London

Christmas Party Restaurants in London

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Top Christmas Party Restaurants in London

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays in London? Our curated listings of the city's most popular Christmas party restaurants are here to help, whether you're organizing a year-end work soirée, festive drinks reception, or family-friendly gathering. Selecting your ideal Christmas dinner spot has never been easier. From elegant hotel dining rooms and snug pubs to budget-friendly eateries and trendy hotspots, we've handpicked the best options for you this festive season. Don't delay – secure your perfect venue for a memorable Christmas dinner in London today!

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Christmas Party Restaurants Hire Guide

The holiday season is upon us once more, and everyone is eager to celebrate! Indulging in these festive dinners is all about embracing fantastic feasting. There's something magical about sharing a communal meal - it brings people together, whether you're sipping on mulled wine, savoring a golden roasted turkey, or indulging in traditional Christmas pudding. 

While Christmas parties are joyous occasions, the planning process can feel overwhelming. But fear not! With a bit of guidance and organization, you can turn daunting tasks into delightful festivities.

How do you organise a fantastic Christmas party celebration in London?

Plan ahead - With the year's end and big Christmas festivities ahead, December is a hectic time. You don't want to rush around at the last minute trying to find decorations or invitations for your guests, so plan your Christmas party well ahead of time. By starting early, you will have the benefit of choosing from a vast number of festive and fun restaurants in London to find the ones you like the most and not choose from what's left. You may also get early-bird discounts if you plan to hire a venue or other outside vendor.

Send out invitations - Do it early enough for people to RSVP before their calendars fill up for December. Once you know how many people will attend your Christmas gathering you will be able to decide how much food and drink needs to be ordered as well as what kind of additional entertainment you may need. If you’re organising an office party, make sure all members of your team or organisation are invited and you don’t leave anyone out by accident.

Pick the right venue - Decide on a fun Christmas party restaurant that will work well for everyone attending. If you’re hosting a corporate party, look for a venue near your office so everyone knows the area. For a friendly get-together, look for a spot that each of your friends can reach easily. Make sure the venue has full disabled access.

Decide on the menu - During Christmas, classics like stuffed turkey and Christmas pudding reign supreme, offering timeless delights. Yet, for those craving a twist, consider exploring Christmas dining venues with special menus or opt for a restaurant serving international cuisines. For larger gatherings, a buffet-style meal offers versatility, allowing guests to select their preferences and start dining upon arrival, eliminating the need to wait for everyone to be served.

Choose the decorations - Decorations can really set the tone for any event and if yours is going to be during the festive season then there are plenty of options which you can choose from! You'll find everything from wreaths and garlands, lights and tinsel and even Christmas trees! If you’re throwing a themed party (which might be a great idea!) choose decorations according to the decided theme.

There are lots of ways you can celebrate the festive season, but here are some of our favourite party ideas!

The best ideas for Christmas parties in London

  • Murder Mystery - Discover your inner Agatha Christie and organise a murder mystery night. It’s a fun game that can start right as the guests arrive at the party restaurant and can continue through the meal. While being fun it’s a great mental exercise and if you decide on playing it for a corporate party it can serve as a great team-bonding experience (even if one of you is ‘murdered’!).
  • Secret SantaAfter finalizing your guest list, kick off the festive fun with a Secret Santa exchange. Set a budget for each participant and decide whether to assign giftees in secret or opt for neutral gifts for entertaining games during the Christmas dinner. As the host, it's wise to have an extra gift on hand for any last-minute attendees, ensuring everyone feels included in the holiday cheer.
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition - Embrace the timeless charm of a modern classic – the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. While it may seem whimsical for a corporate event, it's an excellent way to infuse a relaxed atmosphere. Picture your CEO sporting an outrageous holiday sweater! Engage attendees with a secret vote for the most 'stylishly ugly' outfit, adding a playful twist to the festivities.
  • Awards Ceremony - Recognizing individuals with 'Best of' awards is a delightful way to celebrate camaraderie, whether among friends or colleagues. These accolades needn't solely spotlight work achievements but can instead highlight each person's positive contributions throughout the year. Get creative with categories like 'Warmest Smile' or 'Cheesiest Jokes' to add a heartwarming and personal touch to the festivities, fostering a sense of appreciation and unity among attendees.
  • Christmas Karaoke - Revitalize the cherished tradition of carol singing with a modern twist by hosting a karaoke party. Mix traditional carols with popular holiday tunes to ensure everyone can join in on the fun. Karaoke offers a relaxed atmosphere suitable for office gatherings, friendly get-togethers, or family functions, appealing to all ages. Many Christmas party restaurants offer equipment for karaoke sessions, making it easy to turn any venue into a festive singing sensation!

Top 10 Christmas party themes for London restaurants 

During the festive season, restaurants across London transform into enchanting venues, catering to every imaginable type of celebration. From intimate gatherings to grand festive banquets, London's Christmas party restaurants offer many opportunities to elevate your holiday events. Follow along as we delve into the top 10 Christmas party themes for London restaurants.

  • Traditional British Christmas - Embrace the quintessence of a British Christmas with a classic theme that celebrates the rich traditions of the holiday. Think of a Dickensian feast with roast turkey, mince pies, and Christmas pudding. Decorate with holly, ivy, and mistletoe, and create a warm, inviting atmosphere with a roaring fireplace and carolers singing traditional songs. This theme is perfect for those looking for a nostalgic celebration that captures the essence of Christmas in London.
  • Winter Wonderland - Transform your chosen venue into a magical Winter Wonderland with sparkling snowflakes, icicles, and shimmering white lights. A monochromatic colour scheme of whites and silvers, with hints of blue, creates a striking but elegant setting. Offer guests mulled wine upon arrival to warm them from the winter’s chill. This theme is ideal for creating a mesmerising and sophisticated Christmas party atmosphere.
  • Victorian Christmas Market - Inspired by the historical Christmas markets of Victorian London, this theme brings the charm of yesteryear to life. Set up small market stalls within the restaurant, offering traditional crafts, seasonal treats, and perhaps even a mulled wine stand. Entertainment could include Victorian carolers and magicians, with staff dressed in period costumes to complete the immersive experience.
  • Nutcracker Fantasy - Celebrate the magic of Christmas and the beauty of Tchaikovsky's famous ballet with a Nutcracker-themed party. Decorate with ornate nutcrackers, ballet slippers, and a palette of rich golds, deep reds, and lush greens. Incorporate elements of the ballet into your entertainment with classical music and a short performance. This theme is perfect for a sophisticated, enchanting Christmas celebration.
  • Festive Film Frenzy - For a fun and casual party theme, turn your restaurant into a homage to classic Christmas films. Each area could represent a different movie, from the whimsical ‘The Snowman’ to the comedic ‘Home Alone’. Screen snippets of these films as your guests are served dishes inspired by scenes from these films. Encourage guests to dress as their favourite Christmas movie characters.
  • Around the World Christmas - Celebrate the diversity of Christmas traditions with a global theme. Decorate each restaurant area to represent different countries and their Christmas customs. From the bright lights of a New York Christmas to the festive markets of Germany and the beachside holidays of Australia, this theme offers a unique way to explore global festivities.
  • Sustainable Christmas - With an increasing focus on sustainability, a green Christmas party is both timely and thoughtful. Use recycled materials for decorations, opt for a plant-based menu, and minimise waste wherever possible. This theme not only celebrates the festive season but also embodies the spirit of giving back to the planet.
  • Gatsby Glamour - Transport your guests to the roaring twenties with a Great Gatsby-themed Christmas party. Think opulence and luxury with a black, gold, and white colour scheme, and feathers, pearls, and sparkling lights. Jazz music, flapper dresses, and vintage cocktails will make for a glamorous and festive celebration.
  • Christmas Craft Ale and Food Pairing - For a more modern take, focus on London's burgeoning craft ale scene. Pair local brews with artisanal dishes, creating a menu highlighting London's best gastronomic offerings. Decorate with hops and barley, and offer a tasting session or brewery tour as part of the event.
  • Fairy Tale Christmas - Finally, opt for a fairy tale Christmas for a truly magical theme. This theme allows for many interpretations, from a ‘Frozen’ inspired icy kingdom to an ‘Enchanted Forest.’ Use whimsical decorations, fairy lights, and elements from beloved stories to create a dreamlike setting.

Whether you're looking for a traditional celebration or something more unique, these themes provide the inspiration you need to create an unforgettable Christmas event in London.

Gift ideas and party favours for your guests

As the festive season approaches, London transforms into a wonderland of twinkling lights, festive decorations, and a joyful spirit that fills the air. It's the perfect time to host a Christmas party, whether it's a corporate celebration, a family gathering, or a festive get-together with friends. London has several options for those seeking the perfect spot to host their Christmas events. From charming historic pubs adorned with festive decorations to luxurious modern spaces offering breathtaking views of the city's skyline, the capital's Christmas party venues tend to suit every taste and budget.

However, hosting a memorable Christmas party doesn't end with selecting the perfect venue. Adding a personal touch through unique and thoughtful gift ideas and party favours for your guests can make your event stand out and show your appreciation for their attendance. Here are some exquisite gift suggestions and treats that will delight your guests and make your Christmas event in London unforgettable.

  • Customised Christmas Ornaments - Personalised Christmas ornaments can serve as a beautiful memento of the occasion. Opt for ornaments that reflect the iconic landmarks of London, such as the London Eye, Big Ben, or the Tower Bridge, customised with the event's date and name. These keepsakes will not only decorate your guest's Christmas trees for years to come but also remind them of the wonderful time spent at your event.
  • Artisan British Chocolates - Indulge your guests with a selection of fine British chocolates elegantly packaged in Christmas-designed boxes. London is home to many boutique chocolatiers offering bespoke services, allowing you to create a unique blend of flavours ranging from classic milk chocolate to more adventurous options infused with Earl Grey tea or London Gin.
  • Hand-Poured Festive Scented Candles - A hand-poured candle with scents inspired by the festive season—such as mulled wine, gingerbread, or pine and cedarwood—makes for a warm and inviting gift. Choose local London artisans who use sustainable and natural ingredients, adding a thoughtful touch to your party favour.
  • Bespoke Cocktail Kits - For a more adult-themed Christmas party, bespoke cocktail kits featuring miniatures of London's finest spirits, unique mixers, and a recipe card for a festive cocktail can be a hit. Include ingredients for cocktails that evoke the Christmas spirit, like a spiced rum punch or a cranberry gin fizz, allowing guests to recreate the magic of the night at home.
  • London-themed Eco-Friendly Tote Bags - An eco-friendly tote bag featuring whimsical designs of London's Christmas markets, ice skating rinks, or festive lights can be a practical and stylish gift. It's a wonderful reminder of the event and useful for future shopping or outings around the city.
  • Gourmet Hampers with a London Twist - Curate a hamper filled with gourmet treats sourced from London's famous food markets, like Borough Market or Portobello Road. Think fine British cheeses, artisanal bread, homemade jams with a Christmas twist, and a bottle of English sparkling wine. It's a luxurious way to bring your guests a taste of London's culinary delights.
  • Personalised Christmas Crackers - Elevate the traditional Christmas cracker by creating personalised versions for your guests by yourself. Fill them with luxury items such as miniature perfumes, high-quality chocolates, or even gift vouchers for exclusive London experiences, making the festive pop even more exciting.

In conclusion, hosting a Christmas party in London offers endless possibilities to create a festive and memorable event for your guests. By selecting a venue that captures the essence of the festive season and offering thoughtful gifts and party favours, you'll ensure your Christmas event is talked about long after the last cracker has been popped. Remember, the key to a successful event lies in the details, so take the time to choose gifts that reflect the spirit of the occasion and the unique character of London.

FAQs about Christmas Party Restaurants in London

Which types of venues are the most popular for Christmas dinners?

Restaurants are definitely first on the list when it comes to finding a spot for a Christmas party dinner. London boasts a wide range of restaurants with packages perfect for Christmas dinner for 2, or a family celebration of around 20 guests. However, if you are looking for an office Christmas dinners or a holiday feast, it is also a great idea to check out hotels and pubs in your area of choice. These venues often offer amazing Christmas dinners in a variety of cuisines that are suitable for every budget. 

What is included in a Christmas dinner package?

A Christmas dinner package will vary according to price and your taste, however, do expect to be charged per person. In terms of the menu, the complexity of the catering will depend upon the price, however sharing boards, multi-course meals, international cuisine options or even a complimentary glass of champagne are quite easily found among Christmas party restaurants. Some Christmas dinner packages will also offer private rooms use, while others may provide decorations or entertainment. 

How early should I book a space for Christmas dinner?

When looking for a Christmas dinner venue, it is always best to book your chosen spot early. Most venues will take bookings even in the idle months of July and August. While this may seem early, if you truly want to secure a spot at your first choice Christmas party restaurant, book well in advance.

Which areas of London are best for Christmas party restaurants?

London is full of wonderful Christmas party restaurants, but here are some of our favourite locations:

  • The City of London – If you are looking for the perfect space for your corporate Christmas lunch or dinner, the City of London is your best bet. This historical financial district is home to not only office buildings and business quarters, but also restaurants with a professional atmosphere that are ideal company Christmas party locations!
  • Covent Garden – On the lookout for a spot perfect for a laid-back Christmas meal with your colleagues or friends and family? Look no further than Covent Garden! It's filled with fun restaurants with a relaxed and intimate feel for Christmas events.
  • Carnaby – Carnaby is a district full of diverse and versatile Christmas restaurants suitable for both private and corporate festive gatherings. You can pick from small and exclusive venues or spacious rooms, depending on the length of your guest list.

Guests Reviews of Christmas Party Restaurants on Tagvenue

Birhane S.
Booked The Conservatory at The Chesterfield Mayfair
Amanda and the Wonderful Team, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to you and the entire team for orchestrating an absolutely fabulous Christmas dinner party. The venue, service, and food exceeded all expectations, creating an atmosphere that was both festive and unforgettable. Your attention to detail truly made the evening special, and I must mention how much we appreciated the little touches that showcased the team's dedication to excellence. The company logo on the macarons was a delightful surprise and added a personalized touch that did not go unnoticed. It is those small details that make a significant difference and create lasting memories. Each bite was not only delicious but also a testament to the thoughtfulness that went into planning the event. Thanks to all of you, our Christmas celebration was a resounding success, and I received numerous compliments from our team. Please extend my sincere appreciation to everyone involved. Your professionalism, creativity, and dedication to providing an exceptional experience have left a lasting impression on us all. Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year! B
Zsofia M.
Booked Function Suite at The Dickens Inn
I have worked with many event teams but the Dickens Inn's have been the best so far. Daria is very hands-on and very well-organized and it was a pleasure to organize our Xmas do with her. The decoration at the venue was great along with the evening staff lead by Bogdan. I would definitely come back here for seconds :)
Charlotte J.
Booked The Waiting Room at The Parcel Yard
Prior to the event the communication and online pre booking system was fab! So clear and efficient! On the day the staff were so organised, helpful and welcoming. I turned up and asked for tables to be moved around and they just did it. Room was decorated for Christmas and was a lovely area for us as a group. Food was yummy and lots of choices! Pre drinks set up was a great idea, people helped themselves and then ordered anything else they needed, there was constantly a member of staff in there to assist. All in all we couldn't recommend more highly! We will be back next year for sure!
Tito R.
Booked Function Room at Slug & Lettuce County Hall
The location is bang on, right in front of the London eye. The venue was big enough for a group of 50. Everyone in the venue was super accommodative right from the manager and the bar staff. We could use our own stereo system and they literally allowed us to do whatever we asked for. Abbey was very kind and she even gave us some Christmas crackers for the event. The food was delicious and would love to host more events at this venue
Maya B.
Booked Hippodrome Christmas at The Hippodrome Casino
The service was excellent. I forget the names of our servers but Louisa was our main waitress and there was an Australian manager, who was really pleasant and really handled everything excellently. The food was also delicious and very filling! There was a lot of positive feedback, especially about the ravioli and the medium and medium rare steaks. The tuna ceviche and mousse were excellent as well.
Kassia B.
Booked Basement Bar at Juno Rooms
- Christmas decorations and interior of the venue were lovely, very cosy and christmassy! nice twinkly lights everywhere - The food was really good, everyone was really impressed - Our own area for lunch was really nice, not having to share with anyone - Everyone loved that the crackers were sustainable and non- wasteful which tied in ideally with our charity shop secret santa game. - Was really great that we could keep ordering drinks with lunch and the tab just continued when we got upstairs, was a lot easier that way and didn't make people feel limited.
Akane U.
Booked The Hereford Room at Pomona's
Communication and planning pre-event went very smoothly and Erato was very helpful on the menu and drinks planning. On the day, service was impeccable and the execution and timings were perfect. The food menu at £40 for 3 courses was great value for money for the Christmas season and all food was to a very high standard in both taste and display. Highly recommend for a small size Christmas party.
Mark T.
Booked Cumberland Room at Bangers
We had booked the room for a work Christmas Party for 35 staff. Ordering the food for everyone was easy with the online form. We had a couple of new staff to add on to the order after it had been completed, and the venue were very helpful with this. The food was lovely, and the service was great.

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