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Are you organising a private dining event in Marylebone but just can’t find the perfect venue? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you find the one that has everything you need! We’ve searched high and low over this chic district to create a list of only the top private dining options in Marylebone. On our platform, you can find anything from luxurious and posh to casual and laid-back settings. Sounds promising? Then check out our curated list of private dining rooms and find and book your perfect match in no time!

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Private Dining Rooms in Marylebone FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a private dining room in Marylebone?

The cost of hiring a private dining space in Marylebone will mostly depend on the type of venue you picked and the number of your guests. But generally, the minimum spend pricing option ranges anywhere from £500 to £8000 per session. Per-person packages start from as low as £40 and go up to £90. Full buyouts cost between £600 to £2000. Just keep in mind that these are the general prices - it’s best to directly message the venue for an individual offer that will be based on your requirements. (All data from

Where can I find private dining rooms in Marylebone?

Start your search on Marylebone High Street which is lined with fantastic restaurants and hotels with private dining options. Neighbouring Moxon Street also hides hidden gems that will be perfect for highly exclusive events. The areas of Bond Street Station are also packed with great but more casual spots that cost from as low as £500.

Can you recommend some private dining venues in Marylebone?

Of course! Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite options! 

Private Dining Room-1st Floor at Aubaine Marylebone - This is a relaxed yet contemporary hub on Moxon Street. It will definitely amaze your guests with floor-to-ceiling windows, French cuisine and a stylish setting. 

Private Room at Trishna - A small and cosy room with a stylish wooden interior on Blandford Street that will be perfect for smaller, casual events of up to 12 people. 

Private Dining Room at The Mandeville Hotel - Casual and classy space on Mandeville Place that will immediately make your guests feel at home! 

First Floor Dining Room at The Coach Makers Arms Pub Marylebone - A beautifully decorated room on Marylebone Lane. It offers plenty of natural light, a private bar and flexible surroundings. You can host anything there from weddings, corporate events to birthday parties.

Sam Barton
Booked Mezzanine at Lockhouse
The Lockhouse had a great atmosphere and is in a lovely setting. The food was delicious and was great value for money. The serving staff were friendly and helpful.
Glenn Scrivens
Booked The Games Room at Heist Bank
Great friendly professional service, a great space and fab drinks and food. A good time was had by all! Thank you!

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