Team Building Venues in Sydney

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Top Team Building Venues in Sydney

Looking for an activity to bring your team closer together? It can be difficult to find something everyone will enjoy, especially when you have a diverse team with many personalities. Fortunately, Sydney has a lot to offer! We’re listing the best team building options in Sydney, from Mosman and the city centre all the way to Parramatta. Look through our offers, see if anything catches your eye and book directly!

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Team Building Venues Hire Guide

Sydney is very diverse when it comes to fun team building activities. In the end, it comes down to how much you know your team and making compromises. Here are some of our favourite team building activities you can try:

  • Escape game – An escape game is a sneaky way to make the whole team work together to achieve a common goal. Whichever scenario you choose - murder mystery, apocalyptic future or ancient Egypt, you will definitely have a lot of fun! There is no better way to see what someone is made of than under pressure.
  • Cooking class – Looking for something less intense but still fun? Cooking together would be a great activity for you and your team! Your team will have to cooperate through the process and you will get to enjoy a nice meal in the end.
  • Drumming classes – Searching for something unique that your colleagues can look back on? Why not try African drumming lessons! Nothing gets everyone on the same page like making music together, not to mention it helps with releasing tension and work stress build-up.

Different teams have different needs, that is why choosing an appropriate venue is the key factor to success. If you're still lacking inspiration, take a look at some of the most popular venue types for team building in Sydney:

  • Unusual venues – An interesting venue could make even the most boring event unforgettable. Want to stick to classical team building games? Why not spice it up by doing it on a boat or in a cat café!
  • Karaoke bars – A karaoke bar has two things that will help your team become more comfortable together - booze and being forced to embarrass themselves. This creates a one of a kind bond that surpasses office solidarity.
  • Outdoor venues – It might be a good idea to take your colleagues away from stressful city life, even if for a short while. A private garden or a park enables you to create a relaxed atmosphere perfect for team building while enjoying the fresh air.

Have some unanswered questions on your mind? Take a look at our frequently asked ones:

Team Building Venues in Sydney FAQ

How do I know which team-building venue is perfect for my team?

You can try and guess yourself, but there is a more simple option on hand - ask them! You can narrow down the options yourself and post a poll with the top three activities to achieve the most effective results.

What should I consider before booking a team building venue in Sydney?

Planning a team-building event leaves a lot of space for flexibility and imagination, but there are a few things to consider before booking a venue:

  • Size – Make sure your team feels comfortable by selecting an appropriate-sized team building venue. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but it makes a noticeable difference when it comes to the atmosphere!
  • Location – Make sure your chosen venue has access to good public transport accessibility. This small detail will make life easier and everyone will arrive in a good mood.
  • Technology – Create a list of technical equipment you will be needing for your team building activities (WiFi, projector, etc.) and ask the venue if they are able to provide what you need to avoid mishaps.