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On the lookout for some options for team building activities or events in Melbourne? Need to find that special edge to bring your club together or to motivate your crew with some corporate team building days? You’re in luck, as team building events are something of a Melbourne speciality and we here at Tagvenue can help you find the best venues to bring your team together. Plug in your parameters into our search filters and see what we’ve got available!

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Team Building Venues Hire Guide

Before you go selecting a team building venue for your planned activities, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

  • Choose the right activities – The area around Melbourne’s CBD is host to a wide variety of team building venues and events, but many of them such as races and ropes courses are based on a certain degree of physical ability. Always a good idea to check on whether everyone involved will be able to participate and if not, maybe you should choose something less demanding!
  • Book well in advance – Many of the best team building activity venues in Melbourne run only a session or two per day, so for certain places booking weeks or even months out is a necessity.

Melbourne’s CBD and its surroundings are something of a mecca for team building activities and events, with a quickly growing variety of options from the traditional to the truly unique. Some of the most popular activities include ropes and obstacle courses, sailing adventures of all types, and, for corporate team building, corporate kidnap (where the venue kidnaps your team leader and you must work together to get them back).

Team building activities for both corporate and private teams of people are all over the place, but there are a few styles of venues that stand out the most:

  • Escape rooms: Nothing says teamwork like being locked in a room and having to work together to find your way out. A classic team building activity, escape rooms can be found all over Melbourne’s CBD.
  • Amazing races: Run, bike, swim, skate and more in these activities that can be likened to the corporate team building equivalent of the Olympics. Typically starting at a central venue, these tend to take you all over the city.
  • Collaborative cooking: The kitchen is often a high-pressure environment, so where better to boil your team down into one unit? Hire a private professional kitchen and find out.
  • Scavenger hunts: The thrill of exploration and competition put together with critical thinking and trivia knowledge make these a great option for any team building needs around Melbourne. Hunts can be custom made in a space of your choosing, or begin at a central venue and go around Melbourne.