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Photo Studios for Hire in Sydney

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Looking for photo studios in Sydney? There are hundreds of different photo studios suitable for all sorts of artistic and commercial efforts. Whether you’re a photographer looking for a proper studio or leading a product marketing shoot, you will be able to find dozens of great spaces with studio lighting and skilled professionals ready to help you make your project a success. So what are you waiting for? Start searching now, and you’ll find your perfect studio in a flash!

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Photo Studios Hire Guide

Sydney is a cultural hub where many fantastic artists and photographers come together to carry out their projects. From the Great Barrier Reef to the city skyline, there are tons of opportunities to get inspired by this wonderful city. Whether you’re trying to launch your career or you’re already an experienced commercial photographer, you will need a good photo studio, complete with professional lights and all the necessary amenities. Our platform offers a large list of Sydney’s amazing options, from small spaces with coloured backdrops or walls to green-screen Colorama workshops and fully-fledged sets suitable for large-scale projects.

Affordable photo studios in Sydney: Considerations when hiring your first one

In order for you to make an educated decision about your photo studio hire, there are many things you should consider beforehand. Luckily, we made a list of the main factors that you should consider before hiring a photo studio for the first time.

  • Price. Before you even start browsing through different options, you need to ask yourself: “How much studio time will I need, and how much am I willing to spend for it?” Depending on your answer, you’ll be able to pinpoint the kind of photo studio you can afford. Since Tagvenue’s platform allows you to filter different venues by cost, you’ll be browsing through studios in your price range in no time.
  • Availability. If you’re after a space for a fashion shoot or family photos, you will need to make sure that both the venue and your models can agree on a specific timeframe. When you find a venue you’re interested in, contact your Venue Manager as early as possible. They will help you with the process of hiring the studio space for your desired date and answer all of your questions.
  • Space. Are you managing a large commercial shoot or just starting out as a portrait photographer? Depending on what you need, you’re going to encounter different space constraints. Make sure that all the people and necessary equipment will fit in your chosen space before you seal the deal. You can check for the amount of space you need in two different ways: you can either look up the square meterage of the studio on the venue page on our platform or schedule a meeting with the venue manager so that they can show you the space.
  • Location. Remember, you can find professional photo studios in all parts of Sydney, from the coast to the western suburbs. If you live outside of the city or you have to coordinate a team from all over the area, the CBD is your best bet. However, make sure to check if there are some options available locally if you know the people involved in your shoot can make it there.
  • Equipment. Photography is a complex art form that requires lots of very specific equipment. You will have to research what type of lenses, lights, and backdrop elements you’re going to need and then consult your options with the venue manager. They will either offer to hire their in-house studio equipment or can put you in touch with local vendors. However, if you choose the latter option, it is always best to find a venue with a loading bay and a service lift if the studio is not on the ground floor. 
  • Amenities. Many photo studios in the area will provide you with all sorts of different amenities included in the price of the hire. You will usually be provided with access to a bathroom, or the studio will include separate changing and make-up areas with everything you and your models need. Sometimes you will be able to use multiple different areas with your hire, such as a separate green room, different backdrops and stunning sets. If you’re concerned about the temperature, we recommend you find a studio with air conditioning that will make even the longest photo shoot session more bearable. Separate kitchen facilities are also a nice addition that can often be found in local creative spaces.

In case you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of studio options available, remember to go through this list one by one and write down all of your answers. At that point, you should be able to search for your dream photo studio without any stress and filter out all the spaces that don’t meet your criteria.

Top 7 most popular types of photo shoots:

  • Portraits - The most practical form of model photography. Almost everyone needs to have a nice portrait photo made for their ID card, resume, or many other types of official documents. It’s a good place to start if you’re a beginner due to the large number of potential clients, but you have to bear in mind that your clients will be putting a lot of trust in your experience with a camera.
  • Fashion - Hundreds of magazines, blogs, and websites are in constant need of stunning cover photos. If you’re up for the challenge, contact a model or a modelling agency, send them your portfolio, and if they’re interested in collaborating with you, start planning a themed fashion photo shoot. This operation will require some knowledge about designing great outfits and make-up, so remember to enlist some help if necessary. You will have to learn how to work with a professional model - how to set up different poses and use the equipment you have on-site to your advantage. After you’re done with the session, send your photos around and wait for the feedback.
  • Commercial - There are so many ways to work with companies as a photographer. First, there’s product photography. The most consistent way to get noticed in this field is to start taking photos of different products and posting them on social media. If you use appropriate hashtags, you will ensure that an employee of the company which made the product will notice your photos in a flash. As you start to grow your portfolio, the offers will start rolling in at a much faster rate. At some point, you will get an opportunity to be a part of professional photo shoots for a specific company, complete with a crew and models.
  • Business - The main difference between business and commercial photography is that you will be focusing on the company itself rather than the products that they sell. Companies will commission lots of different photos, from portraits and group photos of their employees to covering different events and team-building efforts. Try your best to make long-term relationships with different companies, as this is a great way to get a lot of work done consistently.
  • Family - Wholesome family photo shoots are very popular, as many people love to have photos of their relatives placed all over their homes. There are a couple of different ways to organize such photo shoots. You can either advertise yourself as a family photographer working with a photo studio or cover some family gatherings such as weddings, Christmas parties and birthdays. Make sure to be creative and try to incorporate some props or an interesting theme to make the photos that much more interesting and memorable.
  • Food - Food photography is a very specific part of the market that requires a lot of special knowledge and experience, not just with taking photos but also with food styling and arranging shots. But if you learn how to pull off these irresistible food pictures, you will have an opportunity to work with restaurants, markets and delivery apps to advertise their products. If you need to build up your portfolio in this field, consider starting a food blog. It can turn into a great hobby that could eventually become another way to make money via sponsorships and endorsements.
  • Lifestyle - This type of photo shoot is often overlooked by professional photographers, but it can be a fulfilling and versatile way of making money from photography. Whether you’re managing a blog or a social media account, taking beautiful photos of your life and travel can be a smart way of building up your social media presence and, therefore, sharing your works with a large audience.

How to start a product photography business: A step-by-step guide

Do you want to become a professional product photographer and search for ideas on how to start? We’ve got you covered! Taking photos of items, clothing, or food can be a great alternative to working with models, as you will be able to work on your own schedule in a relatively small studio. We made a list of things you need to consider before starting out as a product photographer so that you will be able to start working on your portfolio in a snap!

  • Find a blank space. Product photography is usually done on a plain background so that there are no distractions from the product you’re shooting. Luckily, this problem is easy to solve - there are lots of blank canvas photo studios to be found all over Sydney. Tagvenue will be able to help you find good, affordable photo studios in a swift manner thanks to its powerful search features. For most projects, all you need is a simple backdrop and a table. For the best result, you should have a table cover that matches the wall backdrop as closely as possible for that seamless effect you see in many commercial photographs.
  • Get inspired. When taking commercial photos, it’s crucial to make them stand out and grab people’s attention. Be sure to check out and analyse some works published by large companies, as you will surely discover some interesting little tricks that can be used to make these photos captivating.
  • Set up your gear. In order to set yourself up for success, you need to make sure your equipment is up for the job. First, you obviously need a great camera. Most product photographers use DSLR cameras with a telephoto lens. This setup will allow you to make close-up photos without distorting the product’s proportions in the final image. You can either buy such a camera for yourself or just ask your venue manager if they already have one. You will also want to check their options for lighting gear, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can use natural lighting, too. The more options you have, the better since you will most likely need to experiment with your lighting a lot in order to get that perfect shot of your product.
  • Build a portfolio. Before companies start approaching you about their commercial projects, you will have to give them a chance to see your work. Take some photos of non-brand products to display some interesting ideas you came up with. Then publish them on your website or social media page. Sending some of your work to some local companies and offering your services is also worth a try. Remember to keep training as a photographer by taking product photos regularly and being patient - it takes years to become a true professional studio photographer.

FAQs about Photo Studios in Sydney

What is the average cost of hiring an affordable photo studio in Sydney?

In Sydney, most photo studios charge by the hour and start at around $30. If you’re looking for a high-end studio for a commercial production, prices will reach up to $250 per hour and beyond. For studios available for hire by half-day four hour sessions, prices will range somewhere between $300 and $700 or more per session. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What standard equipment is available at photo studios in Sydney?

Every photo studio should have either a clean wall or a non-reflective studio backdrop. When it comes to lighting, you should expect a few sets of lights either with diffusers or softboxes already attached. In case you need a camera, the venue manager should be able to provide you with one and set it up according to your needs.

What are the best affordable photo studios in Inner West Sydney?

Photography Studio at Desk and Studio - a professional industrial studio with lots of natural lighting located on Queen Street. Perfect for model and fashion shoots.

The Dale Studio at The Dale - a very versatile studio for both commercial and private photographers. Located right in the heart of Petersham.

Photography Studio at Art of Light Studios - this Darling Street studio features a wide range of studio backdrops at an affordable price. Great for many different types of photography.

Where are the best places to find a budget-friendly photo studio in Sydney?

When looking for cheap professional studios in Sydney, you should focus your search around the Central Business District. If you want to combine great prices with an easy commute, you can take your hunt towards Surry Hills, where you will find blank canvas spaces and photo studios located just a short walk away from Central Station. You can also check out the venues in Waterloo area, featuring some great studios for model photography and commercial projects.

Guests Reviews of Photo Studios on Tagvenue

Vanessa G.
Booked Photography Studio at Luky Studio
Great space with everything we needed including lighting. Naya was very helpful and easy to work with especially as it was a last minute request. Very well priced. Will use again as a photographic studio.
Aya S.
Booked Video and Photo Studio at Between Two Worlds Studio
Great set up, amazing sound and light proofing in the studio room. Good lights and back drops provided. Very happy overall.
Hayley D.
Booked The Dale Studio at The Dale
The team at the Dale were so welcoming and flexible. Every studio we looked at would not budge on set timings, but these guys allowed us to come in when we needed. The studio had everything we needed in a central location and we were able to get some really great shots done! Kate also directed us to the best sandwiches and coffee in Sydney, double win!
Tommy L.
Booked Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio
We really love this venue, very spacious with a few props to use. Hellen was lovely! We will come back
Lily C.
Booked Drummoyne Studio at Portrait Hub
Phillipe and Jaydon were wonderful hosts. The space was beautiful and bright with plenty of different spaces. Jaydon and Phillipe were both so friendly, accomodating and welcoming and their studio provides plenty of opportunities to shoot. The space provides both studio light, natural light and in a cosy lifestyle setting. Worth every penny and will be back for sure!
Koko F.
Booked Whole Studio at Studio Palms
Amazing space! Very good communication, heaps of equipment available, very simple set up and dismantling!! Perfect for what I was after
Aveline G.
Booked First Floor at Bustle Studios
Laura was very friendly and quick to response. The space was beautiful and the people there were lovely too. I highly recommend this space for a meeting or a photoshoot :)
Joe G.
Booked Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio
Hellen was great to work with. Easy communication, the location was as expected and everything was ready when I arrived. The venue has a unique look and for my needs (photography), it worked perfectly. Will certainly be booking again!

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