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Does the thought of hosting your child’s birthday prompt you to go into panic mode? Not to worry, we’re here to help you find the best kids birthday party venues in Sydney. Forget the headaches of transforming your home into a party venue and dealing with the aftermath. Rather look for a safe, child-friendly environment to create a memorable celebration for your little one. There are many great kids party venues in Sydney from outdoor spaces in the Eastern Suburbs to indoor options around the CBD.

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Kids Party Venues Hire Guide

Not sure where to start with your planning process? Here are some of our tips to ensure a successful kids party:

  • Consider the theme of the party – Theme parties add to the excitement of a kids birthday party. If you’re looking to decorate the party venue according to the theme, be sure to check the venue’s policies on decorations. Some popular theme examples are superheroes, animal dress up, outer space, emoji dress up and so much more!
  • What is the age group of the majority of guests – It is very important to ensure that the venue is age appropriate. You wouldn’t want a kids party being held at a fancy restaurant for example. When it comes to older kids, they need to be entertained with activities. At the very least, try to find an outdoor venue or one with an outdoor space so kids can run around and play outside.
  • The time of year – Before promising your child that pool party, be sure to consider the weather. Although kids generally aren’t fussed with the weather when they’re having fun, you don’t want to upset parents when their child returns with a cold or severe sunburn. In Sydney, the wettest months are January through to June with March being particularly unpredictable for rain.
  • Safety and the location – Safety is really important, especially for younger children and toddlers. Ensure the party area is enclosed and that you have enough adult supervision. Some venues might provide this as an extra service or have trained staff on hand to supervise. There a kids party venues all across Syndey, including the outer suburbs so try to keep it local, because you don’t want parents to have to drive too far.
  • What does the venue provide – When asking your chosen venue for a quote, make sure you get a detailed list of everything that will be provided and what will be charged as extras.
  • Hiring entertainers – If you are thinking of hiring an entertainer such as a balloon man, magician, face painter etc, we highly recommend you do your research and ask for references. Kids are harsh critics when it comes to entertainment!

Your work doesn't just involve hiring a venue. You also need to keep everyone entertained. Here are some of the most popular ideas for kids parties in Sydney:

  • Virtual Reality Rooms and Escape Rooms – A unique and entertaining party that the older kids love! There’s lots of excitement, interaction and teamwork.
  • Disco Party – Another one for the tweens and teens. Disco lights and loud music are a win for this age group! Be sure to get a playlist request from the birthday boy or girl!
  • Get outdoors – If your child is very active and loves being outdoors, then consider a party venue to match. There are so many options for outdoor activities: putt-putt, treasure hunts, obstacle courses, water wars with water balloons and so much more! Don’t forget to consider the season and weather when looking at an outdoor party venue or, look for a venue that can offer an indoor alternative should the weather be poor.
  • Indoor activity areas – If it’s a bad time of year for weather, how about planning a party in an indoor activity venue? A few popular options are a gymnastics party, indoor trampolines, climbing walls, laser tag, cooking classes, art classes or a pamper party. If it’s a party for toddlers, an indoor venue is probably a safer option.

Now that you've got the planning done, it's time to consider the most popular parts of Sydney for kids parties. We've come up with three great locations in and around the city:

  • Eastern Suburbs – If you’re looking for a park venue, start from the Eastern Suburbs. There are some amazing child-friendly venues in this part of the city. Some of the parks found in East Sydney are Royal Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park and Centennial Park, which is very popular for picnics and horse riding.
  • Paramatta in Western Sydney – Another popular location for outdoor activities is Paramatta in and around Sydney Olympic Park. If you’re looking to host a sports themed birthday party, you should definitely check it out.
  • Inner West Sydney – The CBD and surrounds are filled with fantastic indoor kids party venues. From disco venues to escape rooms and indoor play centres, Central Sydney has it all!

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