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Planning a birthday party for one of your little darlings? You can take a whole load of stress out of what should be a day of celebration by booking a special venue for your kids’ party in Melbourne! The city has an array of great kids party venues that can help you organise a celebration that everyone will remember for years. To help you out, we’ve created a list of only the best party venues in the city so that you can easily pick a space and book it in just a few clicks. Sounds promising? Then hop on our platform and start browsing for a venue your kid will love!

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Kids Party Venues Hire Guide

It can be a daunting task trying to put a kids birthday party together, where to have it, who to invite, who not to invite, we all know classroom politics can be a minefield, cake, no cake, vegan cake, lactose-free cake, clown, no clown? Wait, isn’t little Pete from two doors down afraid of clowns? We could be here all day writing about the intricacies of putting together parties for our kids.

How and ever, there are some key things that you need to keep in mind when hunting down the perfect kids birthday party venue in Melbourne. Firstly, make sure you can get there easily. Public transport is your friend here. Many parents don’t allow their kids on public transport unattended, so you can turn this to your advantage and make it an adventure. Each kid gets their own travel card they must look after and they should write down the things they see on their way to different places via metro train, tram or bus. The kids with the most things written down at the end of each section get a small prize.

It’s obvious, but some people forget about this; different kids like different things, some like making art, some like kicking footballs, some like singing, some like dancing. You can combine them all if you visit a couple of different places.

You can organise a short footy game in a public park, then later a kids disco at a function room with finger food and cake. Both in South East Melbourne and in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne there is an abundance of public parks and dedicated children’s birthday party venues you can find for such a plan.

Something worth keeping in mind too is that the people who run kids party venues have “been there and done that’ a hundred times over. Here’s a couple of the most frequently asked questions about organising a kids birthday party:

Can I ask the venue manager for help?
Sure thing! If you want something organised ask them first before wasting time worrying about where to get whatever you have in mind. The managers of these venues will know exactly where to source what you need. There might be an extra fee, but in the end, that peace of mind is totally worth it.

Can the venue organise child entertainers and take care of special dietary requests?
Absolutely! Don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions regarding room hire, area hire, food prices, getting there the best way, opening times and about hiring entertainers like magicians, clowns, or DJs. Ask about options for kids with special dietary needs too and don’t be shy or timid about asking, these people are professionals and have seen and done it all before. Let them take the lead in organising your kids birthday party venue in Melbourne and you can sit back, relax and watch your little ones go crazy on their special day.

FAQs about Kids Party Venues in Melbourne

How much does it cost to rent a kids’ party venue in Melbourne?

For venues that charge per hour, expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $70+ per hour. Restaurants, cafes and other types of venues that offer catering charge from $20 to $42+ per person. A minimum spend costs $500 up to $1000. However, these are only the average prices, so don’t be afraid to ask the venue manager for an individual offer based on your guest number and date. (All data from

What are some great themes for a kid’s party?

There are so many exciting themes that you can choose from! We are huge fans of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, as it is very flexible and suitable both for a boy and a girl. If you don’t have any ideas, ask your child. They will definitely give you a hint about what they like or not. Also, personalised themes are much more fun and memorable

How early should I book a kid’s party venue in Melbourne?

The best time for booking a kids party venue is around 3 to 2 months in advance. You’ll have a wide range of exciting venues to choose from and also have all the time you need to decide and pick the best space. Furthermore, you will be able to thoroughly plan and ensure that you have everything nailed down before the party kicks off. 

Can I organise a kid’s party on a budget?

Of course! If you have a limited budget, you can try checking out when venues have a low season or off-peak times. That’s when they lower their rates which can help you save some money. Also, you may consider having a joint party and splitting the costs with the parents of the other child. Another great way to reduce costs is to have DIY decorations, or have a potluck party.

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