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North Melbourne is located north west of the city’s centre. In recent years the area has taken on an unmistakable flair. Old Victorian buildings have been repurposed for an eclectic mix of ethnic restaurants and cafes. What brings to mind Christmas more than an old Victorian pub? Especially the kind with great drinks and a modern menu. The funky and unusual fare will give your party a special something as you surprise your holiday guests with catering so much better than traditional fare. Easy transportation links make this a desirable location for any Christmas Party, and attendees can reach the party via rail or car hire. Take a look at the venues below and use our smart filters to make sure that all your boxes are ticked.

Christmas Party Venues Hire Guide

North Melbourne, located quite near the city centre, is easily accessible with the City Link freeway and a rail station in the area. Also, for your guests who don’t drink, parking is quite easy in this area. The neighbourhood is crisscrossed by a number of main avenues - Victoria Street, O’Connell Street and Peel Street - that have a number of upmarket restaurants and cafes. If you feel inclined to let your search wander down to Queen Victoria Market you will have a great time deciding between the popular restaurants there for your Christmas do. 

Many of the area’s area’s restaurants are focused on ethnic cuisines, so you have your pick between Italian, Mexican and Vietnamese. This could bring quite a memorable flavour to your Christmas bash -- no office Christmas party will be boring if Margarita’s are on offer.

If you want to go more up-scale in your search, North Melbourne is well known for the number of wine bars there and while they are less focused on elaborate menus, they do offer the kind of food sure to pair well with a good red that will warm anyone’s heart - even at a corporate Christmas event. There are quite a few hotels as well in this area, the Metropolitan Hotel, in particular, is quite a popular venue for hire, and features craft beer in a historic eatery. This is the kind of venue that will be booked early - so be sure to get your name down soon.

Tagevenue has lots of great ideas for organisers of any Christmas Party, corporate or individual, check out our blog for some great ideas to make your party a ‘great’ party.

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