Deaf is Cool Photostudio

About Deaf is Cool Photostudio

Our photo studio is a large all-white space, the orientation allowing it to benefit from a very large amount of natural light.
The big windows allow the light to go through the whole room while keeping the photo session in a private setting.

The building also has a juice bar serving refreshing juices and smoothies between 10am – 6:30pm.

We offer the following equipment inclusive with the studio booking. Please specify any backdrop/gel requirements when making a booking:

Access to Desktop PC
Changing area
Makeup table and mirror
Backdrop White, Black, Grey
Gold/Silver reflector
2 x Excelvan 160 Watt
2 x Continuous lights
Standard reflector/softboxes
Various colour Gels
White balance and grey cards
Free parking available

Rooms and Event Packages for Hire at Deaf is Cool Photostudio

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Deaf is Cool Photostudio Location

London, SE12…

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