Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in Austin, TX

Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in Austin, TX

Host a Thanksgiving dinner for your nearest and dearest in one of these spaces

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Top Thanksgiving Restaurants in Austin, TX

The holiday season is finally here and it’s time to get your Thanksgiving dinner plans in order. This is one of the busiest times of the year, so why cook a whole turkey by yourself and do all of that preparation, when you can find a great venue that will take care of all of that for you!  Austin has plenty of amazing Thanksgiving restaurants to choose from for your dinner. Scroll through our listings today and find the perfect venue for your dinner today!

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Thanksgiving Restaurants Rental Guide

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it is about time to get your plans together. It may seem pretty unorthodox or even outright wrong to have your Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant and not prepare it on your own, but this is a great option saving yourself all of the work of doing a large Thanksgiving dinner. All you need to do is book a big table at one of your favorite restaurants for your friends and family and enjoy a great meal.

Make it Easier for Yourself

Thanksgiving at a restaurant is a sure way for a low-stress meal. It’s true everyone is so much busier now than at any other time of the year and may be stressed out from running around, but one of the best parts about Austin is that it is full of eateries that are ready to make your Thanksgiving a breeze. With meal prep, setting everything in your house up, and then having to clean, the tasks can pile up quickly. Why worry about all that if you can find the perfect, centrally located place for your party instead? To make it even easier, pick a great location that will be easy for everyone to get to, and especially for people coming in from out of town who might be less familiar with the city.

A New Atmosphere

It is always good to switch things up and it's about time to try something new. Having Thanksgiving in a restaurant creates a unique atmosphere that will make your party unforgettable. Not only will you be able to relax and really enjoy your meal in a cool new environment, but you will have some amazing service to match your meal. This will definitely be a unique experience for you and all of your guests, and one that you are sure to remember.

Great Company

The main reason why we get together on Thanksgiving is not simply the food (although it helps!), but rather the people who you enjoy the food with. Having Thanksgiving at a restaurant allows you to fully enjoy and savor the time you are spending with loved ones. Less preparation time and clean-up allow for more time around the table and less stress, so you can finally kick back and relax.

Expand Your Horizons

Having your Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant is a good way to expand your horizons about Thanksgiving food. Having Austin’s amazing restaurant scene at your disposal is a great way to try something new this Thanksgiving outside of your run-of-the-mill turkey and cranberry sauce. Austin is known as one of the Southwest’s prime culinary destinations, so why not take advantage of that and try something new this Thanksgiving?

Save a Few Dollars

Not only is it easier to have Thanksgiving at a restaurant, but you may also find yourself saving a few bucks as well. The beauty of having your Thanksgiving at a restaurant this year is that your party will be served a proper-sized meal, rather than dealing with a ton of excess food that may go to waste. Turkeys today are now more expensive than ever before, and forget about the sides. Thanksgiving at a restaurant is an ideal way to save a few bucks and still enjoy the holiday as if it was in your very own dining room.

Prix Fixe Menus

These types of menus are commonplace at many restaurants during holidays. Rather than getting a standard a la carte menu, prix fixe menus offer three courses and a few choices for each course, all for one price. These menus are almost always festive or associated with classic Thanksgiving fare. As much as we all love our family’s cooking, you cannot argue that some hand-rolled pasta or a freshly whipped pomme puree wouldn't be a welcome addition to the meal.

It’s an Occasion

Thanksgiving is already one of the most looked-forward occasions of the year, and having it at a restaurant will make it feel even more special and fun. You and your guests can get all dressed up and hit the town for a great dinner in an interesting and relaxing atmosphere. When you’re finishing up dessert and grabbing your jackets, you know that this Thanksgiving will be one to remember.

It is no surprise that we all love Thanksgiving dinner. It is a time to get together, get dressed up, have some dinner, sit around talking, and to even catch a game. The timing of the holiday, however, is the most difficult part, with Christmas just around the corner, you already know that this is the start of the happiest (and busiest) time of the year. Save yourself some time and celebrate Thanksgiving in a great restaurant, and let Tagvenue help you find the space that will be perfect for your party. Browse through our listings and book today!

FAQs about Thanksgiving Restaurants in Austin, TX

Where are some of the best Thanksgiving dinner restaurants in Austin?

Central Austin is known for its world-class restaurants. Here you will find something that may not be that traditional. Another favorite place for Thanksgiving dinner is the North Loop, where it is more likely that you will find menus that match a more traditional palette when it comes to holiday dinners. Other areas to consider include The Market District and Seaholm District.

What do I need to do to plan a Thanksgiving dinner?

Planning a Thanksgiving dinner out is no sweat. As you won’t have to do any of the setting up or cooking yourself, that frees a lot of your time. All you will have to do is worry about the guest count, finding a menu that everyone will like, and also making sure everyone gets to the same place!

Do restaurants in Austin offer traditional Thanksgiving menus?

Of course! Austin has plenty to offer when it comes to cuisine, so if you are feeling either traditional or a bit more experimental, you will be able to find a perfect place for your Thanksgiving meal.

Is booking a Thanksgiving party at a restaurant more affordable than organizing at home?

Keeping in mind all of the food that you have to buy, the alcohol, and all of the setting up and decorating, Thanksgiving costs can quickly pile up. It is a good idea to think about booking time at a restaurant because although it may be a little more expensive, it saves you hours of work.

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