Photo Shoot Locations for Rent in Dallas, TX

Photo Shoot Locations for Rent in Dallas, TX

Get creative in one of the city's amazing spaces ideal for all kinds of photo shoots

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Top Photo Shoot Locations in Dallas, TX

Taking fantastic shots in Dallas is no challenge when you have so many amazing locations at your disposal! So are you ready to make the most of the city’s energy and shoot that next project of yours? We hope you are! On Tagvenue, you’ll find a selection of the best photo shoot locations Dallas has to offer: whether you’re looking for a fully-equipped photo studio or a rooftop boasting fantastic views of the city’s skyline. To book the place of your dreams fast and easy, hop on our smart search engine and get to browsing amazing locations straight away!

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Photo Shoot Locations Rental Guide

It may come as a surprise to many but Dallas boasts plenty of scenic views, as well as fantastic indoor locations! They’re scattered around the whole city, so no matter which district you’re located in, you’ll find places that may add a special touch to your photos and make them stand out! Plus, we’ve got some great news for you: we’ve gathered Dallas’s best photo shoot locations on our platform! So whatever project you’re working on and what kind of ideas you have in mind right now, you’ll find the place that ticks all of your boxes with Tagvenue’s help!

Picking the location is one of the key elements that will determine your upcoming photo shoot’s success. It not only sets the tone of the photos but also has an immense impact on the final result of the pictures! That’s why you need to make sure it matches any other key elements you wish to capture on the photo, such as light, style and props.

But in order to find the perfect location, you have to think carefully about a number of factors! To make the whole process as painless as possible, we’ve prepared for you a short guide before you rent your chosen location. Trust us, after considering all of the issues we mention below, you’ll know exactly what you want and which spot is the best for you!

Guide to finding a photo shoot location:

  • Know the style. It doesn’t matter what your style is, any creative mind will find a great location around Dallas for their project! The city boasts plenty of places with an urban, modern feel and a plethora of gorgeous backdrops. But if you want to use any of them to your advantage, you have to determine your style before you even start the search. The location can have a huge impact on the outcome of the whole photo shoot, so make sure the place you choose for your project truly matches and reflects your vision.
  • The type of light. Are you planning to use natural light or artificial light? That’s the question! It can be quite hard to light the objects properly during the photo shoot which is why problems during the post-production process might appear. So in order to spare yourself from extra nerves during the editing process, make sure that the photo location of your choice offers the type of lighting you’re interested in. If you’re interested in artificial lighting, check the equipment available on-site, and if you’re not planning to use any artificial light at all, pick the space boasting big windows that will allow you to play around with the natural light and ensure the project is well-lit.
  • The number of participants. Think through how many people will be involved in your shoot! Is there going to be a whole crew, or just you, the model and a hair and make-up artist? It’s important to know the number of people who will be onsite before booking the space. After all, you want everyone to feel comfortable during the photo shoot, don’t you? Renting out a space that’s too small for a big crowd can be irritating, while a huge studio may be too overwhelming for your crew and, what’s more, exceed your budget. That’s why we recommend you calculate how many people will be present during the shoot and keep the number in mind when looking for the perfect location.
  • Equipment. Plan what kind of equipment you’ll need for your photo shoot before it takes place and, more importantly, you start the search for the ideal location. Simply, make a list and check whether the space you’re looking at has everything you need on offer, as well as if the gear meets your standards. Whenever you can’t find the information about the equipment available on-site, ask the venue manager directly! They will answer your questions the best! And a little tip from us: if you’re planning to use equipment provided by the venue, always read the fine print before signing anything! We don’t want you to be paying any unexpected fees.
  • Have a schedule. Establish how much time you’ll need to bring your vision to life! Will you need a few hours, a full day or maybe a couple of days to get the most out of the photo shoot? We suggest you map out your schedule from start to finish (including breaks!) before you book the location of your choice. This will determine how much time you need and, therefore, how much money you’ll spend on the photo shoot location. Once everything is clear, you know the rental cost and have a green light, book it straight away! Remember to send the schedule to everyone involved in the project a few days in advance so that they can prepare and adjust their plans.

FAQs about Photo Shoot Locations in Dallas, TX

How much does it cost to rent a photo shoot location in Dallas?

No matter if you choose a private or public location for your photo shoot, you have to keep in mind extra costs such as a permit, and other fees. Most of Dallas’s photo shoot locations charge hourly rates with prices ranging from $35 to $400 per hour. There are also some places that can be rented for $300 rental fee. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Dallas can I find the best photo studios?

You’ll be delighted with Dallas’s selection of fantastic photo studios! We suggest you have a look around the Old East Dallas neighborhood where you’ll be able to find flexible spaces for your next photo shoot! One of the prime locations in Dallas is Deep Ellum! Check out the area’s versatile spaces of all shapes and sizes! And we can’t forget about Oak Lawn. The neighborhood is peppered with gorgeous townhouses and stylish apartments available for rent, so if such a backdrop matches your vision, have a look around there.

How far in advance should I rent a photo shoot location in Dallas?

As early as possible! There is no set rule but we suggest you book the chosen place at least three weeks in advance. It will give you enough time to compare offers, talk with venue managers and organize any details that you’ll need on the day.

What kind of equipment can I find in a photo studio?

Most photo studios in Dallas include basic equipment in the rental fee, such as a plethora of backdrops, Coloramas, reflectors, softboxes or camera stands. Depending on the space, you might also find extra amenities: a kitchen, changing rooms, or even hair and make-up stations. To be certain of what you’ll find in the studio, always ask the studio manager about the things included in the price and whether any extra fees might occur.

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