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Top Outdoor Venues in Dallas

Thinking of throwing a party? Then why not organize one al fresco! Dallas and its bustling surroundings have plenty of trendy and cool spots in store where you can enjoy time with your guests outdoors! From upscale rooftop bars and charming patios to laid-back and chill beer gardens, you’ll find the ideal place to celebrate any occasion. Not sure where to start looking? Then hop on our platform and discover a curated list of the best outdoor venues in Dallas that are available with just a few clicks! You’ll find the ideal venue matching your style and budget in a matter of minutes.

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Outdoor Venues Rental Guide

Any event held outdoors has a special and unique ambiance. Maybe it’s the fresh air or gorgeous Dallas weather? Whatever the reason, any event celebrated al fresco will be a hit! So take your guests for an outing to an upscale restaurant and enjoy excellent Texan food on the patio. Or grab a beer or two in a beer garden and match it with grilled steak street tacos and nachos! And if you want an upscale cocktail party, head over to one of the rooftop bars and sip frozen margaritas or sangria with a breathtaking skyline in sight. With Tagvenue’s curated list of the best outdoor venues, you can host an outdoor event in any style you want. So take our search engines for a spin and find the perfect place that matches your needs and budget in a flash!

What type of outdoor venues can I find in Dallas?

Thanks to its fantastic weather, the city is simply teeming with various outdoor spaces that can be matched to any event. And here is a list of four major ones:

Rooftop venues - Nothing will get you in the party mood like rooftop spaces with a breathtaking view over the city’s skyline! If you’re looking for a space that will wow your guests with a unique ambiance, as well as the nighttime views, then you should definitely go for a rooftop venue. Whether you would like a fantastic culinary experience in a restaurant, or a cocktail party at a bar topped with great views, for some fantastic options head over to the central core of entertainment - Downtown and Deep Ellum

Patios - Most Dallas venues have patios where you can enjoy your foods and drinks in the fresh air all year round. They come in different styles, so don’t get surprised to find romantic, al fresco surroundings topped with fairy lights and plants, or a cool and quirky hangout spot with food trucks. Patios are flexible spaces that you can match to any event you imagine! And you can find them all over major Dallas neighborhoods (Downtown, Deep Ellum, Highland Park, Knox/Henderson, etc.). But if you’re looking for a bigger space for your large guest list, then head over to Uptown, home to one of the biggest patios in the city! 

Gardens - They add charm to any event, whether it's a private or corporate one. They’re a bit on the safer side when it comes to a venue choice. And you don’t have to add any decorations at all to surprise your guests with a charming and elegant setting. The garden’s lush greenery and pretty flowers will do the trick and add to the guests’ great mood and enjoyment. For the best-rated garden venues, Uptown and White Rock Lake areas are rife with options. 

Parks - What's great about Dallas? It’s full of awesome parks! So why not take your event to another level and organize a memorable get-together in green and lovely surroundings? Any picnic, summer party, or even a wedding reception will be a hit in such laid-back but unique surroundings. Klyde Warren Park offers exciting views over Downtown’s rich architecture that perfectly blends with the luscious greenery. And Fair Park will astound everyone with its art deco buildings which add a special touch to any event. So if you want some unique and charming surroundings, Dallas parks are definitely worth considering!

How to make my outdoor party fun?

Pick a theme! - Who doesn’t like party themes? They make the event personal and more exciting. So get your creative fluids flowing and come up with a theme that everyone will like. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated, even a simple Hawaiian or Western party will do! Then add some decorations here and there and watch how everyone’s moods lift as soon as they enter your party!

Take care of music - Make a playlist with the greatest hits. But remember to match it to the mood you will go for! Don’t pick loud, EDM music when you’re planning to chat, or country music when later you’d like to take the party to the dance floor. Also, try to engage your guests and give them a chance to add their all-time hits to the music playlist. It’s guaranteed that they will get all excited when their ultimate favorite starts playing from the speakers! 

Serve colorful drinks - Spice up your party with some fancy and colorful drinks! You can either go with the classic banana or strawberry Daiquiri or wake your inner mixologist and come up with a signature drink! It’s a fantastic way to get everyone in the right mood, but also to save some dollars! The same goes with food. Maybe it’d be a great idea to serve some less-obvious dishes and finger foods? Think of how you could match delicious treats with your party theme and go for it! Your guests will appreciate a chance to taste and explore innovative and unique foods. 

Yes! There are myriad fantastic ideas on how to make your party stand out from the crowd. But remember, that what matters the most is the people you invite! With your favorite crowd, you’ll spend a whale of a time, no matter if you incorporate loads of activities or keep it simple. So stress less and good luck with your party planning! 

Outdoor Venues in Dallas FAQ

How much does it cost to rent an outdoor venue in Dallas?

It depends on the venue type you will go for, as well as food and drink packages, but generally, the prices range between $18 to $80+ per person. But it’s also possible to rent a fantastic patio for a minimum spend and the prices start at $1000+. (All data from Tagvenue.com.)

Do you need a permit to organize an event in a Dallas park?

Here’s the good news: you don’t! But you have to secure the reservation at least 3 months before the event takes place. For further info, go to the official website of Dallas City Hall.

Where can I find the best rooftop party venues in Dallas?

Downtown! It’s an entertainment hub like no other where you will find fantastic rooftop bars/restaurants that you can rent for your bash to smash. You should definitely check out the ones tucked among Main Street and Elm Street. The views from the venues out there are definitely worth every penny!

How early is best to book an outdoor venue for my event?

At least 8 weeks in advance! You should keep in mind that in case of organizing any type of event the sooner is the better. Why? This will give you plenty of time to find a few venues that you like, look for their reviews on the internet, and reach managers for individual offers. You won’t have to rush and will pick the best offer that matches your needs and budget.

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