Outdoor Venues for Rent in Boston, MA

Outdoor Venues for Rent in Boston, MA

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Top Outdoor Venues in Boston, MA

Hey, you! You’re probably looking for an outdoor venue for your next event, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a selection of outdoor venues in Boston that you won’t find anywhere else. Perhaps a rooftop space in the Financial District, a hip beer garden Downtown, or a charming restaurant patio in North End? You will find these, and many more spectacular alfresco spaces on Tagvenue — you just have to take our smart engines for a spin! So are you in?

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Outdoor Venues Rental Guide

It’s finally summer in Boston! This means it’s the perfect time to gather your crowd and host an outdoor soirée to remember! Soak in the sun while sipping cool drinks, chatting, and dancing. Get ready to make beautiful memories with those you cherish the most! Add some chef’s kiss food, play some funky music, and you’ll have the magic outdoor experience everyone won’t soon forget. On Tagvenue, we’ll help you find an outdoor dream location that will add charm and make this fab party happen. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our curated list of outdoor venues and book one within minutes of searching! And if you’re wondering what types of outdoor venues you can find in this quality city, take a look below!

What kind of outdoor venues can I find in Boston?

So you’re itching to take your event outside but don’t know which outdoor space will suit it best? Don’t fret! Boston offers a wide range of outdoor spots! For starters, you’ve got rooftop venues! These versatile spaces offer chill alfresco surroundings that will charm even the pickiest guests with sweeping views of skyscrapers, and the waterfront. Many rooftop venues are actually bars and restaurants, so you won’t have to worry about hiring an outside caterer. You should look around Fort Point, Beacon Hill, and Financial District for the best options.  You’d rather keep your feet on the ground? No worries! You’ve got a whole range of beer gardens that will help you stay down-to-earth, which you can find Downtown. And in case you’d like something more sophisticated, North End & South End will give you an array of options with diverse patios adjacent to the most hip bars and restaurants in town. And, of course, you’ve got parks soaked in lush greenery! Boston Common, Rose Kennedy Greenway, and more are filled to the brim with attractions and entertainment! You can easily call your crowd, grab some blankets, snacks, and drinks and host a fun picnic.

See? You’ve got a whole bunch of options! And we’ve gathered the best ones on one list, so all you have to do is take our engines for a spin to pick your favorite! 

How to organize a great outdoor event? 

Okay, but how to organize an outdoor event from scratch that is simply marvelous? Spoiler: it’s not that difficult! You just only need to take the proper steps to make it happen. And we’re happy to provide you with a list of them. You will find it below, so buckle up and start reading ASAP! 

Set a budget - You can’t miss this step! Why? Because you might end up spending more money than you expected on things like decorations, food, drinks, or even entertainment! Set a maximum amount you’d like to pay and then stick to that number — that way, you will quickly pick options that fit your price range and avoid going bankrupt. 

Make a guest list - Write down the names of all the people attending your party. You will get the idea of how big of a space you need to make everyone comfortable and ready to mingle. On our platform, it’s possible to filter the venues according to the guest number — why don’t you give it a try? You will see the list of spaces that will certainly accommodate your crowd.   

Save the date -  Which date would be the best for everyone to show up? Do some research and see whether there aren’t other events taking place at that time you’d like to host yours. Other engagements could impact the attendance at your party, so make sure the road’s clear when you settle on the date. Also, try to be flexible — this can help you find exceptional venues that are available on different days. 

Pick a theme - How about spicing the event with an exciting theme? It will make everything more exciting, and your guests will be more eager to show up! Maybe add some Luau-inspired decorations, such as pineapples or coconuts, which you can use instead of centerpieces on the table? Or you can throw a French garden party and add bouquets of Irises — the national flower of France — all over the space to embrace this genuinely summery feel! 

Decide on food & drink options - Finger foods, a buffet, or sit-down dinner? The first two options are great for casual parties, while the last one goes better with more formal surroundings. Try to match your options to the ambiance of the venue and the mood you’d like to create. Perhaps you’d like to add some unexpected twist and let your crowd taste the unknown? Or maybe you’d like to lift up everyone’s spirit by serving their favorite comfort foods? Your options are pretty endless! 

Pick the right location - Location matters! It will influence the moods of your guests, so make sure they don’t have to spend hours in the traffic to reach the venue. Otherwise, they will be worn out from the start and won’t relax!  Ideally, your first-choice spot should be easily accessible via transit and have parking available at your guests’ disposal.

FAQs about Outdoor Venues in Boston, MA

How much does it cost to rent an outdoor space in Boston?

The price range for an outdoor venue rental in Boston starts from around $500 and ends at $1500+ minimum spend per session. However, we always recommend asking the venue managers directly for an individual offer which will be calculated based on your guest number and expectations.

Which months are best to rent an outdoor venue in Boston?

The best time for an outdoor event in Boston falls is June, September and October. The weather is usually perfect then, as it’s mild and moderate without high risks of sudden rains, super high temperatures, or humidity. Of course, July and August are also great, but make sure to provide a lot of cool drinks and a shield from the harsh sun!

Which neighborhoods in Boston offer outdoor venues?

Boston’s neighborhoods boast many great venues for your alfresco events! We highly recommend checking out North End and South End and their trendy spots with lively patios. The same goes with Downtown areas, where you can enjoy the exciting views from above on rooftop spaces, such as bars and clubs. Even in the Financial District, you can find some hidden gems where you can party like there’s no tomorrow under the clear sky. 

How far in advance should I book an outdoor venue in Boston?

Remember, the earlier, the better! It’s best to secure a venue once you’ve agreed on the budget and the event date which should be done around 3 to 2 months in advance. That way, you will have plenty of options to choose from and have enough time to compare the offers, contact the managers and pick a space that matches your expectations.

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