Outdoor Venues for Rent in Miami, FL

Outdoor Venues for Rent in Miami, FL

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Top Outdoor Venues in Miami, FL

Are you searching for somewhere to host your next outdoor party? With Tagvenue’s help, you will find a venue that will steal your heart and stand every single one of your guests, no doubt! Miami is known not only for its weather but also for its abundance of gorgeous open-air places that are perfect for a party. We’ve got the best listings for spots that are ideal for hosting baby showers, anniversary dinners, birthday parties, or any other private events. Sounds good? Have a look at our selection of top Miami outdoor venues, give it a careful look and book your favorite today!

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Outdoor Venues Rental Guide

Even though Miami weather can be a lot for some, there are still a number of people that love spending time outside. Are you part of the latter group and are looking for an outdoor venue for your upcoming party? Fantastic! Although organizing an alfresco event in a city like Miami shouldn’t be too much of a problem, it's very likely you’ll be confronted with many decisions. Here at Tagvenue, we understand that you want your party to be the talk of the city which is why we’ve written down a few tips and ideas to help you make it not only successful but also memorable! Give them a read, get inspired, and let’s get to planning straight away!

Guide to renting outdoor venues

  • The location. Have you already thought about where you’d like to host your event? Do you want the venue to be across the city or you’d rather pick a place five steps from your front door? Whatever you decide, make sure to check the venue’s parking options, as well as access to public transportation. What’s more, the venue’s location can greatly influence your guests’ attendance, so make sure to mark the address on the invitations for everyone to be aware of the location and be able to plan their travel.
  • Your budget. Once you know how much money you have for the whole endeavor, everything becomes clear and you can start the planning process. You don’t have to go over the top - simply choose the things that you’ve always wanted. Book the venue of your dreams, hire extra entertainment and put up some unique decorations that will elevate the whole space. Our biggest suggestion? Simply plan an unforgettable night by making your dreams come true.
  • Date. Do you already know when you’d like to party? Are you opting for a midday lunch with friends or a party when the sun goes down? If you don’t have a proper plan yet, you should hurry and pick the date ASAP! The earlier you have it settled, the better. It will give you enough time to find venues that meet all of your requirements and pick the one that has the best offer!
  • Guest list. Any party you’re throwing shouldn’t be about a record number of guests - it should be all about surrounding yourself with people who are important to you. So when you sit down to put together a guest list, ask yourself the following questions: Who has been close to my heart in the past? With whom would I like to share a good time and create new memories? Once you have the answers, put the names down and you’ll have your guest list ready! You might want to add someone else to your list, but remember: quality over quantity.
  • Event type. The type of event you’re planning to throw will have a massive impact on your decision about the venue. When it comes to hosting special occasions, such as anniversary dinners or baby showers, we suggest you have a look at more elevated places, such as restaurants and cafes. But when it comes to birthday parties or bridal showers, go for a rooftop bar or a backyard. Even though we’ve just paired a few types of events with various venues that we feel would go together perfectly, remember one thing: to each their own! You may either get inspired by our suggestions or completely ignore them.  

How to make an outdoor event unique?

  • Set a theme. Feel free to choose whatever theme you want, from your favorite era to a beloved movie. Just think carefully about the things you’re crazy about and create a theme around them. Are you a 90s kid and still feeling sentimental about those years? How about full-on 90s outfits and blasting tunes from the decade? Or, in case your party will be taking place in a backyard, go for a picnic party! Set some blankets, prepare snacks in picnic baskets, and voila! No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, including themed activities will add lots of fun and make the party more exciting.
  • Host a tasting. Would you like to entertain your guests, as well as allow them to learn something new? Host a wine and cheese tasting with lovely Miami scenery. You don’t have to be an expert on wine to host a party - you can always invite someone who is. Hosting a wine tasting is by no means a unique experience! But make sure to have some other drinks served, like cocktails and beers, in case some of your guests are not wine lovers!
  • Play games. Depending on the type of your party, you can think of arranging various activities and games for your guests. People of all ages will love Charades or some cornhole fun. And if you think your guests will love it, bring out board games for big groups - after all, who wouldn’t want to team up and face others in a friendly game of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”? It doesn’t matter what games you pull out of your sleeve, just always remember to choose activities that your guests might be interested in!

FAQs about Outdoor Venues in Miami, FL

How much does it cost to rent an outdoor venue in Miami?

Many Miami outdoor venues offer special packages with prices varying from $15 to $60 per person. But when booking a place, remember to always check which dates have the lowest and highest prices. This will help you rent a venue for a very affordable price. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Miami can I find the best outdoor venues?

Miami’s neighborhoods boast many fantastic venues for your open-air events! We highly recommend checking out Wynwood and its quirky spots boasting colorful patios. The same goes for Miami Beach where you’ll be able to find terraces and backyards adjacent to charming cafes and fantastic restaurants. Even in Downtown Miami you can find some hidden gems where you’ll be able to party under the sky. From rooftop bars to amazing restaurants serving worldwide cuisine, you’ll love this area’s selection of outdoor venues.

What happens if the weather deteriorates?

We suggest you keep a close eye on the weather forecast and stay in touch with the venue coordinator in case you’ll need to reschedule your event. You may also book outdoor spaces that have an adjoining indoor space, such as a barn, and in case you’re thinking of renting a terrace, make sure it’s canopied. 

Are there restrooms available at outdoor venues?

Most of the venues listed on our platform have the necessary number of bathrooms that you and your guests will be able to use on the day of your event. But in case you’re planning a large enterprise, let’s say a concert or a fest, you’ll almost certainly need to hire portable toilets.

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