Filming Locations for Rent in Boston, MA

Filming Locations for Rent in Boston, MA

Explore the best locations in town to bring your cinematic vision to life

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Top Filming Locations in Boston, MA

Not sure where to find the best filming locations in Boston? Or in need of a space for your next big hit? Then come and check out filming locations on Tagvenue, and get ready to book the space or spaces that will make your project a hit. Find venues that offer ideal backdrops, come prepared with equipment and even offer a film crew to help out if you’re lucky. Boston has a wide range of filming spaces, so make sure not to miss them while you scroll. Check out Boston’s best filming spots today!

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Filming Locations Rental Guide

It’s good to have the city’s best filming locations all in one place, which is precisely why our crew has searched far and wide to find the best venues. On Tagvenue, you'll find professional studios, rooftops, venues, and many other spaces for shooting film. When it comes to filming locations, it’s always a good idea to prepare a list and have everything ready before you go down and shoot your scenes. You don’t want to wing it, or you’ll have a lot of wasted time. In any project, time is of the essence and so is money. So get yourself a pen and paper and make sure to note all the details, top tips, and ideas before you decide to bag the filming locations.

Whether you’re shooting a film for the local TV, preparing for a university project, or doing some recreational filming, it’s always good to compare the spaces you’re planning to film, and visualize what the result will be. If you have the opportunity, go to the locations beforehand and preferably take one of the crew members with you to check out the area or space. Plan with the movie director or the screenwriter what shots you’ll be filming and where, and perhaps even take a picture of the place while you’re looking around. Make sure to schedule the scenes and make the process realistic. Don’t be afraid to book the space for an hour longer than expected, as it is better to have some time to spare, rather than stress about not getting the scene filmed to your liking. Make sure the filming location you decide to book agrees with the project's vibe, and that the location's backdrop makes sense in the movie or video. Does the time period of the film match with the interior of the film studio? Remember to do your background check, so once you have everything planned, you can begin to select the locations amongst those that suit your project.

So you got everything written down, double-checked with your crew, and you’re ready to book the location for your film. Awesome. There are just a few more things to keep in mind before you start the rental process, so we’ve prepared a list for you in case you need some extra help.

Filming locations rental checklist

  • The first thing you need to do is figure out how much space you need. If you're filming an interview with one person or just want a quick shot of someone doing a particular action, then you don't need much space at all. But if you plan on having a large crew, or if you're going to be doing any stunts or heavy lifts, then it might be worth renting a bigger-sized venue. 
  • Next thing: equipment! You'll have to ensure there are sufficient outlets for your lights and other equipment so that no one gets electrocuted by an accidentally unplugged lamp cord (or worse). And then there's the issue of sound—if there aren't enough walls between rooms, noise will echo back and forth between them until it sounds like an earthquake is taking place outside your window every time anyone talks too loudly or makes any noise at all (which happens a lot). Check with the host, and better yet, go and see the space for yourself before you decide to rent it.
  • Price. How much are you willing to pay? Be sure to negotiate prices with the manager before renting. Remember that most locations will offer price packages per hour. Figure out how much time you need and add an extra hour (it’s better to have spare time than cutting scenes short because you didn’t manage to film everything). If you’re a little short of money, you could always try to get some extra funding. Check out if any scholarships are available to help make the project come together. 
  • Neighborhood. In what part of the city are you going to film? The location might be important if you’re also planning to shoot outdoors. Perhaps a particular part of town is more interesting for your project? But to be fair, you might simply want to film in an area that is easy to reach. You will probably have some heavy equipment, and you don’t want to drag it to the other side of town if you don’t have the option to travel with it safely. Discuss your options with your second in command, and plan accordingly.

FAQs about Filming Locations in Boston, MA

What are some of the best filming locations in Boston?

Head to Prospect Hill, where you can find spaces such as Entire Venue at Warehouse XI. In this filming location, you will be able to shoot beautiful scenes, perfect for fashion videos or romantic movie scenes. This location is just perfect for it! With a hire fee starting from $5500, it’s a great venue at a great price. 

What types of filming locations can I find in Boston?

You can find various filming locations in Boston, including daylight studios, themed studios, warehouses, etc. Make sure to check out the indoor and outdoor spaces. Remember to match the studio to the type of movie you will be making!

How much do filming locations cost in Boston?

Rent filming locations in Boston by the hour, and expect prices to start at around $60. You can find many affordable locations, as well as some more expensive ones - these range between $110 and $175 per hour.

Do I need a film permit when filming in Boston?

You must get a permit if you plan to film in a public place. So depending on the type of filming location you’re planning to film in, or if you’re going to use a part of the street or any other area, you’ll need to check if you need a permit. Check out this website for all the details.

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