Your Guide to Dinner Parties in Chicago: 21 Top Venues

22 mins read
Your Guide to Dinner Parties in Chicago: 21 Top Venues
June 17, 2024
22 mins read

Whether you’re a seasoned Chicagoan or a newcomer eager to impress, planning and hosting a dinner party can be both exhilarating and daunting. From selecting the perfect venue to choosing a menu that reflects the city’s rich culinary diversity, every detail matters.

In this guide, we explore Chicago’s dining scene and present you with a selection of venues favored by Tagvenue’s customers. So, if you’re looking for some dinner party ideas in Chicago, keep reading and be ready to enjoy an evening your guests will rave about for months!

The Chicago Dining Scene: What Makes It Special?

Chicago is a heaven for foodies.

I couldn’t write a food-related article without mentioning the city’s iconic deep-dish pizza, characterized by its thick crust and reverse layering of ingredients, with cheese directly on the crust and sauce on top.

The second most famous classic is the Chicago-style hot dog, typically an all-beef dog on a poppy seed bun, topped with mustard, onions, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato slices, pickled sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt, but notably no ketchup.

Another staple is the Italian beef sandwich, thinly sliced roast beef simmered in a broth and served on an Italian roll, often with giardiniera or sweet peppers.

But there’s far more to Chicago than the deep-dish pizzas, hot dogs, and Italian beef.

Owing to its diverse cultural heritage, the city offers a rich landscape of international culinary delights. Whether you’re seeking Michelin-starred sophistication, cozy neighborhood gems, or innovative fusion cuisine—Chicago has it all.

A Culinary Map of Chicago

So, where in Chicago can you find the best restaurants for your upcoming dinner party?

The short answer is: everywhere. Each corner in Chicago boasts culinary gems waiting to be discovered. However, a few neighborhoods stand out.

  • 📍 West Loop is renowned for its cutting-edge dining scene, boasting an eclectic array of high-end restaurants and trendy eateries. This neighborhood is a foodie’s paradise, offering everything from Michelin-starred establishments to innovative fusion cuisine.
  • 📍 River North is a culinary hotspot known for its vibrant nightlife and wide variety of dining options, ranging from upscale steakhouses to chic cafes. The area’s lively atmosphere is complemented by various international cuisines, making it a perfect destination for adventurous diners.
  • 📍 Pilsen is celebrated for its rich Mexican culinary heritage, offering an authentic array of traditional dishes and modern Latino-inspired cuisine. This colorful neighborhood is a haven for those seeking home-style cooking, street food, and innovative Mexican eateries.
  • 📍 Lincoln Park boasts a charming blend of historic taverns, cozy bistros, and contemporary dining spots, making it ideal for both casual and fine dining. This leafy neighborhood is perfect for those who enjoy scenic dining experiences along with a range of culinary offerings.
  • 📍 Lakeview is a lively area known for its casual eateries, brunch spots, and global cuisines, catering to a laid-back and diverse crowd. The neighborhood’s vibrant dining scene is complemented by its bustling bars and pubs, offering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • 📍 Chinatown offers an immersive culinary experience with its authentic Chinese restaurants, bakeries, and tea houses, showcasing regional specialties from across China. This vibrant area is a must-visit for those looking to explore traditional flavors and exotic dishes in a culturally rich setting.
  • 📍 Bronzeville is steeped in history and offers a unique blend of soul food restaurants, jazz cafes, and African-American culinary traditions. The neighborhood’s rich cultural heritage is reflected in its diverse range of dining options, from classic comfort foods to contemporary African-American cuisine.
  • 📍 Wicker Park is a trendy hotspot known for its eclectic dining scene, featuring everything from hip coffee shops and artisan bakeries to avant-garde dining establishments. This neighborhood is ideal for those seeking a mix of traditional and contemporary culinary experiences in a vibrant, artistic setting.
  • 📍 Bucktown pairs its artistic vibe with plentiful dining options, ranging from cozy neighborhood taverns to innovative, upscale restaurants. This area is known for its laid-back atmosphere and offers a variety of dining experiences, from comfort food to sophisticated cuisine.
  • 📍 Logan Square is a hub for creative and innovative dining, offering a mix of casual cafes, trendy bars, and cutting-edge restaurants. The neighborhood’s vibrant culinary scene is characterized by its experimental flavors and a strong focus on locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients.

If you don’t mind driving some, you can also find culinary gems in areas such as St. Charles, which boasts charming riverside restaurants and quaint bistros, Clarendon Hills, characterized by its upscale, refined, special-occasion dining spots, or Highwood with its array of Italian eateries and seafood restaurants.

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Dinner Party Options in Chicago

Now, let’s take a closer look at specific spaces you can rent for your Chicago dinner party. When looking for the perfect venue, think about your needs and expectations. Consider these options:

  • Private dining spaces. These are intimate and exclusive areas within restaurants, perfect for hosting smaller, more personal gatherings, offering a unique ambiance and dedicated service.
  • Full buyout. You can reserve an entire restaurant for your event, providing complete privacy and the ability to tailor the space and menu to your specific needs.
  • In-house catering. Many venues offer their own catering services, ensuring a seamless dining experience with menus that showcase the restaurant’s culinary strengths.
  • External catering & BYOB. This allows for more flexibility in menu choices and beverage options, as you can bring in a caterer of your choice and, if permitted, your own selection of drinks.

To help you visualize your event and choose the ideal venue, we’ve curated a list of top-rated Chicago dining spots for rent and grouped them into the following categories:

🍴 Upscale Dinner Party

Explore Chicago’s best for a fancy dinner party that’s all about style and elegance.

1. Savor Timeless Traditions at Bella Mia Fine Dining

A cozy and elegant dining room in Bella Mia Fine Dining restaurant in Chicago, featuring neatly arranged tables with white tablecloths, brown napkins, and glassware. The room is adorned with framed artwork on warm, textured walls, a decorative chandelier, and a lit fireplace creating an inviting ambiance. The wooden floor reflects the soft lighting from wall-mounted fixtures, enhancing the room's classic charm.
Immerse yourself in the elegant and inviting atmosphere of Bella Mia Fine Dining.

📍 Location: Downtown Chicago
👫 Capacity: 100 seats
💰 Price: From $27 per person

At Bella Mia, every meal is a tribute to the rich heritage of Italian cuisine. Savor classic Italian dishes crafted with the highest care, and enjoy a sublime dining experience right in the heart of Downtown Chicago.

✅ Highlights: Classic and intimate atmosphere.
✅ Who will like it: Customers seeking a traditional dining experience.
✅ Ideal for: Romantic dinners or family gatherings with a homely, refined vibe.

2. Urban Chic: Dine in Style at La Parra Restaurant & Bar

Modern and stylish interior of La Parra Restaurant & Bar in Chicago, showcasing a spacious dining area with glossy concrete flooring, dark ceiling with recessed lighting, and a bar area with high stools. The walls are partially adorned with a large mural and exposed brick accents, complementing the contemporary dark wood tables and chairs with plush beige seating. Each table is set with white plates and silverware, ready for guests. The ambiance is upscale with a casual touch.
Treat your senses to a symphony of taste and style at La Parra Restaurant & Bar.

📍 Location: Berwyn, IL
👫 Capacity: 160 seats
💰 Price: From $28 per person

Gather your group for a cozy dinner at La Parra Restaurant & Bar, where tasty Mediterranean meals and a trendy setting come together in Berwyn.

Highlights: An chic urban vibe, characterized by its elegant yet understated décor.
Who will like it: Everyone who appreciates a refined yet relaxed dining atmosphere.
Ideal for: Intimate celebrations, business dinners, social gatherings, and special occasions.

3. Experience Timeless Elegance at Roberto’s Ristorante & Pizzeria

Classic and warm dining space at Roberto's Ristorante & Pizzeria in Chicago, with multiple tables set with white linens, wine glasses, and folded napkins. The room is lit by ornate chandeliers and wall sconces, with decor that includes framed pictures and wine storage, all complemented by a patterned carpet and stone tile flooring for a traditional Italian dining experience.
Roberto’s Ristorante & Pizzeria is the perfect spot for making any occasion extra special with its charming Italian ambiance.

📍 Location: Elmhurst, IL
👫 Capacity: 90 seats
💰 Price: From $41 per person

Throw a dinner party at Roberto’s Ristorante & Pizzeria, and let the Tuscan vibes envelop you and your guests. As you enjoy the warm decor and attentive service, indulge in a menu that celebrates both innovation and tradition, from award-winning steaks to delightful pastas.

✅ Highlights: An authentic Tuscan atmosphere and a menu that blends classic Italian dishes with trend-setting flavors.
✅ Who will like it: Diners who value a blend of classic dining with a hint of upscale sophistication.
✅ Ideal for: Birthday celebrations, wedding rehearsals, business meetings, and holiday parties.

4. Bask in Beauty at Eden Restaurant & Events

Elegant banquet setup in Eden Restaurant & Events in Chicago, featuring a long dining table adorned with white feather centerpieces, blue uplighting, and balloon decorations. The table is fully set with crystal glassware, silver cutlery, and lit candles, creating a festive and sophisticated atmosphere with a view of the city through draped windows in the background.
Toast to life’s milestones at Eden Restaurant & Events.

📍 Location: St. Charles, IL
👫 Capacity: 150 seats
💰 Price: From $75 per person

Let Eden Restaurant & Events in St. Charles mesmerize you with its rustic charm and picturesque setting. The venue’s unique appeal lies in its floor-to-ceiling windows that let in a wealth of natural light and provide stunning river views.

✅ Highlights: The venue’s expansive riverfront views and elegant, rustic decor.
✅ Who will like it: Nature lovers and those seeking a dining experience with panoramic views.
✅ Ideal for: Weddings, formal banquets, or corporate events that desire a scenic backdrop.

🍴 Casual Dinner Party

Find out where to have a relaxed and fun dinner party in Chicago.

5. Sail the Seas of Flavor at Weather Mark Tavern

Nautical-themed Weather Mark Tavern in Chicago with a unique ceiling installation of a white sailboat, contrasting against a dark ceiling with exposed ductwork. The tavern has an extensive bar lined with wooden stools, sail-like dividers creating semi-private spaces, and maritime flags adding to the seafaring ambiance. The open layout with wood flooring and cozy seating offers a relaxed and adventurous dining experience.
Enjoy the maritime charm and laid-back atmosphere of Weather Mark Tavern.

📍 Location: South Loop
👫 Capacity: 130 seats
💰 Price: From $50 per person

Set sail for a memorable dinner party! Weather Mark Tavern, a nautical-themed bar and family restaurant in Chicago’s South Loop, lets you revel in the spirit of seafaring adventure without leaving the city.

✅ Highlights: Central location and a distinctive maritime vibe.
✅ Who will like it: Casual diners looking for a relaxed atmosphere with a fun, thematic setting.
✅ Ideal for: Corporate events, private dinners, birthday parties, and any festivity that calls for a unique location.

6. Have a Slice of Fun at Easy Street Pizza

easy street pizza chicago dining with groups 1 1
At Easy Street Pizza, every event becomes a festive feast.

📍 Location: North Center
👫 Capacity: 170 seats
💰 Price: From $40 per person

Easy Street Pizza stands out with its cozy, welcoming environment and a reputation for serving up some of the most delicious and iconic pizzas perfect for any celebration.

✅ Highlights: A laid-back, modern American pizzeria vibe with a mix of industrial and rustic elements.
✅ Who will like it: Pizza enthusiasts, casual diners, families, and sports fans.
✅ Ideal for: Casual business meetings, family gatherings, birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and holiday get-togethers.

7. Enjoy the Buzz of Pizzeria Serio

Casual and inviting interior of Pizzeria Serio in Chicago, featuring a spacious dining area with dark wooden tables and chairs, a long bar with black bar stools, and a brick wall accent. The area is illuminated by ceiling fans and spotlights, and multiple televisions are mounted for viewing, creating a relaxed atmosphere suitable for casual dining and socializing.
Pizzeria Serio has it all: good food, great drinks, and warm company.

📍 Location: West Lakeview
👫 Capacity: 70 seats
💰 Price: From $20 per person

Rent out the exclusive second-floor event space at Pizzeria Serio, where NeapolAmerican East Coast thin crust pizza is the star. Pair it with delicious craft beer, and make your evening one to remember.

✅ Highlights: Private second-floor event space with a dedicated full bar and modern AV capabilities.
✅ Who will like it: Young professionals and those seeking a relaxed yet trendy environment to dine and socialize.
✅ Ideal for: Casual social events, after-work gatherings, or celebratory dinner and drinks with friends.

8.  Discover the Vintage Charm of Port and Park Bistro

Cozy dining space at Port and Park Bistro in Chicago, with natural light streaming through large windows with stained glass accents. The room is furnished with dark wood tables and chairs, and pendant lights hanging from a high ceiling, offering a view of a busy street. The simple, yet inviting decor creates a pleasant atmosphere for casual dining.
The Bistro Room at Port and Park Bistro is perfect for those seeking a personal and comfortable setting.

📍 Location: Lakeview
👫 Capacity: 75 seats
💰 Price: From $200 per hour

The warmth of Midwest hospitality meets the charm of a community hub at the Port and Park Bistro. Whether you’re raising a toast at the private bar or savoring a meal from a menu just for you, this space adapts to make your gathering a favorite memory for all.

✅ Highlights: An open and airy space with flexible seating, classic woodwork, and stained-glass windows.
✅ Who will like it: Those who appreciate a cozy, traditional bistro setting with a touch of nostalgia.
✅ Ideal for: Medium-sized gatherings such as corporate events, family reunions, social mixers, quiet dinners, or casual catch-ups.

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🍴 International Cuisine

Join us on a food journey around the world without leaving Chicago.

9. Enjoy a Renaissance Feast at Gianni’s Cafe Palatine

Traditional Italian dining room at Gianni's Cafe in Palatine, highlighted by a mural of an Italian landscape, ornate columns, and warm pendant lighting. The tables are draped with white tablecloths and set for service, reflecting the restaurant's classic charm. A view into the open kitchen adds an interactive and welcoming element to the dining experience.
Host your dinner party at Gianni’s Cafe Palatine, where every meal is served with a side of history and artistry.

📍 Location: Palatine, IL
👫 Capacity: 90 seats
💰 Price: From $45 per person

Gianni’s Cafe turns fresh ingredients into memorable meals, perfect for any gathering. Whether it’s a family celebration or a corporate event, their private rooms offer a personalized touch for groups large and small, with the bonus of a beloved weekend brunch ideal for daytime parties.

✅ Highlights: A blend of historical richness and casual dining elegance.
✅ Who will like it: Lovers of Italian cuisine and culture.
✅ Ideal for: Family gatherings, romantic dinners, corporate meetings, or any other type of event.

10.  Engage the Senses at Seadog Sushi Bar

Intimate and ambient sushi bar at Seadog Sushi Bar in Chicago, featuring exposed brick walls and warm wooden floors. The dining area is lit with a soft glow from a unique, sculptural overhead light, and the tables are neatly set with black napkins, creating a cozy and modern dining experience.
Invite your guests to Seadog Sushi Bar, where the sushi is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate.

📍 Location: Pulaski Park
👫 Capacity: 60 seats
💰 Price: From $300 per hour

Make yourself at home in the cozy corners of Seadog Sushi Bar for a dinner party where intimacy meets culinary artistry. Let the space be exclusively yours, or choose one of three distinct dining areas: the lively sushi bar, the tranquil rear room, or the breezy outdoor patio.

✅ Highlights: Seadog Sushi Bar’s exclusive full-venue rental offers a versatile and private dining experience with visually engaging sushi preparation.
✅ Who will like it: Sushi lovers, urbanites, and anyone who appreciates a trendy dining atmosphere.
✅ Ideal for: Intimate dinners, small celebratory occasions, or a romantic evening out.

11. Unleash Style at Umai

Modern and urban dining space at Umai in Chicago, offering a view of the bustling city street through floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior boasts wooden tables, a long communal table with a striking overhead light fixture, and warm wood accents along the walls. The relaxed and trendy atmosphere is perfect for a casual meal in a lively neighborhood setting.
Host your next dinner party at Umai, where the buzz of Chicago combines with the serenity of Japan.

📍 Location: South Loop
👫 Capacity: 140 seats
💰 Price: From $60 per person

Umai is a place to relax, laugh, and enjoy great Japanese food and drinks right in the city’s heart. Your guests will love the chic, loft-style vibe, and the beautiful murals and cozy lighting that add an inviting glow.

✅ Highlights: The venue’s open concept paired with a bold art wall and panoramic city views.
✅ Who will like it: Urban diners and art enthusiasts who appreciate a stylish, modern setting with a cultural edge.
✅ Ideal for: Large gatherings such as corporate events, special celebrations, social dining, artistic gatherings, or a chic night out.

12. Dine in Splendor at Thassos Greek Restaurant

Elegant and modern dining room at Thassos Greek Restaurant in Clarendon Hills, featuring a bright space with large windows draped in heavy curtains, grey upholstered booths, and white tablecloth-covered tables. The room is lit by a stylish chandelier that adds a sophisticated touch to the clean and minimalist decor, inviting a comfortable yet upscale dining experience.
Enjoy an authentic Greek meal in a space that echoes the hospitality of Greece. | Thassos Greek Restaurant

📍 Location: Clarendon Hills, IL
👫 Capacity: 170 seats
💰 Price: From $60 per person

Explore Greek tradition and spoil your palate with Mediterranean dishes crafted with the finest ingredients. Thassos offers the perfect blend of classic dishes and modern ambiance.

✅ Highlights: The restaurant’s commitment to authentic Greek cuisine and a stylish, comfortable environment.
✅ Who will like it: Customers who appreciate a refined dining experience with a touch of Greek sophistication.
✅ Ideal for: Celebratory dinners, business meetings, or romantic evenings.

13.  Immerse Yourself in Color at Macello Cucina di Puglia

Vibrant and colorful dining area at Macello Cucina di Puglia in Chicago, featuring whimsical balloon-like light fixtures, exposed brick walls, and a lively mural with floral and abstract designs. Wooden tables and chairs are neatly arranged, ready for guests, contributing to the restaurant's lively and artistic atmosphere.
Macello Cucina di Puglia’s art-filled interior brings a joyful burst of Italian energy.

📍 Location: West Loop
👫 Capacity: 100 seats
💰 Price: From $2000 min. spend

Come celebrate at Macello Cucina di Puglia, where special occasions turn into memorable feasts. Share delicious dishes, toast with fine drinks, and let the lively spirit of Puglia make your dinner party the talk of the town.

✅ Highlights: The venue’s vibrant, colorful murals and whimsical hanging lanterns create a playful and artistic dining environment.
✅ Who will like it: Anyone who enjoys a fusion of traditional Italian cuisine and an artsy, upbeat vibe.
✅ Ideal for: Lively celebrations, birthday parties, or casual group dining events.

🧂 You may also like:

🍴 Private Dining

Discover the charm of Chicago’s private dining options for a special and intimate dinner experience.

14. Find Comfort and Joy at the Great Escape Restaurant

Classic banquet room at the Great Escape Restaurant in Schiller Park, adorned with multicolored string lights and traditional decor. Round tables are set with white tablecloths, and a buffet area is prepared for service. The room's vintage aesthetic is complemented by framed artwork and carpeted flooring, creating a warm, festive setting.
Great Escape Restaurant lets you enjoy everything from gourmet dishes to sweet treats.

📍 Location: Schiller Park, IL
👫 Capacity: 60 seats
💰 Price: From $20 per person

At the Great Escape Restaurant, your dinner party will be wrapped in a cozy, festive atmosphere that’s just right for any celebration. So, gather your family, friends, or colleagues, and raise a glass from the restaurant’s extensive wine selection!

✅ Highlights: Festive string lights and classic decor that give this venue a timeless, celebratory feel.
✅ Who will like it: Those who enjoy a traditional, cozy, and family-friendly atmosphere.
✅ Ideal for: Casual receptions, holiday parties, or family gatherings.

15. Relish the Opulent Decor at the Russian Tea Time Restaurant

Elegant and sophisticated dining room at the Russian Tea Time Restaurant in Downtown Chicago, showcasing rich red velvet booths, white tablecloth-covered tables, and classic chandeliers. The restaurant features dark wood paneling and a well-stocked bar, with ornate decorative elements that evoke an old-world charm.
Discover the robust, hearty flavors of traditional Russian and Eastern European dishes at the Russian Tea Time Restaurant.

📍 Location: Downtown Chicago
👫 Capacity: 55 seats
💰 Price: From $1500 rental fee

At the Russian Tea Time Restaurant, guests can savor dishes from Russia and Central Asia in Downtown Chicago. Here, every bite is a celebration and every sip of house-blended tea—a journey.

✅ Highlights: The venue’s rich, plush red draperies and classic chandeliers offer a regal yet welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of a traditional European dining room.
✅ Who will like it: Diners seeking a touch of old-world charm and elegance in their dining experience.
✅ Ideal for: Formal dinners, celebratory occasions, or romantic date nights.

🍴 Small Dinner Party

Check out Chicago’s coziest places for hosting small, warm, and friendly dinner parties.

16. Savor the Sophisticated Minimalism of Scotty’s on Sheridan

A modern and elegant dining room at Scotty's on Sheridan in Highwood, featuring white tablecloths with navy blue napkins, crystal glassware, and ambient lighting from geometric chandeliers. The walls are adorned with contemporary artwork and mirrors, contributing to the upscale and artistic atmosphere of the restaurant.
Scotty’s on Sheridan combines classic American dining with a curated cocktail experience.

📍 Location: Highwood, IL
👫 Capacity: 35 seats
💰 Price: From $27 per person

Come on over to Scotty’s on Sheridan, where each dinner party feels like coming home. Their menu is a warm hug of American grill favorites, served in a comfortable and inviting space.

✅ Highlights: The venue’s blend of abstract art and modern design.
✅ Who will like it: Patrons with a taste for contemporary elegance and understated luxury.
✅ Ideal for: Sophisticated private events, celebratory dinners, or high-end business meetings.

17. Enjoy the Intimate Luxuries of the Savarin Room at Marchesa

The Savarin Room at Marchesa in Chicago offers an opulent dining experience with its rich green walls, ornate golden chandelier, and classic paintings. The long dining table set with fine china and crystal glasses under the warm glow of candlelight creates an intimate and luxurious atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era.
Dine in the elegance of the Savarin Room at Marchesa.

📍 Location: River North
👫 Capacity: 10 seats
💰 Price: From $2000 min. spend

Revel in modern French cuisine and perfectly paired wines, surrounded by exquisite art and under the soft glow of brass chandeliers. The Savarin Room at Marchesa is a small treasure trove of culinary and visual delights that promises an unforgettable soirée.

✅ Highlights: The room’s charm lies in its luxurious decor, including a malachite ceiling, Chinoiserie cabinet, and vintage chandeliers.
✅ Who will like it: Connoisseurs of fine dining who appreciate a touch of historical luxury.
✅ Ideal for: Intimate celebrations and exclusive dinner parties.

18. Bask in the Warmth of Stix n Brix Wood Fired Pizza

A casual and inviting dining space at Stix n Brix Wood Fired Pizza in Chicago, with a rustic brick wall and large windows offering ample natural light. The restaurant features simple wooden tables and black chairs, complemented by a warm color scheme and festive wreath decoration, providing a cozy and relaxed environment for enjoying a meal.
Enjoy freshly made wood-fired pizzas and a range of homemade dishes in Stix n Brix Wood Fired Pizza’s spacious yet intimate setting.

📍 Location: Bridgeport
👫 Capacity: 36 seats
💰 Price: From $600 rental fee + per person

Gather your loved ones for a cozy get-together at Stix n Brix Wood Fired Pizza, where the ambiance is as warm as their ovens. Come for the pizza, stay for the memories, and enjoy the venue’s homely atmosphere.

✅ Highlights: Rustic brick walls, industrial-chic lighting, and large windows that create a cozy yet modern atmosphere.
✅ Who will like it: Urban diners and those who appreciate a casual, contemporary space with a warm vibe.
✅ Ideal for: Casual dining, social brunches, or relaxed evening gatherings.

🍴 Bring Your Own Food

Learn about places in Chicago that allow external catering and create a unique and personal dining experience.

19.  Jazz Up Your Palate at Storyville

Chic and vibrant bar at Storyville in Chicago, with lustrous red tufted booths and bar stools, dark wood flooring, and an eclectic mix of ornate chandeliers. The walls are adorned with whimsical art and neon signs, while lush green plants add a touch of freshness to the lively and opulent New Orleans-inspired setting.
Laisses les bon temps rouler at Storyville.

📍 Location: River North
👫 Capacity: 45 seats
💰 Price: From $60 per person

Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of New Orleans at Storyville and let the sizzle of Andouille sausage and the sweet scent of caramelized bananas whisk you away to a world of culinary wonder.

✅ Highlights: Lively and eclectic New Orleans-inspired decor.
✅ Who will like it: Lovers of rich, flavorful cuisine looking for a lavish escape to the French Quarter.
✅ Ideal for: Social gatherings, celebratory drinks, or dining in a more upbeat, bar-like environment.

20. Craft Memories at BLOCK | 25

Modern and sleek dining space at BLOCK 25 in Chicago, featuring a long wooden communal table with stylish leather chairs, and elegant, circular crystal chandeliers. The kitchen sports a contemporary design with a marble countertop and state-of-the-art appliances, set against wood-paneled walls. The room's muted color palette and sophisticated decor create an atmosphere that's both upscale and welcoming.
BLOCK | 25 enables you to host a chic and memorable event in a space that’s designed to impress.

📍 Location: Lincoln Park
👫 Capacity: 60 seats
💰 Price: From $300 per hour

BLOCK | 25 is a canvas for your most imaginative events. With its full bar, live wall, and open-concept kitchen, Block 25 invites you to create, celebrate, and bask in the afterglow of Lincoln Park’s vibrant nightlife.

✅ Highlights: A sleek modern design with upscale lighting fixtures and a stylish bar area, offering an atmosphere of contemporary elegance.
✅ Who will like it: The sophisticated diner seeking a modern and flexible dining experience.
✅ Ideal for: Corporate events, upscale private parties, or elegant social gatherings.

21. Spend an Enchanted Evening at Whim at Stage 773

An eclectic and fantastical dining space at Whim at Stage 773 in Chicago, featuring whimsical decor with a large, artistic tree sculpture and a colorful carousel horse. The room is adorned with a canopy of bright, multicolored stage lights and string lights, creating a magical and theatrical ambiance. The varied seating, including cozy sofas and traditional chairs around intimate tables, is set upon a shiny floor that reflects the vibrant lighting, all contributing to a playful and immersive dining experience.
Whim at Stage 773 ensures a one-of-a-kind event that will leave your guests enchanted.

📍 Location: Lakeview
👫 Capacity: 150 seats
💰 Price: From $1000 min. spend

Whim at Stage 773 is a tapestry of imagination, illuminated by a canopy of colorful lights that dance across the ceiling like stars in a night sky. A faux tree branches out over the space, adding an element of nature’s whimsy.

✅ Highlights: A fusion of event space and art gallery with a quirky, magical, and eclectic atmosphere.
✅ Who will like it: Anyone wishing to escape the ordinary.
✅ Ideal for: Social gatherings, corporate events, informal parties.


As our culinary journey across Chicago comes to a close, remember that the magic of a dinner party lies not just in the exquisite food or the stunning venue, but in the joy of coming together to create lasting memories.

Each venue we’ve explored offers a unique charm and ambiance. Take some time to envision your event, explore your options, and choose a dining experience that resonates with your personal style and the essence of your gathering.

Let the shared moments and the laughter echo long after the last guest has left. Until your next soirée!

We’ve shown you some of Chicago’s most delicious corners; now it’s your turn!

Now that you’re inspired, hop on Tagvenue and book the perfect space for your dinner party.


What are some Chicago-style dishes I should include in my menu?

When crafting a menu that captures the essence of Chicago, consider including some of these classic Chicago-style dishes:

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. A must-try, with its high-edge crust and layers of cheese, meat, and sauce.
Italian beef sandwiches. Tender slices of beef in a rich broth served on Italian-style rolls.
Chicago-style hot dogs. Loaded with toppings like onions, tomato wedges, pickle relish, and sport peppers.
Jibarito. A sandwich made with flattened, fried green plantains instead of bread.
Polish sausage. Often served with caramelized onions and mustard.
Garrett popcorn. A Chicago staple, try the popular mix of caramel and cheese popcorn.

Remember to offer a mix of appetizers, main courses, and desserts to give your guests a comprehensive taste of Chicago’s culinary landscape.

How do I accommodate guests with dietary restrictions like gluten-free, vegan, or kosher?

1. Understand their needs. Communicate with your guests beforehand to understand their dietary restrictions.
2. Plan the menu. Include a variety of dishes that cater to different needs, such as gluten-free, vegan, and kosher options.
3. Label dishes. Clearly label dishes at your party, so guests know what suits their dietary needs.
4. Separate preparation areas. If possible, prepare dietary-specific foods in separate areas to avoid cross-contamination.
5. Consult with caterers. If hiring a caterer, ensure they have experience in preparing meals that meet these dietary requirements.

How do I budget for a dinner party in Chicago? What are the average costs?

Venue: If you’re renting a space, prices can vary widely based on location and size. Expect anything from $100 to several thousand dollars.
Food and drink: The cost can range from $20 to $100 per person, depending on whether you’re cooking, ordering takeout, or hiring a caterer.
Decorations and supplies: Budget around $50 to $200, depending on the extravagance of your decorations.
Entertainment: If hiring live music or a DJ, costs can range from $100 to $500+.

It’s wise to set a budget early on and allocate funds to each aspect of your party, prioritizing what’s most important to you.

What are the weather considerations for planning a dinner party in Chicago, especially if it’s outdoors?

Chicago’s weather can be quite variable, so it’s crucial to plan accordingly, especially for an outdoor event:

Seasonal planning: Summer and early fall offer the most predictable weather for outdoor parties. Winters can be harsh and unpredictable, making outdoor parties less feasible.
Backup plan: Always have a contingency plan, like a tent or an indoor space, in case of sudden rain or wind.
Heating and cooling: Depending on the season, consider renting outdoor heaters for chilly evenings or fans and cooling systems for hot summer days.
Weather updates: Keep an eye on weather forecasts leading up to your event and be ready to make last-minute adjustments if necessary.
Dress code: Inform your guests of the expected weather conditions so they can dress appropriately for your outdoor event.

What are the best transportation and parking options for guests attending a dinner party in Chicago?

Navigating transportation and parking in Chicago can be challenging, so here are some tips to help your guests:

Public transportation: Encourage the use of Chicago’s extensive public transportation system, including buses and the “L” trains, especially if your venue is near a transit line.
Ride-sharing apps: Apps like Uber and Lyft are widely used in Chicago and can be a convenient option for guests.
Parking apps: Recommend parking apps like SpotHero or ParkWhiz to find and reserve parking spaces in advance.
Valet service: If your budget allows, consider hiring a valet service for the convenience of your guests, particularly in areas where parking is scarce.
Parking information: Provide detailed parking information with your invitations, including street parking rules, nearby garages, or lots.
Carpool options: Encourage carpooling among guests who live near each other to reduce the number of vehicles needing parking.

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