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A Bar or Bat mitzvah is a meaningful event in the life of every Jewish teenager, so why not mark it by hosting a lavish party in a fantastic venue! And at Tagvenue we will be more than happy to accompany you as you search for the perfect venue for both your needs and budget. So no matter if you opt for a big celebration or an intimate family gathering, hop on our platform and pick your favorite one from the curated list of Bar Mitzvah venues across Los Angeles! And Mazel tov!

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Bar Mitzvah Venues Rental Guide

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a momentous event in the life of every Jewish child, so it will require some thorough planning to organize an event that your kid will be reminiscing about long after it’s over. But don’t worry! Tagvenue has got you covered! We've prepared a list of helpful tips to consider when planning your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, so check it out and let us help keep your Bar/Bat mitzvah organization short and sweet! 

Key things to remember when organizing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Set the date - Generally, parents should start thinking about planning the Bat Mitzvah well before the date arrives. The parents will get in contact with the synagogue and figure out the program to make sure that they can plan everything for the special day. Some synagogues will assign the dates, whereas others give you the freedom of setting the date by yourself. So, if you’re in charge of choosing the date, make sure it doesn’t collide with the Bat Mitzvah of another child among your family and friends and make sure to always avoid any holiday season. 

Make a guest list - Some Bat Mitzvahs are organized for hundreds of guests, while other ones are hosted for only close family. It is up to you and your child how big of a party you’re planning for, but remember to make sure the venue will comfortably fit your invited guests. As you want this Big Day to be a memorable one, it’s important to prioritize your guests’ comfort by picking a venue that will allow them to move around comfortably, without bumping into each other.  

Establish your budget - Calculate how much money you can allocate on the venue rental, entertainment, dec vendors, etc. As costs add up fast, we recommend making a spreadsheet to keep you on track with your spending. Overall, setting a budget can help you find your ideal party space as the Tagvenue platform can help you search within your chosen price estimate.

Pick a theme - Consider choosing a theme for this event. This will differentiate the party from others, make it more fun for other child attendees, and also reinforce for your own child the sense that it is their special day. Discuss with your child how they picture their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Maybe they would like some sports decorations or something with their favorite cartoon character? Be as creative as you want to add a personal touch to this meaningful event.  

Secure a venue - Once you’ve established your budget and a guest list, it’s time to hunt down the perfect Bar/Bat Mitzvah venue! To make sure that you have many options available on your specific date, try to book your first-choice venue as early as one year before the event will take place. This will give you plenty of time to organize another venue if your first choice is not available, as well as settle on other crucial details, such as deciding on decorations, booking a DJ, photographer, booking entertainers, etc. Make sure the location of your ideal Bar/ Bat Mitzvah venue is accessible to everyone. Check out how far it is from the nearest subway line, bus stops, and parking lots.  

Help with the Tzedakah project - To make the celebration of Bar/Bat Mitzvah even more meaningful, you can help your child with choosing their Tzedakah project. As it is an important matter, it can get overwhelming when the time comes to pick the right one. It is always best to take some time to sit down with your child to give them some advice and share your own experience with choosing the project. Your kid will definitely appreciate your input and, knowing that you’ve got their back, they will proudly announce their project during the event.  

Pick the menu - Ask the venue manager about their party package options and pick the one that will suit the palates of both adults and younger guests best. Choose a wide range of finger foods and snacks that will go well with the picked theme. Will you need only kosher food at the event? If your first-choice venue doesn’t provide a kosher menu, consider hiring an outside kosher caterer, however, always check whether it is allowed under the venue’s policies. Also, don’t forget about any allergies or dietary restrictions of your guests and pick a menu that everyone will enjoy.   

Plan the Candle Lighting Ceremony - First, ask the venue managers if it’s possible to conduct the ceremony at the venue. Once this matter has been settled, you can go straight back to planning. As it’s one of the most important parts of the night, decide with your kid who they are going to call up to light the candle and in what order. You can also help with choosing the song as well as with short speeches they will dedicate to each person.  

Send out invitations - There is no certain rule on the style and color of Bar/ Bat mitzvah invitations. Just make sure they match the theme you’ve agreed on for the event. You can prepare them by yourselves, or buy/ order them at a local or online store, but remember to include key information about the ceremony and venue location. When they’re all ready, send them at least 6-8 weeks before the event so your guests can save the date and be there for this meaningful day.

Bar Mitzvah Venues in Los Angeles FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a Bar Mitzvah venue in Los Angeles?

According to the data on Tagvenue, to rent out a venue for this special day, expect to pay anywhere between $2000 up to $10000+ per evening. Many venues which offer catering options, such as restaurants, bars, taverns, etc. will charge per person with prices starting at $40 up to $80. But don’t hesitate to ask venue managers for discounts, as well as Bar/Bat Mitzvah packages. 

Which LA district has the best Bar Mitzvah venues?

LA is a fantastic city with a variety of venues that are perfect for hosting a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah in every district. We can recommend the ones in the Downtown area. To find them, search in the area of Pershing Square and 7th Street/ Metro Center stations. 

What equipment do I need to organize a Bar Mitzvah?

We recommend checking whether your first-choice venue has the PA systems, as well as speakers and microphones on offer. You can also consider having some artificial lighting, but ask the venue managers about any additional costs of using one. 

How much does it cost to organize a Bar Mitzvah?

Generally, the final cost depends on key factors such as venue rental, guest number, and the hire of vendors such as photographers, videographers, entertainers, etc. In LA, the average cost is $15000 to $30000. However, if such numbers scare you, we can assure you that it’s possible to host a Bar/Bat Mitzvah for a budget of just a few thousand dollars. At Tagvenue, you can take our smart filters for a spin and adjust the price range according to your budget. 

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