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Looking for a bar, a restaurant or an event space to celebrate your engagement in? With Tagvenue, no matter what your dream engagement party looks like, we will help you organise a unique and special celebration. Explore romantic locations, book never-seen-before venues and prepare to lose yourself in the amorous atmosphere of the Garden City. If you’ve been searching for engagement party venues in Singapore, you’re not going to leave Tagvenue disappointed. Hop on our platform and find that perfect space for your party today!

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Engagement Party Venues Rental Guide

Checking out the best engagement party venues in Singapore? And no wonder! Singapore is known for its wedding-scene - with people coming to get married even from abroad. Not only is Singapore a great party hub, it’s also one of the most fairy-tale destinations! As you may know, here at Tagvenue we take extra special care to find the perfect locales which will make any couple’s dreams come true. Now, we hope you’re ready because it’s time to announce that the engagement party venue booking mission is a go! 

How do you host an engagement party?

Hosting a party is a fairly simple process as long as you keep some important info in mind. Let’s start with deciding who should host the party. Is it going to be you–the happy couple, the parents or close friends? In that case, who's going to pay for the event? Is the check going to be split, are there any expectations regarding the process? Chat with your closest family and friends if you’re trying to make the event more budget-friendly. It’s good to know where you stand with the organisation, since in many traditional settings it was the bride’s family that made the engagement party come together. However, these days couples tend to organise the whole thing themselves, with additional help from time to time. 

The next aspect is to pick a date and time. When would you like to have the engagement party? Are there any times that mean something special to both of you, and you would like to cherish the time? Our top tip: stay flexible. Choosing the perfect date and time is important, but sometimes it’s better to keep your options open if you want to make the process more cost efficient. In case you’re planning an affordable party, then we suggest checking out the times of the year that are less popular (such as autumn), and of course if you happen to have the opportunity, it’s good to have the party on any day between Monday and Thursday. Weekends are usually the most expensive and popular times. Another thing to keep in mind though, is that not everyone will be able to attend at certain times, so make sure to contact your guests beforehand, especially if you’re planning an intimate event. 

Let’s set a guest list. Before you decide which venue you want to book, it would be a good idea to have a guest list ready. First things first - what’s your minimum and maximum number of guests that you wish to invite to the party? You’ll need a different venue depending on whether you’re planning to invite 30 people or 130. Are your guests coming with kids? Or plus ones? Perhaps you want it as an adults-only party and for your friends to be there without strangers you don’t know. Hey, it’s your party, and you’re paying for it, so there’s no problem with expecting either from your guests. Once you’ve got that down, you’re ready to check out our fab venue selection!

Check out engagement party venues in Singapore! Large or small, indoor or outdoor, intimate and closed off, or in the centre of attention. That’s right, when you look through our fab selection, the only problem you may come across is how to choose just one space. But before you seal the deal with a venue that you like the look of, make sure to check a few other things with the host of the locale. 

  • Food and drinks. Once you find a few venues that you like the look of and that tick all the boxes on the points above, it’s time to think of food and beverages. What foods will you opt to have? Are you aiming for full course dishes or simply finger food? What types of alcoholic beverages will you serve? Are you going to go all out and leave the choice to the venue or will you opt for a BYOB (bring your own beverage) option? 
  • DJ or live music. Well, it is a party! You can always have your own Spotify playlist in the background, but this is your engagement party we’re talking about, so why not make the day extra special and get someone else to play the music for you. Jazz bands, Blues music, soft rock - you name it. Just make sure it’s good enough for everyone to have fun, you don’t want soppy and sad playing all through the night!
  • Decorations. You will want nice decor, that’s more than certain. Some venues offer very nice interior design which will do just fine with some extra balloons and perhaps some beautiful flower arrangements. But maybe you want to go all out and add something even better. Don’t forget to check in with the host in case they happen to have a decor policy.

Ready to check out the best engagement party venues in Singapore? Scroll through the list, or check out the FAQ section below in case you still need some more questions answered!

Engagement Party Venues in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a venue for an engagement party in Singapore?

If you’re planning an engagement party in Singapore, the city has got you covered. Most event spaces charge per hour or per session. When it comes to the hourly pricing structure, expect prices ranging from S$60 up to S$1930 per hour while for hire fee you will have to pay from S$100 up to S$16000 per session. Minimum spend rates start at S$400 and can grow up to S$12000. If you are looking for a per person charge, prices will range from S$15 up to S$100. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Singapore can I find the best venues for an engagement party?

Singapore will spoil you with many different amazing engagement party venues. If you’re looking for somewhere with easy and convenient access, you should check out Central Area, Tanjong Pagar and Civic District. The northern part of Singapore, especially Orchard, Little India and Kallang, is also worth having a look at. Other popular areas with a wide selection of event spaces are Geylang, Bedok and Punggol. You can also find some truly unique places in Southern Islands and Queenstown.

How can I organise an affordable engagement party in Singapore?

Weddings are not cheap events, so it would be a good idea to throw an unforgettable engagement party on a budget. Picking a venue with a minimum spend pricing structure could be a good starting point to organising an affordable party. When choosing a place for your celebration, check whether the venue has a BYO policy - that could also cut the costs. Nobody wants their guests to be hungry, so food plays an important role during each party. If you’re trying to save, you should consider a buffet style dinner instead of choosing a menu and having a sit-down meal.

What are some of the best engagement party venues in Singapore?

With more than 200 available venues, finding the ideal one will be tricky. But if you want to know our opinion, we definitely recommend the following:

  • Indoor Area at The Best Brew - the perfect space for a private event. Hosting for up to 70 people, this intimate setting is ideal if you love class and elegance. Check out the venue’s amazing catering and party the night away!
  • Semi Private - PEN & INC - prefer a more sit down party? Then the Semi Private room will be the perfect option for you. Fit a small group of up to 30 people inside, and enjoy the privacy. Another great thing? The venue offers delicious Tex-Mex and Southwestern cuisine! 
  • Eden By Maison Ikkoku at Maison Ikkoku - are breathtaking views of Singapore sounding good for the evening? Celebrate your engagement on the outdoor secret rooftop, surrounded by plants. The space specialises in handcrafted cocktails and really good sushi. If that sounds like something up your street then make sure not to miss out!

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