14 Wonderful Birthday Activities and Experiences in Singapore for Teenagers 

13 mins read
14 Wonderful Birthday Activities and Experiences in Singapore for Teenagers 
Written by: Jaya Ramchurn
March 22, 2024
13 mins read

Have a teenager’s birthday right around the corner, but you’re scratching your head on where to even begin? Fear not, dear party planner!

We’ve got your back with some kick-ass teenage birthday party ideas in Singapore

We’re talking about experiences and activities that will make your teen’s celebration the talk of the town! From epic video game tournaments to mouthwatering private dining parties, we’ve curated the crème de la crème of party ideas exclusively for your teen! So, why wait? 

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Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Teens in Singapore

Ah, teenagers, the connoisseurs of fun! They’d rather dodge homework than skip a good time. But who can blame them on their birthday? They want to skip the library trips and stop fretting about the worries of adulthood! Teens love to dress up or down and have a good time!

And hey, they don’t mind hanging out with the oldies, too, as long as the activity is fun and engaging! So, buckle up as we explore some of the coolest, most fun-packed birthday bash ideas for your teen!

1. Tropical-themed Dinner Party

  • Duration: 3 hours +
knots cafe and living birthday party ideas singapore
Celebrate like you’re in Hawaii with a themed birthday bash! | Knots Cafe and Living 📍 Port Dickson

Transform your teen’s birthday into a tropical paradise right here in Singapore! Why settle for the same old when you can bring the beach vibes to your backyard or a pretty venue?

Start by sending out cute Hawaiian invites using Canva. Then, decorate with flower garlands and tiki torches for that island feel. Want to up the fun factor? Add inflatable palm trees!

Keep the party hopping with games like lei tossing and coconut passing. It’s not just a dinner – it’s a mini vacation in your own country!

 Hauʻoli Lā Hānau (Happy birthday!) 🌺

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2. Video Game Tournament

  • Duration: 2 hours +
47017 gamerssg clubhouse room teenage birthday ideas singapore 1
Every teen dreams of playing video games all day on their birthday!  | GAMERS Clubhouse 📍 Bukit Merah

What’s every teen’s dream birthday activity? Binge-playing video games, of course! Welcome to the GAMERS Clubhouse, where the fun never ends!

Gather their crew, snag the venue, and let the gaming challenge begin! It’s a gamer’s paradise with ten gaming PCs, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch consoles, and a space for everything from card battles to mobile gaming. Seriously, could it get any better?

For an extra dose of birthday bliss, why not take your teen and their pals to Virtual Reality Singapore? Why settle for reality when you can have virtual reality? 🕹️

3. Perfume Making Workshop

Duration: 1 hour +

Ready to dive into the world of fragrance alongside your teen? With perfume workshops all over the country, it’s no wonder they’ve made it onto our must-do list.

Perfumes are like the perfect party potion! They evoke feelings of joy and relaxation, and crafting their signature scent is a surefire hit for teens who love a bit of DIY or crave personalised presents. 

At Maison 21G, you’ll not only discover the secrets of perfume history and art together, but you’ll also get to concoct your custom fragrance. It’s like chemistry class but with a much nicer smell! 🌹

4. Hop to Universal Studios Singapore

  • Duration: 8 hours +

Have you got a cinephile under your roof? Well, buckle up because with Southeast Asia’s premier movie magic hub, Universal Studios, right at your doorstep, your teen’s in for a real treat!

Teens will enjoy six spine-tingling roller coasters, one splash-plastic water ride, and shows that’ll have them dancing! 

Get your tickets, and let the adventure begin. Just remember to bring plenty of popcorn and maybe a spare pair of socks for when you inevitably get soaked on the water ride! 📽️

5. Explore Marine Life at S.E.A. Aquarium

  • Duration: 3 hours +
marine life
Turn your teen’s birthday into a day of ocean exploration.

Whether your teen is fascinated by dolphins or loves exploring, planning a trip to S.E.A Aquarium is a fun and educational experience worth trying on a birthday!

Prepare to discover the ocean’s wonders and learn about the fin-tastic connections between aquatic life and the world. With over 800 species of marine marvels calling the aquarium home, your teen will love every moment of this birthday experience! 🦭

💡 Tip:  Beat the crowds by arriving early and visiting on a weekday to see as many shows and exhibits as possible.

6. Night Safari at Mandai Wildlife Reserve

  • Duration: 1.5 hours +
timur garifov unsplash
Turn your child’s special day into an episode of Jumanji with a night safari!

Skip the ordinary zoo routine and venture into the wild for a birthday adventure.

With over 100 species waiting to greet your teen, Mandai Wildlife Reserve’s night safari offers a fresh perspective on the animal kingdom. From the grand Asian elephant to the regal African lion, and let’s not forget the adorable Asian small-clawed otter or the charming common brushtail possum, your teen is in for a wild night of discovery!

Get ready to witness the beauty and magic of these creatures as they come alive under the moonlight. 🦁

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Birthday Party Ideas for Foodies in Singapore

Your teenager’s age doesn’t matter, whether they are turning 13 or 16 , everyone’s taste buds are ready for something new, whether it’s a different take on ramen or a new pizza topping!

But for those special teens who fancy themselves as gourmets, why settle for the usual fare when you can try something as amazing as they are? Try a private dining experience or a posh high tea party fit for royalty! Whatever tickles their taste buds, we’ve cooked up a selection of party ideas to satisfy any teen. 🍕🍜

7. DIY Pizza Party

  • Duration: 3 hours +
20053 monti lifestyle kitchen studio room teenage birthday ideas
Pizza making is fun and a great alternative to a regular birthday activity! | Monti Lifestyle Kitchen Studio

Whether your teen craves a classic Neapolitan pie or something more adventurous like the Gusta, Chooby, or Buca Buca (the country’s pizza gems), there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of crafting your own cheesy masterpiece!

Upgrade your kitchen to a culinary playground for budding chefs, or opt for a hassle-free experience at Monti Lifestyle Kitchen Studio, where they can host their own cooking show!

Hungry for more? Dive into the signature leopard spot pizza at The Sundowner SG for a unique twist on classic pizza-making workshops.🍕

8. Bubble Tea Making Workshop

  • Duration: 2 hours +

The sweet nostalgia of freshly brewed bubble tea is like a time machine back to childhood, even for adults! But for teens, it’s the liquid equivalent of a bottle of Coke (sugar rush included) and a lot more fun!

If your teens are fans of fruity syrups, creamy milk teas, or just in it for the chewy tapioca pearls, a bubble tea-making workshop will surely stir up excitement!

Creating these colourful drinks is an art form, but what makes them special is their irresistibly unique taste.

Now, you don’t have to become a Boba tea master overnight. Let the youngsters take the reins with a DIY version, or treat them to a hands-on workshop at Tea Hee. Get ready to sip and savour the bubbly goodness! 🥛

9. Dim Sum Brunch 

  • Duration: 2 hours +
14032 event space room tien court birthday ideas for teens in singapore
Treat your teen to a delightful dinner at Tien Court Restaurant 📍 Robertson Quay!

Dim sum is the ultimate fusion of flavours, and it is integral to Singapore’s multicultural tapestry. With roots in Cantonese culture, these bite-sized delights are a birthday must-have!

Treat your teen and their lucky crew to a dim sum brunch at Tien Court, where they specialise in contemporary Cantonese cuisine and an array of freshly crafted dim sum!

With so many fillings to choose from, these tiny parcels of joy will turn your teen’s birthday bash into a memorable feast! 🥟

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10. High Tea Experience

  • Duration: 2 hours +
singapore sofitel hotel birthday ideas for teens 1
A high tea party at Sofitel Singapore City Centre 📍 Central Business District is all you need to make your teen feel special on their birthday!

Turn your teen’s birthday into a royal affair! Look no further than a high tea party at Sofitel Singapore City Centre!

All you need is the delicate scent of jasmine tea mingling with the sophisticated ambience at Sofitel for a birthday to remember! Treat the birthday VIP and crew to an afternoon of refinement where they’ll savour dainty sandwiches, warm scones, and bite-sized sweets for kings and queens. 

For an extra touch of regality, take them to Singapore’s oldest tea house for a tea workshop where even Queen Elizabeth herself stopped by for a cup of tea back in 1989! ☕👑

11. Private Dining Experience 

  • Duration: 3 hours +
18696 tanglin room enhanced birthday ideas for teens in singapore
Lawry’s The Prime Rib 📍 Orchard River Valley is the ideal birthday spot for a private dinner!

What makes dining out truly epic? The ambience, the top-notch service, the mouthwatering food, and, of course, the opportunity for your teen to don their finest attire

Whether you’re planning a family feast or an exclusive soirée for your teen and their squad, a private dining experience is the ultimate birthday treat!

Book a venue like The Tangling Room at Lawry’s for a unique culinary journey. This spot is tailor-made for intimate gatherings and cosy birthday dinners. Even your pickiest pals will be pleased with their vegan options!

Keep the birthday celebrations rolling with a little post-dinner shopping spree at the nearby Mandarin Gallery! 🎉

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Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Teens in Singapore

Why keep the party indoors when you can make the most of the great outdoors? There’s just something about the outdoors that adds a splash of excitement to any celebration. Whether it’s the twinkling stars, the gentle breeze, or the allure of the night, an outdoor birthday party is always fun! 🌟🌿

12. Movie Night

  • Duration: 3.5 hours +
the sundowner teenage birthday ideas singapore 1
The Sundowner Nature Experience Centre 📍 Marine Parade is a great pick for organising multiple activities for a terrific birthday!

Calling all Avatar, Harry Potter, and Jurassic World buffs – it’s showtime! Sure, cosying up in your PJs with a tub of popcorn is a classic move, but why not take things up a notch with an outdoor movie night for your teen?

Round up your teen’s posse and set your sights on The Sundowner for a cinematic soirée like no other! With multiple zones to explore, including the flagship Rooftop Farm Experience, the clandestine Secret Pizza Club at the L1 backyard, and the lavish Nomad’s Tent bar, this venue is perfect for an epic birthday bash!

Get ready to roll out the red carpet! 🎬

13. Beach Bonfire

  • Duration: 5 hours +

Every now and then, even your teen needs a breather from their responsibilities to kick back with their best buds!

Plan a beachside bash for them to relax to the fullest! Whip up mouthwatering treats like homemade toffee apples, sizzling hot dogs, and caramel pear blondies to enjoy by the sea.

When it comes to the bonfire, you’ve got options: ask your teen and their crew to gather firewood or channel your inner scout and prepare the bonfire yourself. 

Once the flames are roaring, it’s time to gather around with drinks and snacks for a beachside soirée like no other. From Truth or Dare to horror tales or simply swapping stories with the birthday VIP, the beach bonfire promises memorable moments! 🔥

And as for the perfect spot, look no further than these beachside beauties:

  • Lazarus Islands: This serene oasis with crystal-clear waters and powdery white sand is accessible only by ferry from Marina South Pier.
  • Punggol Beach: A hidden gem in northeast Singapore, just waiting to be discovered.
  • Pasir Ris Park: Where relaxation meets adventure, and birdwatching is always on the agenda.

Take your outdoor party to the next level!

Browse countless spaces for a birthday party in the great outdoors!

14. Stargazing Session

  • Duration: 2 hours +
klemen vrankar lct p8klcsc unsplash 1
Take your teen out for a stargazing night on their birthday!

Is your teen over the moon about all things celestial? Perhaps you’ve got a budding astrophile on your hands who would beam at the idea of a stargazing soirée on their big day!

Stargazing is perfect for families and a fun way to spark an interest in astronomy. But where in the galaxy can you go on an epic stargazing session in Singapore?

Here are the top spots for stargazing:

Watch your teen shoot for the stars as they enjoy this fabulous experience!⭐


Planning a birthday celebration for a teenager can feel quite challenging. However, with Singapore’s range of activities and experiences promising to make their special day memorable, it’s pretty easy to throw a birthday bash!If you want unique birthday ideas, explore our curated lists of 20 Remarkable Birthday Party Ideas for 2024 or 18 Creative Birthday Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration. If you need help with party planning, dive into our comprehensive birthday planning guide for step-by-step instructions. 🎉

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What are some engaging activities for a teenager’s birthday in Singapore?

Adventure seekers might enjoy an escape room, karaoke, photo shoot, or scavenger hunt, while science enthusiasts might prefer a day at the zoo or stargazing. Bookworms might enjoy a cosy day at home with their favourite reads. Whether it’s a packed day of fun or a simple dinner with loved ones, always consult the teen to guarantee their happiness.

How can I plan a birthday on a budget?

For a budget-friendly venue, consider renting a small or inexpensive space, and opt for weekday bookings when prices are lower. Create a list of essentials to avoid overspending. Plan activities that are low-cost and consider affordable dining options like a potluck or finger foods. Enlist the help of parents for entertainment, such as craft classes or dance classes or yoga. The key is to incorporate activities that align with the guest of honour’s interests while ensuring they feel cherished on their special day.

How can I make my teen’s birthday special for free?

Craft a collage of cherished memories or pen a heartfelt birthday card – they’ll treasure it forever. Enlist friends and family to organise a birthday celebration to keep costs down. Create a fun TikTok video with siblings or friends to bring a smile to their face. Remember, there are countless ways to show you care, so trust your instincts and focus on making them feel loved without stressing over the budget.

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14 Wonderful Birthday Activities and Experiences in Singapore for Teenagers