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If you are a creative mind looking for a space in Edinburgh to develop your new project? Whether you are searching for a venue for your workshop, art class or exhibition, we can help you out! Edinburgh has a wide selection of creative studio spaces that are just waiting to be hired. Browse our curated selection of inspiring venues in the city and pick your favourite one.

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Creative Studio Spaces Hire Guide

Edinburgh is a city full of exciting spaces that foster imagination and creativity. Sometimes all you need is the right location to be able to tap into your creative side. Whether you are looking for something in the city centre or by the docks, we can match you with the inspiring space that is right for you.

Creative Studio Spaces in Edinburgh FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a creative studio space in Edinburgh?

As creative spaces range and sizes and equipment in Edinburgh, their prices also vary accordingly. They can range from £32 to £360 per hour or from £125 to £600 per day. Thus the cost will heavily depend on how much time you want to spend in the venue. It is possible that if you wish to hire a spot with specific equipment, such as sewing machines, this may come at an extra cost.

Where in Edinburgh can I find the best creative studio spaces?

You can come across a variety of spaces that are perfect for any creative endeavour in the central location of Edinburgh. If you look around Edinburgh New Town and Old Town, Marchmont or Lochrin, you are sure to find a handful of spots that suit your requirements. You can continue down Elm Row, which is surrounded by several creative studio spaces on the way to the docks. The area of Albert Docks is filled with incredible reimagined industrial venues, perfect for any creative undertakings.

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